Chomsky and the Jews
by Werner Cohn
FrontPageMagazine.com | September 11, 2001

Editorís Note: For fifteen years, Werner Cohen has been fighting media indifference and academic censorship, in his attempt to expose the Neo-Nazi connections of self-styled "leftist" intellectual Noam Chomsky. Here at last is the complete, uncensored story. FrontPageMagazine.com is proud to present the fully updated 2001 Online Edition of Werner Cohenís Chomsky and the Jews.

ELEVEN MONTHS since the beginning of what the Arabs call the Al Aqsa Intifada, hundreds of Arab and Jewish lives have been lost. It has been a year of great suffering for all. But for Noam Chomsky it has been suffering for the Palestinians, period. In a speech he gave at MIT last December 14, he was concerned over what he called "killings" and "atrocities," all of which, according to him, were killings of Arabs by Jews. Not a word whatever of the televised sickening lynchings, two months before Chomsky's speech, of Corporal Vadim Novesche and Sergeant Yosef Avrahami, which shocked the world. Not a word of any suffering by Jews, not a word of Arab violence. Instead, a repeated demand for a Palestinian "right to resist," and a criticism of Arafat for having signed away that right at Oslo. Arafat, as Chomsky has asserted many times before, is far too easy on the Jews. Nine months later, on August 13, Chomsky revved up his hysteria even more, this time charging Israel with "a repetition of Nazi crimes" (op-ed piece, Los Angeles Times).

Since I wrote my analysis of Chomskyís relations with neo-Nazi Holocaust deniers in 1985 (updated 1995), Chomsky and his friends have attempted to rebut my conclusions by, a) calling me a liar, b) a Zionist, and c) accusing me of misquoting sources.

Insofar as these attacks are in any way concrete, they concern my disclosures of the political relationship between Chomsky and the French neo-Nazi Holocaust deniers. The basic documents, including Chomsky's own charming and typically understated "Cohn is a pathological liar," are now on line. I provide these links to the original materials, so anyone can determine exactly who is telling the truth and who is not:

The Chomsky Documents

As I have shown in my Partners in Hate (see below), the Chomsky-Nazi connection was documented by the ("left-wing") Nazis' leader, Pierre Guillaume, in a chapter entitled "Une Mise au Point," in a publication called Droit et Histoire (Paris, La Vieille Taupe, 1986). Until recently, this text by Guillaume, which includes a comment from Chomsky, was difficult to obtain. Now an anti-Semitic organization has put it on the Internet, at least for the time being, so all those who can read French can see for themselves (Une Mise au Point by Pierre Guillaume).

This text bears careful, attentive reading. There are some difficulties: it is in French, and it makes reference to fairly obscure details in French fringe politics. For these reasons it requires some effort. But for anyone willing to put in this effort, the rewards are a striking, detailed understanding of Chomsky's politics. Nobody who has studied this text, in my humble opinion, will ever again have any respect for Noam Chomsky.

After I publicized the existence of this document, Chomsky called me a "pathological liar" for my trouble. His own followers have now been incautious enough to put these comments by Chomsky on the web as well, at least for now. They are at least as interesting as Guillaume's original document, because, if read together with Guillaume's account, they give rare, direct evidence of Chomskyan veracity.

In this letter to the editor of a Communist Canadian Jewish publication ("Outlook"), Chomsky maintains that he has read the Guillaume piece and that this Guillaume piece contains nothing that concerns him. For example, says Chomsky, it contains "no hint of any collaboration" between Chomsky and Guillaume in its writing, as I had maintained. But if the reader will consult p. 170 of Guillaume, he will there find an explanation of how Guillaume had submitted an earlier version of his piece to Chomsky, who had made some corrections, and how Guillaume had corrected the piece in accordance with Chomsky's instructions. Moreover, Guillaume also reproduces a letter from Chomsky, in further comment. These items clearly show that Chomsky, to this anti-Semitic audience in France, vouches for Guillaume's accuracy. Of course when he writes to an audience of left-wing Jews in Canada, Chomsky denies all: no, Guillaume did not write what he did, no, Chomsky did not collaborate with Guillaume. Fortunately the reader can now check Guillaume in person.

Another incident, very important in the Guillaume essay, has to do with Chomsky's insistence that Guillaume and his Holocaust-denying organization "La Vieille Taupe" publish the French version of Chomsky's book "Political Economy of Human Rights" (written with E. Herman). Here Chomsky plays dumb. He insists that it was a mainline French publisher, Hallier-Albin, not La Vieille Taupe, that was to publish the book. But Guillaume explains in detail (p. 154) that he, Guillaume, was the director of the collection in H-T that published the book, and that Chomsky insisted on giving this plum to him out of a sense of solidarity with Guillaume's politics, that is to say with La Vieille Taupe.

Werner Cohn

August 2001


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