President Clinton,

Importation of RU-4-86 is illegal.

The Code of Federal Regulations Immoral articles; Importation Prohibited 19 Subsection 1305 (a), states:


RU-4-86 is such a drug. If someone administers RU-4-86 to a pregnant woman, without her knowledge, they could induce an unlawful abortion. In a country where any illegal drug can be had on the street it is no stretch of the imagination that RU-4-86 will become available on the black market.

President Clinton, it is illegal to import RU-4-86 into the into the US. President Clinton, U R breaking the law.

Former New York Governor, Mario Cuomo created a task force on Life and the Law. They found "the age at which a fetus could survive outside the womb is 23 weeks" and concluded abortion is OK before 23 weeks. That task force is wrong. Life begins at conception. A fetus more than 23 weeks old can not survive without human help any more than a fetus less than 23 weeks can. If it is illegal to kill a human being 23 weeks or older it is illegal to kill the human being any time after conception. Mario Cuomo's argument is an example of false deceptive reasoning. President Clinton, abortion is infanticide.

Ironically Cuomo, extradited a man facing the death penalty in Oklahoma for murdering a senior citizen, because the killer had first murdered a senior citizen in New York. Cuomo, said he extradited the man because the death penalty for murderers violated the sixth commandment, "thou shall not kill." The murderer is serving a life term in a New York prison. If Cuomo, is so concerned about living in accord with the sixth commandment why isn't Cuomo strongly opposed to abortion at any stage of life?

Supreme Court Justice Harry Blackmun is guilty of the same twisted logic. Blackmun personally opposed the death penalty and wrote that the death penalty is unconstitutional because it could not be fairly administered. Blackmun's concern for human life didn't extend to the unborn child. Twenty-three years ago, the Supreme Court decided, 7 to 2, that the right to privacy conferred upon women the right to choose whether or not human rights applied to their child. The decision is worded in a most astonishing fashion. "We need not resolve the difficult question of when life begins," stated Justice Blackmun. Women, particularly, should be wary of embracing this standard, since their status has long depended on the willingness of men to grant them their rights. Elizabeth Cady Stanton wrote in 1870, "When we consider that women are treated as property, it is degrading to women that we should treat our children as property to be disposed of as we see fit." The idea expressed in Roe vs. Wade, that human rights are dependent upon the wishes of others, is degrading to feminism and every other movement based on equality.

President Clinton, many times in human history, human beings -- whether black, Jew or female, the handicapped or the elderly -- have been discriminated against and dehumanized. Today, we are witnessing the ultimate dehumanization of the most defenseless class of people -- unborn children. The abortion controversy is tricking people into treating unborn children as property. The abortion controversy is trivializing the roles and responsibilities of parenthood. The abortion controversy is trying to trick people into believing that children's lives must be lost so that women can be free. Is the abortion controversy part of a well planned psycho-political operation meant to create tension between men and women, weaken the traditional family structure, and confuse people about religious values?

Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) members are adept at the art of deception. CFR members are adept at providing faulty reasons for rationalizing immoral and illegal acts. CFR members work together as partners in well planned psycho-political operations designed to manipulate and control public opinion. President Clinton, your memorandum inquiring why RU-4-86 should not be imported into the US was addressed to the Director of Health and Human Services Donna Shalala. On July 19, 1996 the FDA gave the green light to import RU-4-86. President Clinton, you, Donna Shalala, and Mario Cuomo all belong to the CFR.

The CFR belongs to an international group called the Round Table. RU-4-86 is produced by Roussel Ucalf, a French Company whose German parent company is Hoechst. Already used in France, Britain, and China to abort more than 200,000 unborn babies, RU-4-86 blocks the actions of the pregnancy hormone progesterone, which helps to create and maintain the uterine lining which provides nourishment and oxygen for the developing child. Cut off from its "life support" system, the baby shrivels and finally suffocates or starves to death. A second drug, a prostaglandin, is given 36 to 48 hours later to stimulate violent uterine contractions to expel the dead baby.

