On Harassment

Harassment is prolonged or repeated expression (specifically to the harassed) or immediate presence (through deliberate positioning explicable only on the basis of proximity or relationship to the harrassed) by a harasser, which is offensive to the harassed, and which the harassed cannot avoid without altering the physical routines of daily life, in particular (but not limited to) the locations of his home and workplace, and the manner in which messages, packages, and other deliveries are accepted.   To enjoy legal protection from harassment, the harassed must lodge a complaint with the state, and the state is thence required to promptly inform the harassing individual that his actions are interpreted as harassment by the harassed and that, if his actions indeed satisfy the criteria of harassment, he is required by law to desist.

A harasser may be an individual, or an incorporated entity (including the state) represented by one or more agents.

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