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****************************************************************************** ****************************************************************************** ****************************************************************************** Part 6: Louis Freeh & The Creeping Police State ---- - ----- ----- --- -------- ------ ----- o Louis Freeh o National ID Card o Worldwide Banking and Phone Monitoring o Cybernetic Control of Society o Conclusions ****************************************************************************** Louis Freeh ----- ----- Louis Freeh is accomplishing something that real terrorists themselves could never have accomplished. Destruction of the American Way of Life. Freedom, Liberty. It is as if freedom terrorists were in charge of our government. * "The End of Ordinary Money, Part I", by J. Orlin Grabbe * * * The GSA opposed CALEA [FBI code name: "Operation Root Canal"], stating * "the proposed bill would have to have the FCC or other agency approve or * reject equipment mainly on the basis of whether the FBI had the capacity * to wiretap it. The GSA further stated this would weaken security." [40] The FBI and Military are EXEMPT from any Key Recovery crypto requirements, BECAUSE IT WOULD SERIOUSLY WEAKEN NATIONAL SECURITY. CALEA even directs cable TV companies to restructure themselves for spying. What??? Why does the government want to see traffic BEFORE it reaches the Internet or public telephone networks? CALEA will give the FBI "legal" domestic listening posts. : The Washington Post Magazine, June 23 1996 : "Government surveillance, terrorism and the U.S. Constitution" : from Main Justice, by Jim McGee and Brian Duffy, 1996, ISBN 0-684-81135-9 : : The FBI is growing in tandem with the NSA. With the help of the National : Security Agency, the U.S. eavesdropping bureaucracy that spans the globe, : the FBI operates a super-secret facility in New York code-named Megahut : that is linked to the other FBI listening posts. : : After the OKC bombing, Janet Reno and Louis Freeh asked Congress to raise : to 3,000 the number of FBI agents working counter-intelligence and counter- : terrorism. : : With the new legislation, the funding for just the FBI's counter-intelli- : gence/terror goals is now ONE BILLION DOLLARS a year, and their activities : will rise to a LEVEL HIGHER THAN AT ANY TIME DURING THE COLD WAR. 1984 means a constant State of War. Here's a new war: "cyberwar". # "Head of CIA Plans Center To Protect Federal Computers" # By Tim Weiner, The New York Times, 6/26/96 # # John Deutch, Director of the CIA, is building a "cyberwar" center in the NSA. # # Mr. Deutch said cyberwar could become a 21st-century national security threat # second only to nuclear, biological and chemical weapons. # # "The electron," Mr. Deutch warned, "is the ultimate precision-guided weapon." Haven't I heard bad dialogue like this on Mystery Science Theater 3000? It is simply another in an endless series of requests for funding, for misuse of our tax money. ---- Louis Freeh's FBI: * "FBI Scare Tactics", By Richard Moran, The New York Times, 1996 * * When the FBI reported that serious crime declined for the fourth year * in a row, it was still making the statistics sound worse than they * actually were. * * That's because Government tends to exaggerate the violent nature of crime. * * According to the Justice Department's Bureau of Justice Statistics, less * than a third of the 6.6 million violent crimes committed in the U.S in 1992 * resulted in injury; most of the victims suffered only minor cuts, scratches * or bruises. * * About 20 percent of them needed minor medical care; 7 percent went to * emergency rooms. Only 1 percent of the victims were hurt seriously enough * to require hospitalization. * * The incongruity arises because of the way the law defines violent crime. * * For example, aggravated assault is defined as either intentionally causing * serious bodily harm or using a weapon to threaten or attempt to cause * bodily harm. * * Fortunately, most aggravated assault victims fall into the last category; * most victims are never touched by the offender. * * The same held true for armed robbery. Only 3 percent required medical * treatment. Less than half of armed robbers displayed guns, and those * who did were LESS LIKELY TO INJURE VICTIMS than robbers who didn't show * guns. * * The FBI has a tendency to worry people unnecessarily, even when it has * good news. For example, last year the FBI announced that 53 percent of * all homicides were by strangers, and that for the first time all Americans * had a "realistic" chance of being murdered. * * But to arrive at these troubling figures, the FBI considered ALL UNSOLVED * HOMICIDES, including drug-related killings, as homicides committed by * strangers, thus creating the impression that murder