Punitive Labor

A penalty of punitive labor can be specified for a crime.   No payment of any kind can be received for the performance of punitive labor. Punitive labor must consist of work which is also performed by paid employees of some industry, and if the beneficiary of the labor is not the state, the beneficiary must pay at least 90% of the market price for the work.   For every man-hour of punitive labor performed, taxation and the tax ceiling must be reduced by at least 90% of the market price for the work, and the resulting tax relief must be distributed such that the dividend to a taxpayer is directly proportional to the proportion of total tax revenue paid by the particular taxpayer at issue.

A sentence of punitive labor should recognize and exploit any skills and aptitudes the laborer has which can particularly benefit the state and the public.   Punitive labor must never be specified to deliberately offend or debase the laborer.   A laborer can suggest an appropriate type of labor.   A laborer can always insist that his sentence not involve any area of personal expertise, and can specify these areas of expertise.   Janitorial and sanitation grunt work, and data entry grunt work, cannot be construed as areas of expertise.

A fulfillment date must be specified in a sentence of punitive labor. The fulfillment date cannot require more than 6 hours per day of labor, or 36 hours per week of labor, or 1800 hours per year of labor, though a laborer can request to work beyond these constraints.

A laborer cannot be required to travel to a workplace more than 3 miles from his residence, though he can waive this constraint specifying an alternate commuting radius.

A laborer cannot be restrained from travelling and relocating within the boundaries of the nation.   Specifically, relocation up to 4 times per year must be allowed, with concomitant labor reassignment.

A failure to complete a sentence of punitive labor by the fulfillment date can be punished either with additional punitive labor, or by a conversion of the uncompleted punitive labor into a term of incarceration as specified in § Proportional Penalties.

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