Sovereignty of the Individual

The property, mind, and body of an adult are sovereign.

An adult is free to do as he sees fit within the realm of his biological body defined as all structures supplied with oxygen by his lungs, with nutrients by his intestines, or connected to his brain by nerve fibers.

It is a biological crime, punished with at least one year's incarceration, to administer a moderate or stronger psychoactive substance (as defined in § Regulation of Psychoactives) to an unknowing individual.

No individual can be compelled to ingest a substance or undergo a surgical procedure as a precondition or requirement of any sort, except that a non-adult can be compelled by his guardians to undergo a medical procedure or submit to a medical dispensation or regimen that is clearly therapeutic or that effects the termination of a pregnancy.

No individual can be asked or forced to submit to invasive biometric procedures whose results may serve to incriminate the individual, unless substantial evidence is already extant that the individual is in violation of relevant statutes, except that a guardian can require a non-adult for which he is responsible to submit to biometric procedures invasive or otherwise.

No law can require, forbid, or regulate prenatal genetic or phenotypic screening practices.

No law can require or forbid human germ line genetic manipulation, except insofar as constraints on creation of biological weapons may be applicable.

No law can regulate or prohibit human cloning.

No law can require collection or storage of more than 20000 contiguous base pairs of an individual's chromosomal makeup, or a facsimile or record thereof, and these base pairs must be contiguous with the start of chromosome 1.

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