On Coercion and Torture

In the case that it is clearly determined publicly by a court that an individual holds knowledge about the deployment of an agent directed, or a device arranged, to kill or effect serious physical injury upon one or more people, sufficient to allow the agent to be arrested or the device to be disabled before he/it causes harm, and provided that said individual is an accomplice in the deployment of said agent/device, any and all techniques of coercion and torture can be employed in an attempt to force him to reveal the information, provided no more force is used than necessary and no persisting physical injury or disfigurement is effected.   Before pain-causing methods can be used, a psychoactive application enhancing honesty and compliance must be earnestly attempted.

Under no other circumstances are such practices permissable or legal.

In the case that torture is used, one of the state employees who advocates or approves the use of torture must undergo the same procedure, and the veracity of the given justification for use of torture must be thereby confirmed.   This employee is to be chosen at random from among the advocating and approving employees.

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