Pamela Harriman, a CFR member, was your French ambassador. On 13 February, you and fellow CFR members Thomas Foley (D-WA), Bosnia peace negotiator Richard Holbrooke, Presidential adviser Vernon Jordon, investment tycoon Felix Rohatyn, and Washington Post publisher Katharine Graham attended Harriman's funeral. Hoechst AG and Roussel Uclaf, the European companies responsible for developing and producing RU-4-86 and introducing it to the US, have recently taken steps to expand their share of the American market, acquiring Kansas City based Marion Merrell Dow to form a new international pharmaceutical conglomerate under the name Hoechst Marion Roussel. President Clinton, how much money do Round Table group industries at home and abroad stand to make from the sale of RU-4-86?

The RAND Corporation, a CFR Think Tank, is researching Population Control. Key members of your administration work for RAND. International Security Advisor Lynn Etheridge Davis (author of the initial draft of the Church Committee's report NSC Chapter) and Economic Advisor Laura D'Andrea Tyson are CFR members who work for RAND. RAND is conducting studies in applied demography (Population Control) as a way to improve financial, political, and legal analysis. President Clinton, is legalized abortion part of a Round Table strategic psychological operation of applied demography?

On the day of Harriman's funeral, 13 February 1997, the House voted narrowly to approve your request to release $385 million in international family planning funds four months earlier than scheduled. As the bill stands now the money can be used to promote abortion as a method of family planning. The vote on (HJRes36) was 220-209 with 44 republicans joining 175 democrats in support.

Twelve of the House members were CFR members. Eleven Council members voted for the bill and 1 voted against the bill. The Council on Foreign Relations members were the 11 vote marginal difference causing the resolution to pass. President Clinton, do CFR members in the House and Senate work together to fix Congressional votes to promote Round Table aims?

CFR members voting for the bill were: Lee H. Hamilton (D-IN, Methodist), Donald M. Payne (D-NJ, Baptist), Charles B. Rangle (D-NY, Catholic), Howard L. Berman (D-CA, Jewish), Robert T. Matsui (D-CA, United Methodist), Sam Gejedenson (D-CT, Jewish), Louis Stokes (D-OH, A. M. E. Zion), John M. Spratt Jr. (D-SC, Presbyterian), Richard Gephardt (D-MO, Baptist), Jim Leach (R-IA, Episcopalian), Amory Houghton Jr. (R-NY, Episcopalian). Newton Gingrich (R-GA, Baptist), was the only CFR member voting against the bill.

The House later passed, 231-194, an anti-abortion bill (HR581). The measure would free the $385 million on March 1, as you requested, but would reinstate the Reagan-Bush policy of barring international family planning groups from using their own funds to perform or promote abortion.

President Clinton, you and your administration oppose this measure. You and your fellow CFR members are stacking the deck in favor of pro-abortion legislation. You and your fellow CFR co-conspirators are doing this as part of an international psycho-political operation in applied population control and so CFR companies can profit from RU-4-86 abortions.

The Population Council, a Manhattan based family planning research group, sponsored RU-4-86. In 1994, Hoechst donated the rights to RU-4-86 to the Population Council. They tested the drug in the US. On March 18, 1996 the Population Council submitted a 164-volume application to the FDA for permission to market the drug. The FDA considered RU-4-86 a priority drug, since nothing like it was sold in this country. Considering the drug a priority drug forced an FDA decision within 6 months. On July 19, 1996, an FDA advisory recommended approval.

There is no domestic abortion drug because the majority of Americans oppose murdering their children and oppose abortion. Rather than railroading the drug through the FDA, the FDA should have insisted on extra time to consider approval. If the FDA had taken more time they might have discovered that The Code of Federal Regulations Immoral articles; Importation Prohibited 19 Subsection 1305, makes it illegal to import RU-4-86 into the US. Could it be that RU-4-86 approval was railroaded through the FDA to give them an excuse for not discovering that importation of RU-4-86 is illegal? Is the Population Council a CFR/CIA proprietary corporation that will help finance the abortion PSYOP from RU-4-86 generated money?

