Enumeration of Miscellaneous Limits on Systemic Domain

The state cannot pay for or participate in the building and management of residences or hospitals except as necessary within the military.

Under no circumstances can the state interfere with the setting of wages or prices, or with enterprise, investment, interest rates, market coverage, or corporate charters, except as set forth specifically in this document.

The state cannot in any way disburse funds, goods, and services, except as laid out in this document.

The state can not duplicate manufacturing or services available in the private sector, except where the stable availability of the private goods or services is in imminent doubt and the product is critical to physical national defense.

Besides specialized training for state employees, and as otherwise specified in this document, the state cannot engage in the mechanics of education, promotion, or propaganda, except insofar as publication (in print, or electronically through video, text, or mixed-content media) constitutes a component of education.   Specifically, the state cannot cause information to be published (or otherwise provided), through privately owned channels (not themselves common carriers), by means of payment or coercion (for example, through the threat or actuality of withholding a license of some sort), except that the military can cause information to be published (or otherwise provided) through privately owned channels by means of payment.   The state is expected to relay live video of all full-assembly legislative proceedings through common carriers (paid commercial terrestrial or satellite common carrier video distributors) in a form accessible using commonly available hardware costing less than a week's average wages.   The full-assembly proceedings of all units of state within the corresponding geographic bounds of which a residence is located must be accessible to that residence.   Common carrier video distributors are required to carry legislative programming when so requested by the state, and for this carrying they must charge and receive a fair market rate.

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