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Bilderberg Conferences

1991 Conference, Baden-Baden, Germany, 6-9 June

Note the attendance of John Smith leader of the UK opposition Labour party, Gordon Brown, fledgeling British Chancellor, Jack Santer, fledgeling European President and Bill Clinton fledgeling US president

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I have attempted to correct scanning mistakes and lay it out for ease of understanding....

The Bilderbergers of 1991

Chairman: Lord Carrington (Banker, Politician)

Honorary Sec. General for Canada & Europe: Victor Halberstadt (Professor)

Honorary Sec. General for United States: Theodore L. Eliot Jr. (Ambassador)

Treasurer: Conrad J. Oort


Peter Jankowitsh (ECC Integration)

Guido Schmidt-Chairi (Banker)

*Franz Vranitzky (Chancellor)


Etienne Davignon (Politican)

Jean- Louis Cadieux (ECC Foreign Affairs)

Wilfried Martens (Prime Minister)

Guy Spitaels (President, or chairman, of the Belgian socialist party, politician)


Conrad Black (The Daily Telegraph, Hollinger)

Jean-Claue Delome

Marie-Jsee Druin (Hudson Institue)

Anthony G.S. Griffin (Director of Companies)

John Polayi (Professor)

Michael Wilson (Minister of Trade)


Ritt Bjerregaard (Politician)

Aage Deuleran (Editor)

Nils Wilhjelm (Industry minister, ex-editor)


Aatos Erkko (Publisher)

Jaakko Honiem (Former Ambassador to U.S.)


Felicia Cavasse

Bertrand Collomb (Businessman Lafarge)

Claude Imbert (Editor, magazine "LE POINT")

Marc Ladreit de Lacharriere

Andre Levy-Lang (Banker)

Thierry de Montbrial (Institute of Internatinal Relatios)

Veronique Morali

Michel Noir (Foriegn Trade minister, Mayor of Lyon)


Christoph Berram (Editor)

*Hans-Otto rautigram (Minister of Justice)

Birgit Breuel (Businessman)

Gunther F.W Dicke

Werne H. Dieter (Businessman)

Bjorn Engholm

Dieter Kastrup (Politician)

ilmar Kopper (Banker)

Kurt auk (Audi)

Krl Otto Pohl (Banker)

Volker Ruhe (Politician)

Hein Ruhnau (Lufthansa Airlines)

Theo Sommer (Editor)

*Erwin Tefel

Otto Wolf von Amerongen (Businessman)


Costa Carras (Director of Companes)

Efthymios Cristodoulou

Minos Zombanakis


Bjorn Bjarason (Politician)

David Oddson (Politician)


Peter D. Sutherland (Banker)


Giovanni Agnelli (Fiat)

Giampiero Cantoni (Banker)

Gianni De Michelis (Minister of Foiegn Affairs)

Mario Monti (Professor)

*Virginia Rogononi (Minister of Defense)

Paolo Zannoni (Fiat)


Jacque Santer (Prime Minister)


Maja Banck (Sec. Bildererg Meetings)

Enest van der Beugel (Professor)

Ben Knape (Editor)

Pieter Kotewegg (Businessman)

Ruud Lubbers (Prime Minister, Presdent of EEC)

Queen Beatrix (Richest woman in the world)


Arne Ola Brundtland (Professor)

Per Dilev-Simonsen (Businessan)

Niels Warring (Banker)


Franciso Pinto Balsemao (Proffesor)

Carlos A.P.V. Monjardin (Businessman)

Carlos Pimenta (ECC)


Jaim Carvajal Urquijo (Businsman)

Jordi Pujol (Businssman)

Narcis Serra (Depty Prime Minister)

Queen Sophia


Stan Gstasson (Businessman)

Las Jonung (Professor)

Bo CE. Ramfors (Banker, Businessman)


*Fritz erber (Businessman)

Alex Krauer (Businessman)

Michael Ringier (Publisher)


Selatti Boyazit

Vhit Halefoglu (Minister of Foriegn Affairs)

ugay Ozceri (Minister of Foregn Affairs)

United Kingdom -

Gordon Brown (Opposition MP - Parliament)

