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"From I ,  who was born into billions....

Trans-Rocke-Figure-Feller ....welcome little ones"

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Why is $65 million going to The Museum of Modern Art?

Ladies and Gentlemen.... may I introduce.... his insurmountable highness Da.....avid Rockefeller!

"...uhuh. Look. Tell Conrad to print a rumour that we're going for a controlling interest... then sell the goddam lot! You got that! Errr... What......? (Hushed) Errr....did I? Uh...okay...Ahem..." [and the silky smooth voice switches into gear]

"Well... greetings my precious little children... Now I'm sorry to have to start with some bad news but a little bird has been telling me that some of you have been calling me a very naughty name 'Rocky Raccoon'.  Now that's not my name at all is it.  Normally of course that'd be fine... but our friend Mr. Owl, the wisest of all my birds, says he doesn't think that's a very good idea.  As a matter of fact, he tells me that if that naughty Mr. Crow overhears any of my lovely little children calling their sweet Uncle Rocky 'Rocky Raccoon' Conrad the Crow might just swoop down from the treetops and PECK THEIR GODDAM EYES OUT!   So I hope that's quite clear. And we don't want to upset Mr Owl now do we?"

"Now, as you know, I was clever enough to be born into a little money... Well, most of it's nice Mr. Rothschild's money actually but he's given me a wonderful little interest free loan for a while so it doesn't really matter where it came from. What matters now is that it's mine, and I've got lot's and lots of it and I'm sorry to have to remind you..... that you haven't. "

"Never mind though I'm sure I can let you have a bit..... IF you're good little girls and boys.  Well that's why you're here isn't it?"

"But my little project, Chase Manhattan, isn't doing so well these days... and I had to sell most of my very own Rockefeller Centre in New York to the man from Mitsibushi. How irksome! So I've turned my attention to spreading my wonderful American dream right across the known World!  I've set up several tax-free Charitable Organisations to keep a gentle eye on your future. "  And if other people don't agree with what I'm doing... I'm sure you do... we can be sure they'll come round, won't they?"

"After World War Two and the inconvenient old atom-bomb I knew our next war might not be so good for business. And all that radiation could be very inconvenient. What would happen to all the drivers, waiters, servants and cooks? How long might I have to stay underground in my pallatial bunker? How would I replace all those wage slaves and useless eaters who had been working for me? That's why I dreamed up the Trilateral Commission and my friends Joseph Retinger and Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands, lovely Prince, spawned The Bilderberg Group. To keep the peace we had to get a hold of the world, quite a TIGHT hold. We didn't go round shouting about it of course, no need to make a fuss, just little social clubs for the elite, no, I like to call them human beings, who control 3/4 of the world's wealth. Don't ask me how, but I just knew you'd prefer total enslavement in my wonderful New World Order... to a one-way trip down H-bomb highway."

"Now, my Father and Grandfather were pretty big in Oil. Grandad Johnny, the great philanthropist, turned Standard Oil into quite a firm. So he dabbled in a bit of freemasonry and liked to play at spying, so what eh!?  All other persuits, such as democracy and justice, that stood in the way he found awfully tiring.  He knew what America needed, the twin public services of oil extraction and environmental degradation. You can find out all about how he and the rest of our delightful family liberated your wealth and Rockefellerized your cities by downsizing boring old-fashioned public transport. Remember, we introduced the world to the delights... ho ho ho, of our friend, the murderous motor car."

"And all the dreamed up conspiracy theories about my Rockefeller syndicate, cartel and foundation - I deny them all... or anyway I would if they were true!  Otherwise... You know the family motto: 'No Comment!'"


Now, please ask yourself, "Why the heck are my New York City tax dollars to the tune of $65 million going to The Museum of Modern Art, a private organization that can't even pay its workers properly?" [Visitors to the city take note: you are paying New York City sales tax too!]

Because, folks, It's the....DAVID ROCKEFELLER SHOW. ...David is MOMA's Chairman Emeritus. Hey, MOMA even gives out a David Rockefeller Award every year. Awards to David's buddies, Like Katherine Graham of Washington Post fame and Edgar Bronfman of Seagrams Ltd.....He gives awards to powerful people to ingratiate them to himself, using public money such as the $65 million YOU are giving him. He knows how to network your dough into his coffers in a flash. You all know the Rockefeller family, don't you? Right, the oil and bank people. Well, David has his fingers in more pies than you can count. But besides getting public funding for HIS idea of art, but not paying the staff of his MOMA clubhouse properly, here's what else David is up to.

