President Clinton,

All the Supreme Court members were either nominated by Council on Foreign Relations Presidents, or by Presidents whose decisions were influenced by 100 or more Council members working together as "The Special Group" and "The Secret Team." Supreme court decisions favor the particular climate of opinion Council on Foreign Relations members are seeking to achieve in the world. President Clinton, The Supreme Court should be renamed The SupReam Court. It is not acting in the best interest of the American people.

The Roe Vs. Wade decision is part of a Council on Foreign Relations psycho-political operation. The abortion psyop retards the equal rights movement. Feminism is concerned with the principle that woman should have political, economic, and social rights equal to those of men. Denying woman equal rights to enter the profession of their choice and receive equal pay and recognition for their accomplishments cheats society of half its thinking power. This hurts all the members of our society.

Legalizing abortion denies unborn children the rights of life, liberty, and happiness. Abortion legislation declares the unborn child the property of the mother. Legislating women the right to deny the inalienable rights of life, liberty and happiness to children has insidiously bound abortion to feminism.

Abortion legislation encourages parents to act selfishly by killing an unwanted child. Abortion legislation is bound to feminism by allowing only the mother to make the decision to kill the child. Abortion legislation encourages a man to coerce a woman to kill a child that he does not want.

The abortion issue has turned a child into property that can be disposed of at will during a very brief period of its development. Giving only women the right to consider the child property turns the issue into a gender conflict. The abortion controversy is a very carefully planned psycho-political operation meant to pit specific target populations against each other.

This tactic is not new. It was used against women early on. The founding mothers of feminism recognized the trick and fought against it. Elizabeth Cady Stanton wrote in 1870, "When we consider that women are treated as property, it is degrading to women that we should treat our children as property to be disposed of as we see fit." The idea expressed in Roe vs. Wade, that human rights are dependent upon the wishes of others, is degrading to feminism and every other movement based on equality.

Thomas Jefferson made the "Golden Rule" the foundation of American Democracy by changing John Locke's Natural rights law from Life, Liberty, and Property to the inalienable rights of Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness. The change insures that decisions are driven by civic virtue instead of selfishness. The change probably resulted from Jefferson's understanding of the "Golden Rule" and a struggle Jefferson had with slavery. The original draft of the Declaration of Independence contained a scathing denunciation of slavery. Jefferson's change declares it immoral and illegal to consider one person the property of another. If you would be unhappy being owned by someone else then it follows that it is wrong to consider another person your property. If the original draft of the Declaration of Independence had been approved there would have been no slavery after the revolution of 1776. The original draft was not approved, slavery was not abolished, and a civil war was fought leaving a legacy of bitterness in America still felt today.

Another way the abortion psyop is targeting the equal rights movement is by trying to reverse Jefferson's change to John Locke's natural rights law. The abortion issue is being used to change the foundation of American democracy from life, liberty and happiness to a foundation of property ownership. The abortion issue is part of a psycho-political operation to change the foundation of American democracy from an ethical philosophy based upon civic virtue, to a dollar philosophy based upon selfishness and greed. The Council on Foreign Relations has been using tax payer money and government resources to develop, and focus this psycho-political operation at Americans and people of other nations for over fifty years.

Walter Bedell Smith was Eisenhower's chief of staff in 1942. General George C. Marshall recommended Smith to Eisenhower. Smith worked for Marshall as a Major assigned to the War Department General Staff in Washington. Smith had no more than a high-school education. Eisenhower chose Smith to be CIA Director (October 1950). Smith chose William H. Jackson as Deputy Director of the CIA. Jackson was a Wall Street lawyer that became General Omar Bradly's chief intelligence officer during WWII. Jackson was a Council on Foreign Relations member.[1]

High on CIA Director Smith's agenda was a matter of national intelligence estimates. The national intelligence estimate is an attempt to forecast developments that will affect national foreign policy or security. Smith turned the problem over to his Deputy William H. Jackson. Jackson contacted William Langer who took a year's leave of absence from teaching at Harvard to overhaul the CIA's national-estimate apparatus. Langer was a Council on Foreign Relations member.[2]