was becoming * increasingly random. "Three Strikes" laws also skew the statistics. ---- Freeh, banging the Drums of War: Prepared Statement of Director Louis J. Freeh Federal Bureau of Investigation Before the Senate Judiciary Committee June 4, 1997 THE ISSUES YOU AND THE OTHER MEMBERS RAISE ARE CRITICAL AND IMMEDIATE. MANY GO TO THE CORE OF THE FBI AND OUR ABILITY TO PROTECT THE AMERICAN PEOPLE. TO ADDRESS THESE VITAL ISSUES --- SERIOUS CRIME, TERRORISM AND ESPIONAGE --- THE FBI MUST BE AND IS A DYNAMIC INSTITUTION ANTICIPATING OR REACTING TO NEW TECHNOLOGY. PERHAPS UNLIKE ANY TIME IN OUR HISTORY, THE NATURE OF CRIME AND TERRORISM IS EVOLVING AT AN UNPRECEDENTED PACE. TERRORISM, BOTH INTERNATIONAL AND DOMESTIC THREATENS US LIKE NEVER BEFORE. * "The End of Ordinary Money, Part I", by J. Orlin Grabbe * * Ironically, the World Trade Center was subsequently bombed by a group * that was already under FBI surveillance. Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang Drum Drum Drum Drum Drum Drum Drum Drum Drum Drum Drum Drum Drum Drum Drum War War War War War War War War War War War War War War War THE MARVELS OF THE INTERNET CAN BE USED FOR EVIL AGAINST CHILDREN. CHILDREN CONTINUE TO FALL PREY TO VIOLENT ABDUCTORS OR PEDOPHILES WHO NOW COME INTO HOMES OVER MODEMS AND TELEPHONE LINES. THE NEED FOR THE RIGHT INVESTIGATIVE TOOLS IS IMMEDIATE. * The FBI arrests hundreds for child pornography despite unbreakable * cryptography being available free worldwide for years. Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang Drum Drum Drum Drum Drum Drum Drum Drum Drum Drum Drum Drum Drum Drum Drum War War War War War War War War War War War War War War War LAW ENFORCEMENT IS IN UNANIMOUS AGREEMENT THAT THE WIDESPREAD USE OF ROBUST NON-KEY RECOVERY ENCRYPTION ULTIMATELY WILL DEVASTATE OUR ABILITY TO FIGHT CRIME AND PREVENT TERRORISM. UNCRACKABLE ENCRYPTION WILL ALLOW DRUG LORDS, TERRORISTS, AND EVEN VIOLENT GANGS [Secret Service to Ed Cummings: "We are the biggest gang in town"] TO COMMUNICATE WITH IMPUNITY. OTHER THAN SOME KIND OF KEY RECOVERY SYSTEM, THERE IS NO TECHNICAL SOLUTION. As if real terrorists or drug lords would use Key Recovery crypto! Furthermore, Freeh is arguing BOTH SIDES of the issue when he complains "DRUG LORDS ARE NOW SUPPORTED BY THE BEST TECHNOLOGY MONEY CAN BUY", AND THEN SAYS we need Key Recovery so we can read their traffic! Even the NSA is talking Doublethink at us: * NYT: Stuart A. Baker, General Counsel for the NSA, explained why crooks * and terrorists who are smart enough to use data encryption would be stupid * enough to choose the U.S. Government's compromised data encryption * standard: * * "You shouldn't overestimate the I.Q. of crooks." ...which is also apparently their view of the American public. WE ARE NOW AT AN HISTORICAL CROSSROAD ON THE ENCRYPTION ISSUE. IF PUBLIC POLICY MAKERS ACT WISELY, THE SAFETY OF ALL AMERICANS WILL BE ENHANCED FOR DECADES TO COME. [1984 Newspeak:] BUT IF NARROW INTERESTS PREVAIL, LAW ENFORCEMENT WILL BE UNABLE TO PROVIDE THE LEVEL OF PROTECTION THAT PEOPLE IN A DEMOCRACY PROPERLY EXPECT AND DESERVE. ANY SOLUTION THAT IGNORES THE PUBLIC SAFETY AND NATIONAL SECURITY CONCERNS RISK GRAVE HARM TO BOTH. And what was a critical public safety and national security item the FBI insisted on in the first version of CALEA? They wanted all cellular phones to continually monitor the location of the owner, EVEN WHEN NOT IN USE. Every cellular phone would become a location tracking monitor for the government. And why would this be a critical public safety and national security item? Because: The NSA/FBI are raving rabid frothing-at-the-mouth lying looneys. I hope you understand that by now. * "Above the Law", by David Burnham, ISBN 0-684-80699-1, 1996 * * A few months after his appointment as the new director of the Federal * Bureau of Investigation, Louis J. Freeh delivered a speech at the National * Press Club in Washington. * * More than two hundred Washington-based reporters, congressional staffers * and interested lobbyists had come, and because the speech was carried by * C-Span, National Public Radio and the Global Internet Computer Network, * and would be the basis for articles in newspapers all over the United * States, Freeh was also delivering his message to a much larger national * and international audience. * * "The people of this country are fed up with crime," Freeh declared. "The * media report it, the statistics support it, the polls prove it." * * To drive home his point and authenticate the national menace, Freeh said, * "the rate of violent crime has increased 371 percent since 1960 --- that's * nine times faster than our population has grown. In the past 30 years, * homicides have nearly tripled; robberies and rapes each are up over 500 * percent; aggravated assaults have increased more than 600 percent." * * Crime is a white-hot public