Child Support

In the case that a sex act between a man and a woman results in conception, then he can, at his sole discretion, abandon financial responsibility for any resulting child, but if he abandons responsibility, he must fully pay for the immediate medical expenses of childbirth or for the killing and extraction of the unborn child, between which the woman can choose at her sole discretion.

Any such declaration of abandonment of financial responsibility must be officially supplied to the state at most 3 months after conception, or within one week of first officially learning that a conception or birth has occured.   The woman must be informed of the declaration as quickly as possible, and if at all possible, within 24 hours of receipt.

In the case that the man abandons financial responsibility, he abandons any right to visiting or temporary custody of the child that results from the pregnancy, but he must be permitted to visit or take temporary custody if the child requests it, or if he requests it and the mother permits it, in the manner set forth in § Rights of Children and Parents.

If the father is aware of the pregnancy, and does not register an affidavit, he must support the child, at a rate of up to one third of an average wage.   At his discretion, the father can deliver all of the support by transfering to the current guardian actual goods needed to provide for the child, or non-transferable contracts that can be redeemed only for those goods.

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