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            An Indictment of the U.S. Government and U.S. Politics

                           Cryptography Manifesto
                              7/4/97-L version

          "The law does not allow me to testify on any aspect of the
           National Security Agency, even to the Senate Intelligence
           Committee" ---General Allen, Director of the NSA, 1975

          "You bastards!" ---guy

       This is about much more than just cryptography. It is also about
       everyone in the U.S.A. being fingerprinted for a defacto national
       ID card, about massive illegal domestic spying by the NSA, about
       the Military being in control of key politicians, about always
       being in a state of war, and about cybernetic control of society.


             Part 1: Massive Domestic Spying via NSA ECHELON
             ---- -  ------- -------- ------ --- --- -------

                     o The NSA Admits
                     o Secret Court
                     o Wild Conspiracy Theory
                     o Over the Top
                     o BAM-BAM-BAM
                     o Australian ECHELON Spotted
                     o New Zealand: Unhappy Campers

             Part 2: On Monitoring and Being Monitored
             ---- -  -- ---------- --- ----- ---------

                     o On Monitoring
                        - Driver's Seat
                        - Five Months Statistics
                        - The FBI Investigations
                        - I Can See What You Are Thinking
                        - Why I Monitor
                     o On Being Monitored

             Part 3: 1984 Means a Constant State of War
             ---- -  ---- ----- - -------- ----- -- ---

                     War #1  -  Drugs
                     War #2  -  Guns
                     War #3  -  Child Pornography
                     War #4  -  Terrorism
                     War #5  -  Hackers

             Part 4: Why unlimited cryptography must be legislated NOW
             ---- -  --- --------- ------------ ---- -- ---------- ---

                     o Key Recovery Means No Cryptography
                     o Key Recovery Isn't Even Feasible
                     o Government Steamroller
                     o Feds' Wacky Pro-GAK Logic
                       - Business Will Demand It
                       - To Safeguard Your Privacy

             Part 5: There is no part five
             ---- -  ----- -- -- ---- ----

             Part 6: Louis Freeh & The Creeping Police State
             ---- -  ----- -----   --- -------- ------ -----

                     o Louis Freeh
                     o National ID Card
                     o Worldwide Banking and Phone Monitoring
                     o Cybernetic Control of Society
                     o Conclusions


    ECHELON is NSA's world-wide surveillance network and associated software.

    DICTIONARY - Keyword searching with exclusion logic software.

    ORATORY - Speech recognition. Think of it as speech-to-text software.
              Subject to DICTIONARY searches.

    CALEA   - A 1994 law ("Communications Assistance to Law Enforcement Act")
              to force a massive reworking of the U.S. telephone infra-
              structure so that the government can intrinsically wiretap it.
              Also called the FBI Digital Telephony Act. It is a domestic
              extension of ECHELON.

    GAK     - Government Access [to cryptographic] Keys. Any cryptography
              product with GAK has been compromised so the government can
              read it.

    SIGINT  - Signals Intelligence = NSA = electronic snooping

    Key Recovery - See GAK.

    C-SPAN  - Two cable channels dedicated to broadcasting both houses of
              Congress and other U.S. governmental functions.

    DEA    -  U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration
    DIA    -  U.S. Pentagon Defense Intelligence Agency
    DIA    -  U.S. Drug Interdiction Agency (older)

    FBI    -  U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation

    BATF   -  U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms

    UKUSA  -  pronounced 'you-koo-za' - a secret wartime treaty that says
              member nations can spy on each others population without
              warrants or limits, and that this can be shared with the
              spied-on country's SIGINT agency.

    PGP    -  Free and unbreakable encryption, available world-wide.

    CISPES -  Committee in Solidarity with the People of El Salvador

    "Ultra-secret" agencies:

    NSA    - U.S. National Security Agency

    GCHQ   - British Government Communications Headquarters

    CSE    - Canada's Communications Security Establishment

    DSD    - Australian Defense Signals Directorate

    GCSB   - New Zealand's Government Communications Security Bureau



Using mainly publicly available material, here is my documentation of:

    o Part 1: Massive Domestic Spying via NSA ECHELON

              This is highly detailed documentation of NSA spying.
              This spying is illegal, massive, and domestic.
              The documentation is comprehensive, especially since
              it is now brought together in this one section.
    o Part 2: On Monitoring and Being Monitored

              In this section, I describe the capabilities of ECHELON
              keyword monitoring. A detailed example --- how to use
              keywords to pick out conversations of interest --- is given.
              I also put forth a case of what it means to be monitored
              heavily by the government.

    o Part 3: 1984 Means a Constant State of War

              The politics of war, and the Orwellian tactics employed by
              by the U.S. Government to control its citizens.

    o Part 4: Why unlimited cryptography must be legislated NOW

              In additional to the reasons given in the previous sections,
              the 'debate' reasons constantly given by the government
              are reviewed and debunked. And our nation's experts say it
              will hurt security. The GAO says the same thing.

    o Part 5: There is no part five.
    o Part 6: Louis Freeh & The Creeping Police State

              Basically, Louis Freeh is the anti-Christ leading us to Hell.
              National ID cards are effectively being implemented without
              needing to issue cards. The U.S. Government is trying to
              monitor all phone calls and banking transactions, and have
              all equipment worldwide designed for their monitoring. They
              are bent on controlling the world to the point of there being
              no crime left on the planet. Of course, democracy destroyed
              is the direct result.

