CFR membership list data was taken from three sources:

(1) Call It Conspiracy, by Larry Abraham, Double A Publications, Seattle, Washington (1985) Appendix II:

(2) The Shadows of Power, by James Perloff (1989):

(3) The Public Information Resource NameBase :

The list is provided in comma delimited form. With minor editing the list can be imported into a spread sheet ( e.g. Excel). The format is:

Member Name, CFR membership list, CFR annual report 1988, CFR annual report 1990, TC membership list.

PIR says:

"Membership Roster. 1992.

The Council on Foreign Relations has been the most powerful private organization in U.S. foreign policy since it began in 1921. While priding itself on non-partisanship and on recent efforts to recruit minorities, women, and youth (under 35), CFR's 2900 members mainly reflect the resources needed by the ruling class to maintain their power. Don't call them if you want to join; they call you. And don't wait for a call unless you have big money, national security expertise, CIA experience, a political constituency, or clout with the media. CFR publishes the prestigious journal "Foreign Affairs" as well as a number of books and reports. Another major activity is to organize closed meetings for their members with assorted world leaders. Everyone feels free to share views and information about current world events, primarily because CFR has strict confidentiality rules and keeps its records locked up for 25 years.

To save disk space, the several membership rosters in NameBase were entered to avoid redundancy. Citations to membership rosters prior to 1992 (i.e., 1985, 1988, and 1990) were deleted if the name also appears on the 1992 roster."

PIR is also known as Blythe Systems. Blythe Systems maintains a large database called NameBase. NameBase contains lots of information about the intelligence community. Blythe Systems provides the following information about PIR:

"Public Information Research PIR was incorporated in 1989 by Daniel Brandt and Steve Badrich. Both tried to stop the Vietnam War during the late 1960s and both made it through the 1980s without apologizing for this. In 1986 we met while working on an alternative magazine called The National Reporter in the Washington DC area, and in 1993 we moved to Texas. These days we feel that it's not so much a right-left problem, but rather a top-bottom problem. NameBase is mostly for those who are inclined to look upward to see who's pulling the strings. In 1983 Brandt started writing software and inputting the first names. Today NameBase is used by major news organizations and researchers all over the world. But while the income from sales takes care of expenses, PIR still isn't able to pay anyone a salary. Naturally this cramps our style a bit. Besides Brandt and Badrich, directors include Martha Moran, Dennis Brutus, and Randy Guffey. The advisory board consists of Robert Fink, Fred Goff, Ace Hayes, Jim Hougan, John Loftus, Carl Oglesby, L. Fletcher Prouty, Katherine Sciacchitano, and Peter Dale Scott. PIR is nonprofit and contributions are tax-deductible; our tax ID is 54-1509155. Donations from individuals or leads on possible funding sources are always welcome."

Blythe Systems is also an Independent Service Provider. They are now located in New York at 339 Lafayette St., New York, NY 10012 e-mail

Free public access to NameBase is available:

  1. PIR-Blythe Web Page address is: WWW: .
  2. More extensive access to namebase is possible by telneting to (log in as: namebase). The 1992 CFR list was found by searching NameBase and capturing the telnet session to a file.
  3. You can also FTP (File Transfer Program) information  from --> /pub/NameBase or gopher://

Many PIR board members are connected to intelligence organizations in one way or another. A search of Namebase found many (Dennis Brutus, Robert Fink, Ace Hayes, Jim Hougan, Carl Oglesby, L. Fletcher Prouty, and Peter Dale Scott) wrote or were cited in books about various intelligence and counter-intelligence operations. The following information was found in Namebase:

"BRUTUS DENNIS A Lobster Magazine (Britain) #24/92 (6) B National Reporter SU/86 (32-3) C Z Magazine 6/90 (15-20)

Lobster, 214 Westbourne Avenue, Hull, HU5 3JB, United Kingdom, Tel: 44-482-447558. Edited by Robin Ramsay.

Lobster -- a journal of intelligence, parapolitics, and state research since 1983 (2 issues per year; write them for prices and back list)

Lobster is one of the more obscure parapolitical journals in Britain. On the other hand, journalists routinely call them when fishing for leads, because Robin Ramsay has done his homework. "Journalism is not about research. They don't have time to read background so they rely on others," says Ramsay, who gets weary of being a free information service for Fleet Street.

One recent issue, for example, had a dense 11-page article on the Moonies, WACL, and the Korean CIA, topped off with 262 expansive end notes and a bibliography with 169 sources. Not exactly your tea-and- crumpets fare. Their Who's Who special edition has thumbnail bios of almost 2,000 British spooks, compiled by Stephen Dorril from reference works at the local public library. Ramsay doesn't make enough from sales to cover his labor. This sounds familiar to us at PIR, so we recommend everything they publish.