William Langer recruited a Yale historian Sherman Kent to serve as his deputy. Kent also served in the R&A Branch of the OSS with Langer. Kent had recently (1949) published a book called Strategic Intelligence for American World Policy. It was widely read by the men in the intelligence community, and served as a blueprint for the production of national intelligence.[3]

Langer and Kent's work established the Office of National Estimates. William H. Jackson arranged for a panel of outside consultants to review the draft intelligence estimates. Jackson's excuse for hiring the outside panel was to balance what he feared might be an overly theoretical approach to intelligence problems by the Board of National Estimates. Jackson's panel of consultants were: George Kennan (who was working for the Institute for Advanced Studies at Princeton University); Hamilton Fish Armstrong ( editor of CFR magazine Foreign Affairs); and Vannevar Bush ( an atomic scientist, Trustee of Tufts College Brookings Institution). The group of consultants met at the Gun Club at Princeton University and were informally known in the CIA as the "Princeton Consultants." The "Princeton Consultants" were Council on Foreign Relations members.[4]

On 26 January 1953, only five days after assuming the office of President, Council on Foreign Relations member Dwight D. Eisenhower created a civilian advisory group, called The President's Committee on International Information Activities. The committee's job was to survey and evaluate information activities and policies as they affected National Security. Former CIA official William H. Jackson headed the committee. The Committee would become more widely known as the Jackson Committee.[5]

Committee members included Bobby Cutler and Gordon Gray. Gray designed and directed the Psychological Strategy Board. The PSB co-ordinated well planned psychological operations in conjunction with the NSC. Cutler was a consultant to the Psychological Strategy Board. Another consultant was Henry Kissinger. Kissinger was also the paid political advisor to Rockefeller family. Gray was heir to the R. J. Reynolds tobacco fortune. Gray was a broadcast and publication media specialist. Gray was President of the University of North Carolina. Gray served in the administrations of Truman, Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon, and Ford. Gray and Kissinger were Council on Foreign Relations members.

Three Jackson committee recommendations were; abolishing the Psychological Strategy Board; establishing an Operations Coordinating Board; and establishing an information program to influence people throughout the world. Eisenhower described the Jackson committee recommendations as "the reconstitution and revitalization of the National Security Council." The Jackson Committees' report explained, "In reality, there is a "psychological" aspect or implication to every diplomatic, economic, or military policy and action. This implication should receive more careful attention, both in the planning and execution stage of policy... Every significant act of virtually every department and agency of Government has its effect, either positively or negatively, in the global struggle for freedom. The important task is to build awareness throughout the entire Government of the impact of day-to-day governmental actions and to coordinate and time such actions so as to derive from them the maximum advantages."[6]

Eisenhower's Presidential Executive Order 10483, defined the OCB charter, "...the Operations Coordinating Board shall (1) Whenever the President shall hereafter so direct, advise the agencies concerned as to... the execution of each security action or project so that it shall make its full contribution to the attainment of national security objective views and to the particular climate of opinion the United States is seeking to achieve in the world, and (2) initiate new proposals for action within the framework of national security policies in response to opportunity and changes in the situation... "

The OCB was nothing more than a more powerful PSB. The name change was a tactic of deception to prevent people from questioning the purpose of a Psychological Strategy Board. The less meaningful less descriptive name, "Operations Coordinating Board", was less likely to raise concern or interest of the people or the press.

According to the Jackson Committee report OCB information programs would present " the ends to which we, as a nation, aspire":

"The United States has important advantages in the world conflict which should receive greater attention in its information programs. As a people, we share fundamental beliefs and values with millions of other men and women we are attempting to win to our side. These include belief in God, belief in individual and national freedom, belief in the right to ownership of property and a decent standard of living, belief in the common humanity of all men and in the vision of a peaceful world with nations comprising their differences and cooperating in the United Nations."

