Terms of Incarceration

Rewards for good behavior are internal to the prison system.   The duration of imprisonment is fixed at the time of sentencing, and will be performed to the day unless the legal circumstance changes such that the individual must no longer be imprisoned (as outlined elsewhere in this document).

Competent psychological and legal counseling, and emergency, therapeutic, and prophylactic medicine, at market prices, must be available to all inmates within one day of a request, or in an emergency, as swiftly as logistically possible.   The cost of this counseling and medicine must be added to the inmate's debt.

Violent and non-violent offenders must never reside within the same penitentiary.   Furthermore, among the violent offenders, several degrees of offense are recognized and entirely segregated from each other, culminating with the total segregation of murderers from other inmates.   Lifers are always segregated from non-lifers.   Thieves are always segregated from non-thieves.   Major thieves are always segregated from petty thieves.

The fees convicts are required to pay to compensate the state for the cost of incarceration must not exceed 30% of an average wage, determined on a yearly basis on the anniversary of the first day of the present incarceration, and fractions of a year are to be compensated by an amount directly proportional to the number of days of that year spent in the present incarceration.

Adults who have the ability at the time of their conviction are required to pay for the cost of their incarceration.   Those who cannot, are sentenced to a quantity of punitive labor such that the number of hours sentenced, multiplied by an average hour's wage, equals the unpaid portion of the cost of incarceration.   Punitive labor is to start one month following release from incarceration. With this instance of punitive labor, any or all of the sentence of punitive labor can be effaced through outright repayment, at the rate of an hour's punitive labor removed from the sentence for every hour's average wage paid.

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