"Tactics of Deception" are formalized psychological warfare techniques used to build a psychological environment that differs from the material environment. "Tactics of deception" are used to create false reality worlds. In terms of perceptual psychology, "Tactics of Deception" provoke illusory percepts. To influence behavior the deception must follow three basic rules. First, the deception must be "reasonable"; second there must be no simple way of checking the facts in the case; and third the use of deception should not discredit a source which may have valuable future potential.

The media uses a tactic of deception called a "Limited Hangout." "Limited Hangouts" are used to shape public opinion to support the aims of well planned psychological operations. Stories are carefully crafted to contain some of the truth while withholding key information. "Tactics of Deception" are nothing more than a sophisticated form of lying.

In 1986 two secret U.S. Government operations were publicly exposed implicating Reagan Administration officials in illegal activities. These operations became known as the Iran-Contra Affair. A seven year investigation costing millions of dollars ensued. Only one person spent time in prison - he was found guilty of not paying his income taxes. The Office of Independent Counsel's report states "it is important to emphasize that both the Iran and contra operations, separately, violated the United States policy and law."

Lawrence E. Walsh was Independent Counsel. In 1969 Walsh worked with CFR member Kissinger at the meetings on Vietnam in Paris. In 1981 Walsh worked for Crowe and Dunlevy a law firm representing Oil Companies, Air Lines, and Insurance Companies run by CFR members. Was the Walsh investigation designed to give the appearance that justice was served while in effect being a clever way of obstructing justice? Was the Walsh investigation part of a sophisticated "limited hangout"? Did CFR media members, lawyers, and judges, all profit monetarily from the publicity generated under the pretense of doing something important, while justice went unserved and the guilty went free?

CFR members George Bush, Elliot Abrams, Casper Weinberger, Robert M. Gates, William J. Casey, and Robert C. McFarlane advised Regan to go ahead with Iran-Contra. On December 24, 1992, Bush pardoned fellow CFR members Weinberger, McFarlane, Abrams, and three CIA chiefs named Fiers, George, and Clarridge. Isn't there a conflict of interest apparent in this pardon? Isn't advising the President to break the law Treason? Why weren't the people involved charged with Treason? Have members of the intelligence community that belong to the CFR gained control of the US government?

CFR members William S. Cohen (R-ME) and George J. Mitchell (D-ME), served on a non-partisan Joint House and Senate Select Committee that investigated Iran-Contra. They co-authored a book about Iran-Contra. Book reviewer R. F. Drinan ( America Mr 4 '89) writes, "The impact of this book is blunted by Cohen and Mitchell's extensive efforts to avoid making tough judgements of witnesses who were obviously lying or evading committee member's questions..." Stephen Engelberg NY Times Book Rev (pg 36 S 25 '88) writes, "This book includes some well-etched portraits of the players in the Iran-contra affair." Conspicuously missing from these well-etched portraits is how the players, including the committee members Cohen and Mitchell, are connected through the CFR. Cohen and Mitchell titled their book Men of Zeal. A more accurate title would be Greedy Heels Who Lie, Cheat, and Steal.

An analysis of 1994 US Election Results ("Bias seeps into news on abortion", by David Shaw, The LA Times, July 1, 1990 ) shows that of the 11 newly elected senators, only Olympia Snowe (R-Maine, Greek-Orthodox) had a pro-abortion position. Olympia Snowe is a CFR member. Ms. Snowe replaced retiring pro-abortion CFR member Sen. George Mitchell (D).

The Mother Jones 400 is an interactive database of the top four hundred campaign contributors. Eighty Per Cent of the MoJo 400 Contributors (316 Contributors) gave to one or more CFR members.

Gordon Gray designed and directed the Psychological Strategy Board and Operations Coordination Board. The PSB and OCB co-ordinated well planned psychological operations in conjunction with the NSC. Gray's consultant was Henry Kissinger. Kissinger was also the paid political advisor to Rockefeller family. Gray was heir to the R. J. Reynolds tobacco fortune. Gray and Kissinger were CFR members. Gray served in the administrations of Truman, Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon, and Ford. Gray was a broadcast and publication media specialist. Gray kept the uniformed electorate uninformed by design.