These words sound good. However, a close reading uncovers an unsettling change. America's inalienable rights of life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness have disappeared, replaced by the UNalienable right to ownership of property. The Operations Coordinating Board's information program was part of a psycho-political operation to reverse Thomas Jefferson's change to John Locke's natural rights law. The Operations Coordinating Board's information program was part of a psycho-political operation to change the ends to which we as a nation aspire by changing the foundation of American democracy from an ethical philosophy based upon civic virtue to a dollar philosophy based upon selfishness and greed.

Round Table Group members in different nations control both Government agency, and "private- industry" news sources. The CFR propaganda machine manipulates American Citizens to accept the particular climate of opinion the Round Table Groups are seeking to achieve in the world.

CFR members working in an ad hoc committee called the ""Special Group"" and through a vast intragovernmental undercover infrastructure called the "Secret Team" formulate this opinion in the US. The CFR, has methodically taken over the Department of State, The Federal Reserve, and the CIA.

The "Special Group" replaced the Operations Coordinating Board. Unlike the Operations Coordinating Board the "Special Group" was not established by an Executive Order. Therefore there is no way to officially abolish the "Special Group."

Council on Foreign Relations member Frederic Vincent Malek, headed Richard Nixon's White House Personnel Office from 1970-1973. A select group of Nixon appointees were given copies of a pamphlet called the "Malek Manual." This document, named for Frederick Malek, was written by Alan May, to assist Nixon appointees in placing politically favorable individuals into key agency positions. The conclusion to the manual contains the following phrase, "As one of the ranking members of the Administration once put it: 'You cannot hope to achieve policy, program or management control until you have achieved political control. That is the difference between ruling and reigning."

The manual's introduction contains the same sentiment: "In short, in our constitutional form of Government, the Executive Branch is, and always will be, a political cannot achieve management, policy or program control unless you have established political control. The record is quite replete with instances of the failures of program, policy and management goals because of sabotage by employees of the Executive Branch who engage in the frustration of those efforts because of their political persuasion and their loyalty to the majority party of Congress rather than the executive that supervises them. And yet, in their own eyes, they are sincere and loyal to their Government."[7]

The Joint Chiefs of Staff have defined psychological operations (PSYOPS) as those that:

"include psychological warfare and, in addition, encompass those political, military, economic and ideological actions planned and conducted to create in neutral or friendly foreign groups the emotions, attitudes, or behavior to support achievement of national objectives." Another proposal "develops the concept of 'strategic psychological operations' as aimed at influencing and shaping decision-makers' power to govern or control their followers."

Nixon nominated and appointed 109 Council on Foreign Relations members to his administration. All of the CFR members were men. The CFR is sexist as well as racist. The 109 men were part of the vast intragovernmental undercover infrastructure called the Secret Team. The Secret Team provides a direct relationship with great private industries, mutual funds and investment houses, and the news media corporations which they run. The Secret Team has very close affiliations with elements of power in more than threescore foreign countries. The direct relationship is through a co-conspiracy between "Secret Team" Round Table CFR members and members of Round Table Branches in other nations.[8]

Nixon's appointee as Chairman, National Commission on Population Growth and the American Future was CFR member John D. Rockefeller III. The RAND Corporation, a CFR Think Tank, is researching Population Control. Key members of your administration work for RAND. International Security Advisor Lynn Etheridge Davis (author of the initial draft of the Church Committee's report NSC Chapter) and Economic Advisor Laura D'Andrea Tyson are CFR members who work for RAND. RAND is conducting studies in applied demography (Population Control) as a way to improve financial, political, and legal analysis. President Clinton, is legalized abortion part of a Round Table strategic psychological operation of applied demography?

The Malek Manual was written to assist the "Special Group" and "Secret Team" of a new administration in placing politically favorable individuals into key agency positions. The Malek Manual provided guidelines for purging federal employes who were used to influence and shape the opinion of one executive with federal employees who would be useful in influencing and shaping the opinion of a new executive. The "Special Group" and "Secret Team" plan and carry out psycho-political operations designed to manipulate the public to act in the best interest of Round Table members; Psycho-political operations designed to attain the particular climate of opinion the Round Table Group members are seeking to achieve in the world.

