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CONFERENCES, 1954-1992
29-31 May 1954: Oosterbeek, Netherlands.
18-20 March 1955: Barbizon, France.
23-25 September 1955: Garmisch-Partenkirchen, W. Germany.
11-13 May 1956: Fredensborg, Denmark.
15-17 February 1957: St Simons Island, Georgia, USA.
4-6 October 1957: Fiuggi, Italy.
13-15 September 1958: Buxton, England.
18-20 September 1959: Yesilköy, Turkey.
28-29 May 1960: Bürgenstock, Switzerland.
21-23 April 1961: St Castin, Canada.
18-20 May 1962: Saltsjöbaden, Sweden.
29-31 May 1963: Cannes, France.
20-22 March 1964: Williamsburg, Virginia, USA.
2-4 April 1965: Villa d'Este, Italy.
25-27 March 1966: Wiesbaden, W. Germany.
31 March 2 April 1967: Cambridge, England.
26-28 April 1968: Mont Tremblant, Canada.
9-11 May 1969: Marienlyst, Denmark.
17-19 April 1970: Bad Ragaz, Switzerland.
23-25 April 1971: Woodstock, Vermont, USA.
21-23 April 1972: Knokke, Belgium.
11-13 May 1973: Saltsjöbaden, Sweden.
19-21 April 1974: Megìve, France.
25-27 April 1975: Çesme, Turkey.
1976: No conference was held.
22-24 April 1977: Torquay, England.
21-23 April 1978: Princeton, New Jersey, USA.
27-29 April 1979: Baden, Austria.
18-20 April 1980: Aachen, W. Germany.
15-17 May 1981: Bürgenstock, Switzerland.
14-16 May 1982: Sandefjord, Norway.
13-15 May 1983: Montebello, Canada.
11-13 May 1984: Saltsjöbaden, Sweden.
10-12 May 1985: Rye Brook, New York USA.
25-27 April 1986: Gleneagles, Scotland.
24-26 April 1987: Villa d'Este, Italy.
3-5 June 1988: Telfs-Buchen, Austria.
12-14 May 1989: La Toja, Spain.
11-13 May 1990: Glen Cove, New York, USA.
6-9 June 1991: Baden-Baden, Germany.
21-24 May 1992: Evian-les-Bains, France.

Though the entire topics of the Bilderberg meetings since its establishment are known to me, listing these topics would occupy several pages, which is not within the scope of this writing. However, I should perhaps include herewith the topics of the first meeting (1954) and the 1992 meeting which, in themselves, provide an insight into the evolution of this group, the Bilderberg.

29-31 May 1954: Oosterbeek, Netherlands A. The attitude towards communism and the Soviet Union.
B. The attitude towards dependent areas and people overseas.
C. The attitude towards economic policies and problems.
D. The attitude towards European integration and the European Defence Community.

21-24 May 1992: Evian-les-Bains, France A. Prospects for the former Soviet republics.
B. What should be done for Eastern Europe?
C. Whither the United States?
D. The world economy.
E. Whither Europe?
F. Soviet Union: the view from Moscow.
G. The migration issue.
H. The evolving west/west relationship.

1. The issue concerning the history and the activities of the Trilateral Commission is a separate one to be dealt with in another paper.
2. The Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) requires separate attention which I would discuss in another paper. However, I should add that the CFR does not accept non-US members.
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4. Charles E. Wilson, addressing the National Association of Manufacturers in 1946.
5. Extract from a Bilderberg document. This document was given to the author, prior to its official publication, by one of the members of the Bilderberg Group. Later on, an official format was also provided to the author by another member, which proved the authenticity of the record in point.
6. Hatch, Alden, H. R. H. Bernhard, Prince of the Netherlands, 1962.
7. "Our Good Conference Guide", The Economist, December 1987.
8. The issue concerning the Ditchley Foundation requires a separate paper. For many years I have been studying this Foundation and have had the opportunity of discussing its achievements, goals and missions with several of its members and invited participants.
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13. Former Prime Minister Lord Callaghan's letter of 19 October 1989, to the author. Former Prime Minister Sir Edward Heath's letter of 1 November 1989, to the author. Letter of 30 October 1989 from St James's Palace, to the author. Prince Charles participated in the 1986 Bilderberg annual meeting held in Scotland.