MoJo Contributor 146 is Gordon Gray's son, C. Boyden Gray. MoJo Contributor 174 is Laurence S. Rockefeller. John D. Rockefeller IV (Jay) (D-WV) is a MoJo Recipient. Both C. Boyden Gray and Laurence S. Rockefeller contributed to four CFR members:

Gray contributed to Council members:

William E. Brock III

William S. Cohen (R-ME)

John Chafee (R-RI), and

Olympia J. Snowe.

Laurence Rockefeller contributed to Council members:

William E. Brock III

Amory Houghton Jr. (R-NY) ( MoJo185 Contributor as well as Recipient)

Daniel Moynihan (D-NY), and

John D. (Jay) Rockefeller IV (D-WV)

In the mid-80's Iran-Contra affair money helped the CIA produce a small handbook called Psychological Operation's In Guerrilla Warfare. The manual was for the Nicaraguan Democratic Forces, a group of Nicaraguan rebels. In the United States this group was better known as the "contras" or anti-Sandinista rebels. The manual was based on Psychological Operation material developed at the Army Special Warfare School at Fort Bragg in April of 1968. When first revealed the manual caused a storm of controversy. President Reagan promised a detailed inquiry. However, only a few low-level CIA employees were reprimanded. The matter was then officially closed.

The introduction offers insight into the twisted thinking of our so-called intelligence organizations,

"This conception of guerrilla warfare as political war turns Psychological Operations into the decisive factor of the results. The target, then, is the minds of the population, all the population: our troops, the enemy troops and the civilian population. This manual is a manual for the training of guerrillas in psychological operations, and its application to the concrete case of the Christian and democratic crusade being waged in Nicaragua by the Freedom Commandos. Welcome!"

The original manual suggested hiring professional criminals to stir up trouble at demonstrations so people would be killed and martyrs created from among the contra ranks. Edgar Chammoro, the Nicaraguan Democratic Forces director of propaganda objected to this material. The pages containing it were ripped from the first printing of the manuals.

The manual provides the following advice for controlling meetings and mass assemblies,

"The control of mass meetings in support of guerrilla warfare is carried out internally through a covert commando element...The psychological apparatus of our movement through inside cadres prepares a mental attitude which at the crucial moment can be turned into a fury of justified violence. Through a small group of guerrillas infiltrated within the masses this can be carried out: they will have the mission of agitating by giving the impression that there are many of them and that they have a large popular backing. Using the tactics of a force of 200-300 agitators, a demonstration can be created in which 10,000-20,000 persons take part. "

The Joint Chiefs of Staff have defined psychological operations (PSYOPS) as those that:

"include psychological warfare and, in addition, encompass those political, military, economic and ideological actions planned and conducted to create in neutral or friendly foreign groups the emotions, attitudes, or behavior to support achievement of national objectives." Another proposal "develops the concept of 'strategic psychological operations' as aimed at influencing and shaping decision-makers' power to govern or control their followers."

President Clinton, U.S.I.A. Report, R-76-62 (1962) is used as a PSYOP-related intelligence sourcebook for field personnel. It provides a list of four broad categories of target groups:

I. General populace target groups: 1. peasants, 2. labor, 3. urban proletariat (unskilled labor), 4. army enlisted men, 5. ethnic minorities, 6. women.

II. Middle level target groups: 1. mass communicators, 2. religious leaders, 3. labor leaders, 4. junior army officers, 5. small business men, 6. university students, 7. teachers and University professors.

III. Elite-level target groups: 1. intellectuals and administrators (management in industry and government), 2. intellectuals and specialist (chemists, engineers, accountants, statisticians, doctors, and lawyers), and 3. upper-rank military officers.

IV. Voluntary Associations and Interest Groups.

Round Table Group members in different nations control both Government agency, and "private- industry" news sources. The CFR propaganda machine manipulates American Citizens to accept the particular climate of opinion the Round Table Groups are seeking to achieve in the world.

CFR members working in an ad hoc committee called the ""Special Group"" and through a vast intragovernmental undercover infrastructure called the "Secret Team" formulate this opinion in the US. The CFR, has methodically taken over the Department of State, The Federal Reserve, and the CIA. President Clinton, has the CFR taken over congress? Do CFR members in the House and Senate work together to fix Congressional votes to promote Round Table aims?