issue that has been shamelessly exploited by * cynical leaders for their own political and administrative advantage. Here * is how these callous manipulators have used the gut-level fears of the * American people for their own purposes. The rhetoric of crime in the * United States is in many ways more important than crime itself. [Most * of this STUNNING chapter not shown: buy the book!] * * Hard, consistent and detailed knowledge about crime has been gathered * by the Census Bureau for the Bureau of Justice Statistics, part of the * Justice Department. Under this program, twice a year, 50,000 Americans * are asked dozens of detailed and probing questions about their experience * with crime. * * This procedure is considered highly reliable...and every year they publish * an authoritative annual report summarizing criminal victimization. * * Consider, for example, rape, robbery and felonious assault, the nation's * most widespread crimes of violence. These are terrifying events that * legitimately generate serious public concern about both personal safety * and the overall quality of life in the United States. * * In 1992, the most recent comparable year that is available from the * Census Bureau, has a startling comparison to twenty years before. * * Regarding rape, robbery and felonious assault: * * In 1992, 15.6 out of every 1000 Americans had been a crime victim. * In 1973, 17.8 out of every 1000 Americans had been a crime victim. * * Thus, during two thirds of the period discussed by Freeh in his * terrifying speech about the nation's soaring crime rates, the * American people themselves were telling the story of a declining * number of violent criminal attacks. * * Also, while there is no question that *reports of crime* increased * during these three decades, it was due to changes in police practices * and public attitudes and not *actual criminal events*. [This chapter * documents this complexity in detail] * * FBI Director Louis Freeh totally ignored this essential problem in his * February 1994 speech to the National Press Club. * * It was not, as he so vigorously asserted, *violent crime* that had * increased 371 percent since 1960, but the *reports* of violent crime. * * Why should we care if our national crime statistics are used properly? * * I strongly believe, that a false diagnosis of a disease almost certainly * will lead the doctor to prescribe the wrong medicine. UNCRACKABLE ENCRYPTION WILL ALLOW DRUG LORDS, TERRORISTS, AND EVEN VIOLENT GANGS TO COMMUNICATE WITH IMPUNITY. OTHER THAN SOME KIND OF KEY RECOVERY SYSTEM, THERE IS NO TECHNICAL SOLUTION. * And this false diagnosis is on purpose. * * When Louis Freeh told the National Press Club that homicides have almost * tripled since 1960, his audience had to have been disturbed. Freeh's * picture of a grim, seemingly inevitable upward surge in what has always * been considered among the most heinous crimes is indeed a frightening * prospect. * * But once again, like a car salesman trying to make his monthly quota, * Freeh pushes too hard. First of all, his claim that there are now * nearly three times more homicides than in 1960 ignored the important * fact that the nation's population grew substantially during that period. * * When this factor is taken into account, the picture still looks bad, but * not quite as bad as Freeh suggested. While the *numbers* of murders did * indeed almost triple, the murder *rate* barely doubled: * * In 1992, 10.4 murders per 100,000 people * In 1960, 4.7 murders per 100,000 people * * Amazing as it may seem that a leading law enforcement official might * try to buttress his cases through the selective use of statistics, that * was hardly the end of it. * * When the FBI director selected the years to illuminate his thesis for the * National Press Club, he compared a year when the nation's homicide rate * was at one of its *all-time lowest* points to that of a year when the rate * was near its *all-time high*. [extended discussion of homicides followed] * * Such selective use of statistics is dishonest. * * It is impossible to know what was going through Louis Freeh's mind as he * delivered his distorted, exaggerated and fundamentally flawed crime speech * to the National Press Club. * * We do know however, that for many decades, law enforcement officials * across the nation have advanced their careers and promoted their * political agendas by chanting the same Mantra of the Scary Numbers. Louis Freeh: "The polls prove people are fed up with crime" This book contains a DEVASTATING accounting of the manipulation of people's perception of crime rates. [not shown!] Fear, loathing, and somehow the public clamoring for a Police State. * Police chiefs, prosecutors, judges, FBI directors and the politicians who * supported their cause have long waved the bloody crime flag to rally the * public to their various causes. * * During the twenty-year period that presidents from Nixon to Clinton were * agitating the public about the national crime menace, the evidence shows * the American people were gradually experiencing less and less crime. * * In a May 1994 speech to the American Law Institute Freeh made an * IMPASSIONED plea on behalf of a controversial change in the nation's * wiretap law that he was then trying to persuade Congress to approve. * * "If you think crime is bad now," he warned the assembled lawyers, "just * wait and see what happens if the FBI one day is no longer able to conduct * court-approved electronic surveillance." Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang Drum Drum Drum Drum Drum Drum Drum Drum Drum Drum Drum Drum Drum Drum Drum War War War War War War War War War War War War War War War WE ARE NOW AT AN HISTORICAL CROSSROAD ON THE ENCRYPTION ISSUE. THE SAFETY OF ALL AMERICANS [is at stake]. ANY SOLUTION THAT IGNORES THE PUBLIC SAFETY AND NATIONAL SECURITY CONCERNS RISK GRAVE HARM TO BOTH. Louis Freeh is lying. * "Above the Law", by David Burnham, ISBN 0-684-80699-1, 1996 * * The FBI attributes to wiretaps less than three percent of all judgements. * Thus the FBI assertion that electronic surveillance is essential to * investigating crime and nabbing spies and terrorists cannot be taken * at face value. Monitoree John DeLorean sends his regards. Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang Drum Drum Drum Drum Drum Drum Drum Drum Drum Drum Drum Drum Drum Drum Drum War War War War War War War War War War War War War War War It is ECHELON that they are trying to protect. If the FBI targets you, they can get all your phone conversations BEFORE they are encrypted, and can get your password to access your private cryptography key. * "Above the Law", by David Burnham, ISBN 0-684-80699-1, 1996 * "Keeping Track of the American People: The Unblinking Eye and Giant Ear" * * About six times a week, fifty-two weeks a year, a team of highly trained * FBI agents secretly breaks into a house, office, or warehouse somewhere in * the United States. * * The agents are members of the bureau's Surreptitious Entry Program, and * their usual mission is to plant a hidden microphone or camera without * tipping off the people who occupy the targeted structure. * * FBI officials refuse to discuss, even in the most general way, the * operations of these clandestine hit squads. * * Use of break-ins has increased six-fold in the last several years. * * Furthermore, the FBI has blamed the security industry for making locks * and alarms more difficult to defeat. * * That was the central justification offered by the FBI when a couple of * years ago it asked the White House for $27 million in public funds to * pay the engineering whizzes at the Sandia and Los Alamos National * Laboratories and several other government research facilities to develop * ways to defeat "any locking system whether it be mechanical or electronic, * or computer supplemented." [snip] * * The FBI's Rapid Prototyping Facility (RPF) is a laboratory and factory * dedicated to the design and manufacture of "unique miniaturized devices in * direct support of various investigative efforts" of the "FBI and other * members of the U.S. law enforcement community." * * Operated jointly by the FBI and the Pentagon's Defense Advanced Research * Projects Agency (DARPA, creators of the Internet), the FBI facility was * created to allow the bureau "to use computer-aided design, engineering * and manufacturing of tools and equipment (software and firmware * respectively) to design, simulate, and fabricate integrated circuits, * printed circuit boards, electronic components, packages, systems and * concealments in a quick turnaround cost-effective manner." * * Among the facilities advantages are speed "through the use of laser * restructuring, high-density interconnect, and reverse milling capability," * and a capability "to produce an integrated microphone ('microphone on a * chip') in a single design/fabrication process." * * For many years, the FBI had been placing secret microphones on street- * lamps, telephone poles, parking meters and empty automobiles parked near * locations where its targets sometimes strolled. Such an outdoor array * of surveillance devices planted near the Mulberry Street headquarters * of John Gotti, for example, was an important weapon on the FBI's long * and eventually successful investigation of one of New York City's most * arrogant Mafia bosses. Jeez, that sounds like plenty of electronic surveillance spy-power to me! How about you? The FBI has since come up with a briefcase with a 'targetable array of microphones' to pick up conversations outside at a long distance. * "Above the Law", by David Burnham, ISBN 0-684-80699-1, 1996 * * The leading lobbyist for CALEA was Louis Freeh, the aggressive new * director of the FBI. The government's most important investigative * tool, Freeh said, was "wiretapping, court-authorized wiretapping." * * Unless remedial steps were taken, he continued, "the country will * be unable to protect itself from terrorism, violent crime, drug * trafficking, espionage, kidnapping and other grave crimes." * * But is Freeh's frightening vision true? * * In fact, at the same time the FBI was telling Congress and the public * that the new technologies were already preventing them from conducting * essential wiretaps, senior FBI officials from cities across the United * States were telling FBI headquarters in Washington THE EXACT OPPOSITE. * We know this because...