Blumenthal, Sid and Yazijian, Harvey, eds. Government by Gunplay: Assassinations Conspiracy Theories from Dallas to Today. Introduction by Philip Agee. New York: Signet Books, 1976. 266 pages. This anthology contains the following essays: "A New Look at the Zapruder Film" by Robert Groden (pages 3-9); "Who Was Lee Harvey Oswald" by Bob Katz (pages 10-27); "Who Killed Robert Kennedy" by Allard Lowenstein (pages 28-37); "The Assassination of Martin Luther King" by Jeff Cohen (pages 38-56); "The Shooting of George Wallace" by William W. Turner (pages 57-67); "Cointelpro: How the FBI Tried to Destroy the Black Panthers" by Sid Blumenthal (pages 68-92); "Some Unsolved Break-ins, 1970- 1974" by Robert Fink (pages 93-110); "From Dallas to Watergate" by Peter Dale Scott (pages 113-129); "Richard M. Nixon and Organized Crime" by Jeff Gerth (pages 130-151); "The Death of Kennedy and the Vietnam War" by Peter Dale Scott (pages 152-187); "Presidential Assassinations and the Closing of the Frontier" by Carl Oglesby (pages 188-207); "The Second Dallas Casualty: The Media and the Assassination of Truth" by Jerry Policoff (pages 208-230); "The Origins of Clandestinism and the CIA" by L. Fletcher Prouty (pages 231-242); "The Rockefeller Commission" by Sid Blumenthal (pages 243-249); and "Assassination Information Bureau Position Paper" (pages 253-262), by a group whose efforts helped lead to the House Select Committee on Assassinations in 1976.

HAYES ACE R A Lobster Magazine (Britain) #19/90 (24) A Lobster Magazine (Britain) #30/95 (42) B National Alliance Newspaper 12/24/92 (5) B National Alliance Newspaper 11/11/93 (4) HAYES AIRCRAFT CORPORATION C O'Toole,G. The Private Sector. 1978 (122-3) HAYES ALFRED D Council on Foreign Relations. Membership Roster. 1985 E DiFonzo,L. St.Peter's Banker. 1983 (198-9) F Dorril,S. Ramsay,R. Smear! 1992 (81) HAYES ARTHUR HULL

HOUGAN JIM A Colodny,L. Gettlin,R. Silent Coup. 1992 (461-2) B Fonzi,G. The Last Investigation. 1993 (364-5) C King,D. Lyndon LaRouche and the New American Fascism. 1989 (189-90 399) D Livingstone,N. The Cult of Counterterrorism. 1990 (83) E Lobster Magazine (Britain) #24/92 (9) F Summers,A. Conspiracy. 1989 (517) Groden, Robert J. and Livingstone, Harrison Edward. High Treason. New York: Berkley Books, 1990. 562 pages. Groden, a photographic analyst who worked with the House Select Committee on Assassinations, and Livingstone, a long-time assassination researcher, cover these issues: the medical evidence and faked autopsy photos (100 pages), strange deaths of witnesses (20 pages), gaps in the official protection in Dallas (13 pages), the intelligence and Mafia connections of Oswald, Ruby, and others (95 pages), the faked photo of Oswald in his backyard (12 pages), acoustic and other evidence (60 pages), the House Assassinations Committee (64 pages), and the general historical context of Kennedy, the Bay of Pigs, and Vietnam (75 pages). The appendix includes an article by Col. Fletcher Prouty on NSAM 263, which he helped write in late 1963. At the time Prouty was with the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and had been in the Pentagon supporting clandestine ops for nine years. He has no doubt what was happening with respect to Vietnam: Kennedy was trying to get out just before he was assassinated, and a pro- escalation policy was in place almost immediately after. Additional research has been done on this topic (see "The Assassinations" by Peter Dale Scott and "JFK and Vietnam" by John M. Newman). But this evidence is so unsettling for comfortable historians that denials and documentary reinterpretations continue to emerge from both ends of the political spectrum. RETURN to continue or another letter E

PROUTY L FLETCHER Vietnam 1952-54 Cuba 1960 A Berlet,C. Right Woos Left. 12/16/91 (7 15 21 33 41 52) B Blum,W. The CIA: A Forgotten History. 1986 (124-5) C Blumenthal,S. Yazijian,H. Government by Gunplay. 1976 (196 231 266) D Borosage,R. Marks,J. The CIA File. 1976 (53) E Colby,G. Dennett,C. Thy Will Be Done. 1995 (342-3 490) F Colodny,L. Gettlin,R. Silent Coup. 1992 (82-3) G CounterSpy W/76 (63) H Covert Action Information Bulletin #17/82 (48) I DiEugenio,J. Destiny Betrayed. 1992 (252 258) J Duffy,J. Ricci,V. The Assassination of John F. Kennedy. 1992 (385-6) K Esquire 11/91 (100 174-6) L Frazier,H. Uncloaking the CIA. 1978 (196 221) M Gritz,J. Called to Serve. 1991 (380-2 502-3 546-7) N Groden,R. Livingstone,H. High Treason. 1990 (22 148 154-5 157 467-73) O Hinckle,W. Turner,W. The Fish is Red. 1981 (71 278) P Klare,M. War Without End. 1972 (327) Q Kwitny,J. The Crimes of Patriots. 1987 (288) R Lane,M. Plausible Denial. 1991 (xvi 97- 103 332) S Lobster Magazine (Britain) #24/92 (7-9) T Loftus,J. Aarons,M. The Secret War Against the Jews. 1994 (368) U Marrs,J. Crossfire. 1990 (309 581-2)

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