The Round Table Group has controlled public opinion throughout the world for over 100 years. Other branches include; Britain's Royal Institute of International Affairs, the Canadian Institute of International Affairs, the New Zealand Institute of International Affairs, the Australian Institute of International Affairs, the South African Institute of International Affairs, the Indian Institute of International Affairs, the Netherlands Institute of International Affairs, the Japanese Institute of Pacific Relations, the Chinese Institute of Pacific Relations, and the Russian Institute of Pacific Relations.

The Secret Team of every presidential administration have conducted 'strategic psychological operations' aimed at influencing and shaping the executives power to govern or control the American people. One psychological operation is designed to influence presidential choices of appointees to the Supreme Court.

At times the President was a CFR member [ e.g. Eisenhower, Ford, Carter, Bush, Clinton ]. Council on Foreign Relations member Dwight David Eisenhower, appointed two justices that would hear Roe vs. Wade (Brennan ('56), and Stewart ('58)). The 109 Secret Team Council on Foreign Relations members in the Nixon administration influenced and shaped Nixon's choice of supreme court appointees. Three of the Roe Court Justices (Burger ('69), Blackmun ('70), and Rehnquist ('71)) were appointed by Nixon. Nixon, had been CFR member Eisenhower's vice president. Nixon's psychological profile was well known to the CFR, who used this information to manipulate him, and influence his decisions.

The Council on Foreign Relations packs the supreme court. Supreme court decisions favor the particular climate of opinion Council on Foreign Relations members are seeking to achieve in the world. Your appointees, Supreme Court Justices Ruth Bader Ginsberg and Sandra Day O'Connor are Council on Foreign Relations members. President Clinton, you are a Council on Foreign Relations member.

The Council on Foreign Relations has 3000 members. Only about 300 are women. Many of the women are related to Council on Foreign Relations males. The Round Table Groups are racist and sexist. Placing a few women and minority members into highly visible and powerful positions gives the impression that the group is encouraging equal rights for woman and other minorities. That is untrue. The Round Table Groups have done more to suppress equality and create racial tension throughout the world than any other organization in history. They have illegally mis-used American tax dollars to achieve these immoral ends.

The Supreme court has been used to create and fuel the abortion PSYOP. This was done by removing the issue of when life begins from the abortion debate.

The Roe Court Justices were:

Burger (Nixon '69), Douglas (Roosevelt '39), Brennan (Eisenhower '56), Stewart (Eisenhower '58), White (Kennedy '62), Marshall (Johnson '67), Blackmun (Nixon '70), Powell (Nixon '71), Rehnquist (Nixon '71). (Only Rehnquist, now Chief Justice, is still on the court.)[9]

Roe v. Wade, 410 U.S. 113, 93 S.Ct. 705, 35 L.Ed.2d 147 (1973) the landmark (7-2) abortion decision voided the abortion laws of nearly every state. Striking down a Texas statute that prohibited all abortions except to save the mother's life. The court, per Blackmun, held that abortion was a constitutional right that the states could only abridge after the first six months of pregnancy.[10]

Blackmun worded the decision in a most astonishing fashion:

"Texas urges that, apart from the Fourteenth Amendment, life begins at conception and is present throughout pregnancy, and that, therefore, the State has a compelling interest in protecting that life from and after conception. We need not resolve the difficult question of when life begins. When those trained in the respective disciplines of medicine, philosophy, and theology are unable to arrive at any consensus, the judiciary, at this point in the development of man's knowledge, is not in a position to speculate as to the answer." [11]

Blackmun was wrong. Society has a compelling interest in protecting life; and, life does begin at conception. In creatures that reproduce sexually life begins when egg and sperm unite -- at conception. The single living cell, passes through various developmental stages until it develops into a fully mature creature. If the single living cell is a human embryo it will, after about 16 years develop into an adult human being. Murder is the taking of an innocent human life. To arbitrarily define a point at which human life begins opens the door to legislated murder.