This publication advocates five major items: o Passage of ProCode/SAFE legislation, allowing U.S. companies to export unlimited strength cryptography, free from "Key Recovery". Key Recovery means messages are no longer a secret, because the Government has screwed around with it. o Killing the CALEA legislation, which orders all communications equipment be DESIGNED so the Government can spy on it. o Dismantling domestic ECHELON, the Government listening in on our domestic phone calls. o A Cabinet-level U.S. Privacy Commission, with teeth. ---- The "average" American has no idea why cryptography is important to them. It is the only way to begin preventing massive illegal domestic spying. Currently, there are no restrictions on domestic use of unlimited strength cryptography. That is not because the Government hasn't complained about child pornographers or terrorists or other criminals who might use it. No, that's the reason they are giving for why U.S. companies can't EXPORT products, such as web browsers, outside U.S. territory, without compromising it with Government "Key Recovery"; i.e. made stupider and breakable. Why such an indirect control on what they claim is a domestic problem? Because that is how 'The Creeping Police State' works. Slowly, bit-by-bit. Slowly, State-by-State everyone in the U.S. is being fingerprinted. The FBI is now advocating biometric capture of all newborns too. This is an interesting manifesto, please take the time to read it. Cryptography can be used to keep private: Internet traffic, such as email, and telephone conversations (PGP phone). A version of PGP phone that looks and works like a normal telephone --- but can't be spied upon --- would eventually become wide-spread. It begins to change the mind-set that the Police State is inevitable. ---- Major references... In the last several years intelligence operatives, specifically including SIGINT (signal intelligence) people, have started telling the story about the massive domestic use of computer monitoring software in the U.S. Including our domestic phone calls, Internet, fax, everything. I'm going to quote a number of articles and books; they involved talking to over 100 of these intelligence operatives. Buy this book: "Secret Power" by Nicky Hager, ISBN 0-908802-35-8. It describes in detail the ECHELON platform. It's one of the most important. New Zealand people are quite unhappy at their place within ECHELON. Buy this book: "Spyworld: Inside the Canadian and American Intelligence Establishments" By Mike Frost [NSA trained sigint person] and Michel Gratton, Toronto Doubleday 1994. Mr. Frost describes missions in the U.S. where he was trained by the NSA to handle domestic jobs that would be illegal for the NSA. These books are quite damning, in a heavily documented way. This is an AMAZINGLY COMPREHENSIVE BOOK: buy it! "Above the Law", by David Burnham, ISBN 0-684-80699-1, 1996 Buy this book: "The Secret War Against the Jews", Authors: John Loftus and Mark Aarons, ISBN 0-312-11057-X, 1994. Don't let the title throw you: the authors spoke with a great many intelligence people, and cleverly probed NSA/CIA/FBI by submitting items for publication approval, and when they censored something... Bingo. Because of the Catch-22 situation, the NSA gave up trying to censor many books, since it can be used to confirm questions they would otherwise have refused to answer. The other books referenced within are also suggested reading. I have sometimes edited for brevity the excerpts, especially my newspaper clippings of stories flying by. If I have any news story specifics wrong or if you have more details, please email me. Later versions of this document can be searched for at Or, you can email me, Subject: Requesting Cryptography Manifesto. ---- ---- Here comes a large 'reasoned polemic': ---- This is a U.S.-centric message, but keep reading even if you are not in the U.S.; British, Canadian, Australian and New Zealand citizens are also directly affected. This message is about ECHELON, which is an unbelievably huge world-wide spying apparatus, including the domestic phone calls of many countries. United States citizens' phone calls are being monitored in a dragnet fashion not even George Orwell could have imagined. This was all paid for by U.S. taxpayers. Built in secret. Not debated. The CALEA legislation is a shameful takes-us-into-the-abyss domestic spy bill. It is for the FBI to simultaneously monitor HUGE amounts of our phone calls. And when the judiciary found out about NSA monitoring U.S. citizens' overseas telephone calls without a warrant: they approved the loss of our Fourth Amendment rights. Giving Presidential Directives the same force of law as the Constitution. Congress has lost it too. * The New York Times, undated * * The House is not expected to vote on the search-and-seizure bill until * at least Wednesday. But tonight the Republicans defeated a Democratic * amendment that SIMPLY REITERATED THE WORDS OF THE FOURTH AMENDMENT OF * THE UNITED STATES CONSTITUTION. * * The vote was 303 to 121. * * The Democrats were trying to portray the Republicans as wanting to * eliminate the constitutional protection against unlawful searches. * * Indeed, they cornered the Republicans into saying that the measure * containing the Fourth Amendment would gut the seizure bill. Just what is it going to take to restore the U.S. Constitution? Unlimited unregulated cryptography legislation is a beginning baby-step. Otherwise it might take another civil war. The NSA will not let go quietly. Sound over-the-top? Wait until you understand the massive surveillance system that our government has put in place, just how powerful it is, and how they've used it repeatedly to control lawful peaceful political protest.