The Limited Hangout - A PSYOP Strategy of Deception
Council on Foreign Relations members in the intelligence community and the media use a psychological strategy called a "limited hangout." A "limited hangout" is used by Intelligence Organization's when a clandestine operation goes bad; or, a phoney cover story blows up. When discovered the Intelligence Organization volunteers some of the truth while still managing to withhold key and damaging facts in the case.

The public is so intrigued by the new information it doesn't pursue the matter further. The new disclosures are sensational, but superficially so. Some of the lesser scoundrels are identified and publicly exposed to twist uncomfortably on network TV and in the press.

The people of America are fooled by Council on Foreign Relations members in control of the Intelligence Organizations, and the media, who have engineered another, more sophisticated cover-up operation. The misinformation and misdirection protects Council self-interests, and as many fellow members as possible. The public remains in the dark, and the guilty escape punishment.

This section contains examples of limited hangouts published in the press. Italicized comments have been inserted into the articles to expose the misinformation and disinformation contained therein.