On Ecological Devastation

The justices of the court of the smallest unit of state whose scope fully contains the property at issue, can find by a 62.5% vote weight that the planned or proceeding use to which a private landowner is putting his property results in gross ecological damage, thereby immediately forbidding, halting, and/or altering the use.   The expert testimony of a full-time researcher qualified specifically in the relevant areas of ecology must be included, explicitly and unreservedly supporting the action of the justices.   The ecological damage must be such that a recovery in large part of the ecosystem at issue cannot be expected for at least 50 years.

An agency is created which is charged with the task of maintaining the ecological integrity of the environment, domestically, and when foreign ecosystems substantially impact the domestic one, on a global level.   This agency must be endowed with sufficient manpower, legal authority, equipment, and military support, to discharge its critical duty.

Any employee of the state found to have willfully committed or fomented criminal ecological damage must (minimally) be fired and cannot thereafter be an employee of the state.

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