President Clinton, did CIA agents infiltrate student groups in the 60's and create incidents to divide and conquer a well educated generation of young people? Have the CIA, FBI and other intelligence agencies used these tactics to infiltrate professional associations such as the AMA, AAAS, IEEE, the ABA, and the ACLU? Are CFR members and insiders in the State Department, The National Security Council, the CIA, and in Congress, infiltrating both pro and anti abortion groups and manipulating their objectives to create emotions, attitudes, and behavior to support Round Table aims? Is the American public being tricked into acting not in their own best interest but in the best interest of a group of subtle fascists intent on creating one world order under their control?

President Clinton, a psychological warfare technique used to demoralize a target population is to attack a groups religion and family structure. The CFR achieves this objective by using its governmental control to legislate immorality. At least two supreme court justices Ruth Bader Ginsberg (Jewish), and Sandra Day O'Connor (Catholic) are CFR members. CFR Presidents include, Bill Clinton (D,Baptist), George Bush (R, Episcopalian), Jimmy Carter (D, Born Again Christian) and Gerald Ford (R, Episcopalian). CIA director John Deutch, and the Director of the State Department Madeleine Albright are members of the CFR. Council on Foreign Relations members, Sen. Bob Graham (D-FL), Sen. Charles S. Robb (D-VA), Sen. John Forbes Kerry (D-MA) Sen. William S. Cohen (R-ME),Sen. Richard G. Lugar (R-IN), and Rep. Lee H. Hamilton (D-IN) sit on the Congressional Select Intelligence Committee.

President Clinton, if the CFR controls the executive office and Congress, legislation opposed by a large majority of Americans can be forced upon them. This was done in September of 1996 when the House and Senate voted on whether to override your presidential veto of a bill that would have banned a controversial procedure for late-term abortions. A two-thirds vote of both houses is required to enact a bill over a presidential veto.

The bill would have banned "partial-birth abortion," a procedure in which a woman's birth canal is widened and the fetus is removed feet first until only the head remains in the uterus. A doctor then collapses the fetus's skull so the head can be drawn through the birth canal.

Polls show a large majority of Americans oppose late-term abortions. Senators talked of receiving thousands of petitions and postcards urging that your veto be overridden, including 10,000 cards circulated by the National Conference of Catholic Bishops.

On 19 September the House voted to override the veto (285-137 -- four more votes than needed).

On 27 September the Senate failed to override your veto (57-41 -- nine votes fewer than needed). Seventeen Senators who voted were your fellow CFR members. Thirteen CFR senators voted to sustain your veto-- four CFR senators voted to overturn. The nine votes needed to overturn the veto were CFR member votes. Only six Republican Senators voted to sustain your veto. Five of the six were CFR members. President Clinton, do CFR members in the House and Senate work together to fix Congressional votes to promote Round Table aims?

The thirteen CFR Senators who voted to sustain your veto were: Nancy L. Kassebaum (R-KS, Episcopalian), William Cohen (R-ME, UnitArian), John H. Chafee (R-RI, Episcopalian), Alan K. Simpson (R-WY, Episcopalian), Olympia Snowe (R-ME, Greek Orthodox), John Forbes Kerry (D-MA, Catholic), Christopher Dodd (D-CT, Catholic), Bob Graham (D-FL, United Church of Christ), , Claiborne Pell (D-RI, Episcopalian), Charles S. Robb (D-VA, Episcopalian), John (Jay) D. Rockefeller IV (D-WV, Presbyterian), William Bradley (D-NJ, Presbyterian), and Dianne Feinstein (D-CA, Jewish). The Four CFR Senators who voted to overturn were ( 3 Republicans 1 Democrat): William V. Roth Jr. (R-DE, Episcopalian), Larry Pressler (R-SD, Catholic), Richard G. Lugar (R-IN, Methodist), Daniel Moynihan (D-NY, Catholic).