THE NEW YORK CITY PARTNERSHIP-OUT TO KILL THE COMMUNITY GARDENS: Formed in 1979 by ...guess who? Go ahead, guess. You were right. DAVID is the god of this little-known organization. However, when supporters of the Community Gardens found out that the Partnership wanted to take the gardens over and turn them into condominiums, they launched a protest in front of New York City Partnership headquarters, bringing the Partnership unwanted publicity. The Partnership is David's little unofficial mayor's office in the Wall Street district. It also poses as a chamber of commerce, since it stole New York's. Quite frankly, nobody can really figure out what this org is all about. Basically, it's another one of David's big-wig networking schemes. He had about 60 of them cough up a million each not too long ago for one of his pet projects.

THE COUNCIL ON FOREIGN RELATIONS: Yes, this is another one of David's babies. Located on Park Ave and 68th Street, the Council's members include most of Clinton's cabinet, among a multitude of current and former government officials. This org claims not to take a stand on issues, but with War-Monger In Chief Madeline Albright one of its shining stars, one would guess that it is for a few things, like, say, bombing of women and children crossing bridges in Montenegro on shopping trips. As a matter of fact, the Council regularly places opinion pieces in the New York Times. They were big time for the Mexican bailout in '95-were hoping to loot us of $40 billion for it via the Clinton White House, but our own Al D'Amato stopped 'em in their tracks. Dubbed the "Park Avenue State Department" by New York Magazine. Uh, they're non-profits, and get a nice tax break so you can slave for their idea of a better world [for them]. And guess who is Honorary Chairman...just take one guess...oh no, not ....DAVID?!!! You got it.

THE POPULATION COUNCIL: Founded by John D. Rockefeller III. Oh, sorry, you may not have known it, but all those pro-abortion people are not interested in your right to have an abortion; no, they just want to make sure you don't have any babies, cuz they have decided that THERE ARE TOO MANY OF YOU. [Hey, are you getting this?] It may not mean a lot to you folks, but isn't it funny that the AIDS epidemic is such a nice way to pare down the populations of the less-developed nations? Why, the Population Council must be having a dang party over it (even though there's a lot about fighting AIDS on their web site. Guilty conscience?).

THE ROCKEFELLER FOUNDATION A nice little organization. An outgoing official of this org was quoted by the NYTimes as saying that guns, drugs, and people crossing borders are among our biggest problems....Hey...people crossing borders...that's as bad as drugs and guns, isn't it?... people--always getting in the way...someone stop them! Oh David...oh David!!!!! For more info, contact The Ad Hoc Committee to Restructure America at

By Peter Duveen <>

Back to reality for a moment

David Rockefeller Sr. and family
$1.4 billion Inheritance.

New York City. 81
Widowed, 6 children

Grandson of John D. Rockefeller; youngest of 5 brothers (see Rockefeller family, Laurance, Winthrop). Ph.D. economics. Became international statesman, banker, philanthropist [allegedly ed.]. Founded the Council of the Americas; helped establish the Trilateral Commission, latest favorite target of conspiracy buffs. Led Chase into global expansion; aided the Thais in setting up National Institute for Development Administration; active in mobilizing business behind NAFTA.

Turned over Rockefeller Financial Services to son David 1992. Still has small piece of Rockefeller Center through Goldman Sachs group that bought it. While not the end of the saga, sale of this family landmark is perhaps the end of an age.

The real David. Madman or philanthropist? What kind of stuff does he talk about, what's he into, and what vision (if any) does he have?

The following little gem was sitting there on the internet at

ISCIP: Editorial Digest

Institute for the Study of Conflict, Ideology, and Policy.

Editorial Digest Volume II Number 7 (April 23, 1997)

. . . while Zyuganov thunders about Western threat to Russia

Apparently weary from moderating his tone on his January tour of the United States, National Patriotic Front leader Gennadi Zyuganov blasted the current Russian leadership for having "sufficient will only to starve the country for the sake of their personal, selfish interests and in response to the diktat of the International Monetary Fund."

"We should have no illusions," Zyuganov wrote in Sovetskaya Rossiya on April 10. "The West sees Russia as its most dangerous opponent. An opponent who has been weakened, bloodied, and bowed, but not beaten once and for all and who is capable of recovery."

Zyuganov alleged that the collapse of the USSR had been preceded by a meeting of the Bilderberg Club at which "David Rockefeller, a very powerful American banker and head of the highly influential Trilateral Commission" purportedly called for the establishment of a "single world government." "A supranational government of the intellectual elite and world bankers," Zyuganov reported that Rockefeller said, "is preferable to the right of peoples to self-determination." (Sovetskaya Rossiya, 10 Apr 97)

Scary Stuff:

excerpted from

(quoting Mr. Rockefeller):

"We are grateful to the Washington Post, the New York Times, Time Magazine and other great publications whose directors have attended our meetings and respected their promises of discretion for almost 40 years........It would have been impossible for us to develop our plan for the world if we had been subjected to the lights of publicity during those years. But, the world is more sophisticated and prepared to march towards a world government. The supernational sovereignty of an intellectual elite and world bankers is surely preferable to the national autodetermination practiced in past centuries."


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