State Activity

An agent of the state is an individual or incorporated entity that, by formal contractual arrangement with the state, exerts authority over other individuals and/or incorporated entities, beyond the authorities defined in contracts entered between the former and the latter, in fulfillment of state responsibilities as enumerated in law.   A state activity is any action, proceeding, or commerce that involves agents of the state in their official capacities.   An agent of the state has extraordinary authority by dint of contractual affiliation with the state only when operating in his official capacity, and each agent of the state while operating in his official capacity must act exclusively in pursuit of specific laws, which he must be capable of enumeratively citing upon request (either verbally or by supplying documentation).   In particular, no agent of the state can undertake an action in his official capacity, including but not limited to acquisition, disbursement, construction, transportation, and collection and distribution of information, except as directed by law.

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