President Clinton, the Abortion controversy is a carefully planned psychological operation meant to create a conflict between morality and reality. There is no conflict between morality and reality. The existing conflict is between the moral and perceived reality worlds created by the Abortion PSYOP. The use of the Abortion PSYOP to increase discord is immoral. The American public has never been enamored with psychological operations. The public has rightly been wary of this technique. The use of propaganda changes a persons reality world and can cause them to act in a manner they never would have acted in under normal conditions. It is a form of organized coercion. It is a form of mental manipulation and mind control.

President Clinton:

1. Abortion is not pro-choice vs pro-life, it is pro-murder vs anti-murder. RU-4-86 isn't a contraceptive. Used at 5 to 7 weeks, RU-4-86 kills an unborn baby whose heart has already begun to beat. All life begins at conception. Murder is the premeditated taking of an innocent human life. It is illegal to legalize murder in the United States of America. If it is murder to kill a baby after it is born, it is murder to kill the baby after it is conceived.

2. RU-4-86 will help increase the number of doctors willing to perform abortions. An RU-4-86 abortion can be performed by any physician by simply writing a prescription. Since there has always been a corollary between the number of abortions and the number of abortionists, RU-4-86 is likely to increase the number of abortions in the U.S. beyond the already appalling 1. 5 million a year.

3. RU-4-86 isn't safe or easy. RU-4-86 induces violent contractions of the uterus inducing miscarriage. This is unhealthy and unnatural. Heavy bleeding, nausea, vomiting, and painful uterine contractions are common features. About 2% hemorrhage and more than 1 in a 100 require hospitalization. An Iowa woman took RU-4-86 and lost nearly 3/4 of her blood and likely would have died without emergency surgery.

4. RU-4-86 isn't simple or convenient. At a minimum, the RU-4-86 procedure involves two drugs and three trips to the doctor's office over a two week period. For 4-5% of women, the pills don't work, making them return for surgical abortions.

5. An RU-4-86 abortion will cost $400. Hundreds of millions of dollars will be made by physicians prescribing RU-4-86 and by its manufacturer. Perhaps the reason physicians, biologists, and other scientists, seem confused over the question of when life begins is because they can make money from the confusion.

6. Roe vs Wade places the entire burden of responsibility for murdering the child on the female. The mother becomes responsible for administering the poison that will murder the unborn child. Any normal human being who decided to kill their child would question the ethics of such a decision for the rest of their life. Judeo/Christian ethics are very clear on the subject of murder - "Thou shall not Kill." Roe vs. Wade has created a moral dilemma for women by allowing a woman to murder her own child during a certain period of its growth.

7. Roe v. Wade should be overturned --. If it is illegal and immoral for either parent to kill a baby after it is born, it is illegal and immoral for either parent kill the baby while it is growing inside its mother's body.

8. The latest psychological strategy is to turn the abortion controversy into a partisan issue. The American citizen is being manipulated into perceiving Republicans as being "pro-life" and Democrats as "pro-choice." This is hog-wash. A normal human being will feel guilty about murdering their baby whether they are a Democrat or a Republican.

President Clinton, CFR members are working together to re-define when human life begins. They are doing this to confuse people and provide them with a reality world wherein they can rationalize murdering their own children. President Clinton, tricking another person to commit murder makes you a murderer. Why don't you speak to your Baptist minister about it the next time you go to church.

President Clinton, are CFR members going to recommend their youngsters use RU-4-86 to kill an unwanted child? How would you feel if Chelsea used RU-4-86 to kill her baby? If RU-4-86 was legalized before Chelsea was born would you have been happy to see Hillary use it to kill Chelsea?

President Clinton, in an era of extramarital escapades, when many a politician is prone to drop his drawers whenever female opportunity arises, could some politicians be pro-RU-4-86 to have a way to kill a politically embarrassing illegitimate child they are unwilling to accept responsibility for?

President Clinton, you are an adulterer who cheated on your wife and child. Men who cheat on their families should not be trusted running the nation. Men who risk fathering illegitimate offspring and their CFR cronies should not be railroading legalized abortion through Congress.

President Clinton, The Code of Federal Regulations Immoral articles; Importation Prohibited 19 Subsection 1305, makes it illegal to import RU-4-86 into the US. President Clinton, advise, The FDA of its error, and make it reverse its decision.