Blackmun's statement that those trained in medicine, philosophy, and theology are unable to arrive at a consensus is misinformation. Doctor's have for over 2000 years consider abortion to be wrong. Students receiving a medical degree take The Hippocratic Oath. The oath is named after the Greek Physician Hippocrates who lived about 400 years before Christ. The Oath sets forth an ethical code for the medical profession. The Oath contains the pledge: "I will give no deadly medicine to anyone if asked, nor suggest any such counsel; and in like manner I will not give to a woman a pessary to produce abortion." [12]

Today, scientists are debating signs of life in NASA's Mars rock. NASA experts claim they discovered in a meteorite tiny wormlike shapes embedded in a potato-sized chunk of rock that are fossils of ancient microbes. The scientists insist that the meteorite holds evidence of past Martian life. If scientists are willing to embrace the notion that an ancient microbe is evidence of life -- certainly the same scientists would have to agree that biological life begins at conception.

Judeo/Christian ethics are very clear on the subject of murder - "Thou shall not Kill." Supreme Court Justice Harry Blackmun personally opposed the death penalty. Blackmun wrote that the death penalty is unconstitutional because it could not be fairly administered.

While Blackmun is unwilling to err in regard to putting a guilty murderer to death, Blackmun's concern doesn't extend to an innocent unborn child. If Blackmun is wrong about when life begins, and killing an innocent human being is murder, then abortion is murder. Shouldn't a Supreme Court Justice, in a country founded upon the inalienable rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, err in the direction of protecting an innocent life and err in the direction less likely to turn innocent human beings into murderers?

President Clinton, a psychological warfare technique used to demoralize a target population is to attack a groups religion and family structure. The Council on Foreign Relations is achieving this objective by using its governmental control to legislate immorality. Having the supreme court hand down decisions presenting false, misleading and confusing arguments divides and conquers the American people. The abortion issue is being used to divide and conquer people who could come to a logical and reasonable agreement on when an abortion should be permitted.

Twenty-three years ago, the Supreme Court decided, that the right to privacy conferred upon women the right to choose whether or not human rights applied to their child. The decision was based upon Blackmun's reasoning that "we need not resolve the difficult question of when life begins." Despite Blackmun's contention, the Roe Court goes on to provide a definition of when life begins by finding (1) the state's interest in fetal life becomes compelling at viability--six months; (2) the state may not regulate abortion at all during the first trimester; (3) the state may regulate abortion during the second three months, but only for the protection of the woman's health; (4) the state may regulate or ban abortion during the third trimester to protect fetal life.

Council on Foreign Relations members are working together to re-define when human life begins. They are doing this to confuse people and provide them with a reality world wherein they can rationalize murdering their own children. Women, particularly, should be wary of embracing this standard, since their status has long depended on the willingness of men to grant them their rights. Roe vs. Wade provides a reason for a husband to coerce his wife to abort a child he does not want.

Throughout history, human beings -- whether black, Jew, female, the handicapped, or the elderly -- have been discriminated against and dehumanized. Today, we are witnessing the ultimate dehumanization of the most defenseless class of people -- unborn children. The abortion controversy is tricking people into treating unborn children as property. The abortion controversy is trivializing the roles and responsibilities of parenthood. The abortion controversy is tricking people into believing that children's lives must be lost so that women can be free.

The Roe Vs. Wade decision is part of a well planned Council on Foreign Relations psycho-political operation meant to create tension between men and women, weaken the traditional family structure, and confuse people about religious values. Roe vs Wade places the entire burden of responsibility for murdering the child on the female. Any normal human being who decided to kill their child would question the ethics of such a decision for the rest of their life. Judeo/Christian ethics are very clear on the subject of murder - "Thou shall not Kill." Roe vs. Wade has created a moral dilemma for women by allowing a woman to murder her own child during a certain period of its growth.

Roe v. Wade should be overturned -- if it is illegal and immoral for either parent to kill a baby after it is born, it is illegal and immoral for either parent to kill or coerce the other into killing an unborn child.