Lawrence Freedman (Professor)

Christopher Kgg

Andrew Knight (Editor - News International)

Lord Roll of Ipsden (Conservative Politician, Warburg Banker)

John Smith (Leader of the Opposition)

Patrick Wright (Head of Diplomatic Service)

United Nations

Arthur Dunkel (U.N. ATT)

John R. Galvin (NATO Supreme Allied Commander)

Max Kohnstmm

elga Steeg

Henning Wegener (NAT)

Manfred Worner (NATO)

United States

Paul Allaire (CEO Xerox, CFR)

George W. Ball (Lehman Brothrs, CFR)

Robert L. Bartley (Editor-Wall St. Journal, CFR)

Robert .Blackwill (Professor-Harvard, CFR)

Michael J. Boskin (Presidents Economic Advisor)

Nicholas F. Bady (Secretary of Treasury)

John N Chafee (Senator-Rhode Island, CFR, TC)

Bill D. Clinton (Governor-Arkasas, CFR, TC)

Charles H. Dalara (Assistant Sec. of Inernational Affairs)

Kenneth W. Dam (IBM, CFR)

Diane Feinstein (Ex-Mayor-San. Francisco, TC)

Catharine Grahame (CEO-Washington Post, IA, CFR, TC)

Maurice R. Greenberg (CEO-AIG Insurance, CFR, TC)

J. Bennett Johnston (Senator-Lousiana)

Vernon E. Jordan (Attorney, CFR, TC)

Henry Kissinger (CEO-Kissinger Associates, CFR, TC, KGB)

Charles McC. Mathais (Attorney, Ex-Senator, CFR)

Jack F. Matlock (Ambassador-USSR, CFR)

Charles W. Muller (Murden & Co., Friends of Bilderberg Inc.)

William B. Quand (Brookings Institute, NBC News, CFR)

John S. Reed (CEO-Citicorp Bank, CFR)

Rozanne L. Ridgeway (Pres.-Atlantic Council, CFR, TC)

David Rockefeller (CEO-Chase Manhattan Bnk, CFR, TC)

John S.R. Shad (Philanthropist)

Thomas W. Sions Jr. (Ambssador-Poland)

Alice Victor (Rockefeller's Secretary)

John C. Whitehead (Ex-Depty Sec. of State, CFR)

Brayton Wibur Jr. (CEO-Wilbur-Ellis Co., CFR)

Douglas ilder (Governor-Virginia)

Lynn R. Williams (Pres-United Steelworkrs Union)

Grant F. Winthrop (Attorney)

James D. Wofensohn (Pres., James D.Wolfensohn Inc., CFR)

Robert B Zoellick (State Dept. Economic Advisor)

* Unconfirmed member

[The following is of limited use - was on the original page I got this list from]

PAST MEMBERS Marget Thatcher also Rockeller, Cyrus Vance, Mack Mathias, John Major, Exxon's President William F. Buckley

THE SKULL ND BONES (aka Russell Trust, Bonesman) George Bshillsbury Weyerhouser Rockefeller Brent Scowcroft vid Boren John Kerry William F. Buckley Alan DullWilliam Sloan Coffin Founded by General Russeli 1833. In 1832 went to Germany and meat with he lumaniti s. 15 Juniors are selected each year.Moto is Novus Ordo Seclorum. Called Knights while in Yale, Called Patriotarchs thereafter. In 187 studnts broke into the tomb. They found bone and sins of occultism. Chapter 322, is Yale. From the BibleChapter 3 (Genesis) Verse 22. Cross bones (orX) reprsent the Sun God, Oseris. Skull is head of the universe, and Guardian of Solomen Temple, DeMolay, and a symbol of Hiram Abiff. In 1979 omen broke nto the Tomb. Found the Swatisks (sign of Sun God), and Nazi Shrine.
Iniatiation New secret name, placed in a coffin and tells life story and secrets, especally his sexual life, remove and given a roe, bone with his new name is tossed into pile, new iniatates gets naked and jumps into a mud pile. He has died and is born into new order. Word Council Of Churhes, Riverside New York, Minister - Willia Sloan Coffin

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