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Royal Institute for International Affairs
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News and News Agencies

Research Institutions

UK Government Sites

Regional Organizations


Departments of Foreign Affairs

Energy and Environmental Programme

Links to other web sites

The Energy and Environment Programme is formally affiliated with the following organisations:

Fridthof Nansen Institute (Norway)

Korean Energy Economics Institute (Republic of Korea)

Tata Energy Research Institute (India)

Massachusetts Institute of Technology Center for Energy and Environmental Policy Research (USA)

Earthscan publishes EEP books and reports and the Brookings Institution distributes worldwide:

The following sites include many links of interest to those following energy and environment issues:

For further information:

EEP home page

Economics links

Listed below are links that you will find in the International Economics Programme pages, along with other useful economics links.
Please contact us to suggest links to add to this list. 

                The Brookings Institution
                           Policy Briefs
                Centre for Economic Policy Research
                Centre for European Policy Studies
                Centre for the Study of Financial Innovation
                Commission on Global Governance
                Council on Foreign Relations
                            International Economics Research Projects
                Department of Trade & Industry
                European Commission
                            DG I - External Relations
                                       Trade Policy
                            DG II - Economic and Financial Affairs
                            DG IV - Competition
                            DG XV - International Market and Financial Services
                European Central Bank and European Monetary Institute
                IFO (Institue für Wirtschaftsforschung) (in German)
                Institute for International Economics
                International Finance journal
                Institute of International Economic Relations, Athens
                International Labour Organization
                International Monetary Fund
                JETRO (Japan External Trade Organization)
                Keizai Koho Center
                Kiel Institute of World Economics
                London School of Economics
                            Centre for Economic Performance
                            Financial Markets Group
                Ministry of Finance, Japan
                Ministry of International Trade and Industry, Japan
                NBER (National Bureau of Economic Research)
                Nihon Keizai Shimbun
                National Institute of Economic and Social Research
                Nomura Research Institute
                RECEP (Russian European Centre for Economic Policy)
                Regulatory Policy Institute
                Stockholm School of Economics
                            Stockholm Institute of Transition Economics
                Tokyo Club Foundation for Global Studies
                United Nations
                           Conference on Trade & Development - UNCTAD
                           Environment Programme - UNEP
                The William Davidson Institute
                            Working Paper series
                World Bank
                World Economic Forum
                World Intellectual Property Organization
                World Trade Organization
                            Trade and Environment Division



The Middle East Programme is formally affiliated with the following organizations:

Centre for Strategic Studies (Jordan)

Center for Palestine Research and Studies (West Bank)

Palestinian Academic Society for the Study of International Affairs ( PASSIA)

Moshe Dayan Center for Middle Eastern and African Studies

Euro-MeSco Network

For further information:

MEP Home page / Current Projects / Sponsors

Tim Garden Foreign & Security Policy
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New Public Sector Resource

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