[buy the book! Burnham is an American hero.] Additionally, the FBI/NSA has briefcase-sized devices that can be attached to any digital telephone company transmission line, and can monitor many conversations simultaneously. # "The FBI's Latest Idea: Make Wiretapping Easier" # By Anthony Ramirez, The New York Times, April 19, 1992 # # One telecommunications equipment manufacturer said he was puzzled by the # FBI proposal. "The FBI already has a lot of technology to wiretap digital # lines," he said, on the condition of anonymity. # # He said four companies, including such major firms as Mitel Corporation, # a Canadian maker of telecommunications equipment, can design digital # decoders to convert computer code back into voice. # # A portable system about the size of a large briefcase could track and # decode 36 simultaneous conversations. A larger system, the size of a # small refrigerator, could follow up to 1,000 conversations. # # All could be done without the phone company. # # James K. Kallstrom, the FBI's chief of technology, [later made head of the # FBI's New York office], acknowledged that the agency was one of Mitel's # largest customers, but denied computers had that capability. [What???] ---- And how many conversations does the government listen to? For when they took the time to get a court authorization: * "Above the Law", by David Burnham, ISBN 0-684-80699-1, 1996 * * 1993, it appears in that year alone the government agents * listened to something like 810,000 conversations. Of course, the NSA has stated it needs no warrants and doesn't even consider the legality of purely domestic wiretaps. * The Puzzle Palace, Author James Bamford, 1983 revision * * P229: "There's your smoking pistol right here." Watters says it is tied * into the local telephone company circuits, which are interconnected with * the national microwave telephone system owned by AT&T. Other specialists * testified to the same thing: purely domestic intercepts. I would say a MINIMUM of 100 million purely domestic U.S. conversations are run through NSA keyword monitoring each year. And who is listening to all our court authorized conversations? * "Above the Law", by David Burnham, ISBN 0-684-80699-1, 1996 * * Under a little-noticed section of a 1986 law, Congress dropped the * requirement that only the FBI's high-priced Special Agents could * listen to the tapes. The FBI now hires low-cost clerks for what must * be extremely tedious work. An army of low-cost clerks are listening to our private conversations? I feel sick. ---- Conclusion: Louis Freeh is a manipulative liar. Louis Freeh is a Scary Man with the morals of a styrofoam cup. ****************************************************************************** National ID Card -------- -- ---- * C-SPAN Congressional Television: outside coming down the Senate building's * steps, Senator Biden with Senator Simpson in tow proclaims: "What's wrong * with a National ID Card? It's the same tired old arguments against it." As if sane people shouldn't be paranoid about a National ID Card. * "New Rules Mean Job-Hunters Need Proof of Identity", The New York Times * * Passports, driver's licenses, Social Security cards or birth certificates * will be allowed to serve as identity papers. * * A 1982 proposal to catch illegal aliens by giving American workers * "counterfeit-proof" identity cards was hooted off the boards as a * threat to individual liberty. How bad would a National ID Card be? Bad. Real bad. You would be required to carry it at all times. It's all about surveillance and control. This section is about the National ID Card, plus deployment of a mix of surveillance and control techniques for tracking people. In California a few years back the police kept hassling a black man who liked to walk around at night to think. Unfortunately, he wasn't white, but liked to walk around white neighborhoods. [Anyone with detailed info email me.] He didn't carry id with him: the police arrested him on suspicion of being a burglar or somesuch. The California Supreme Court threw out the arrest. Not carrying ID was a primary part of the police complaint. It is impossible for the government to issue a National ID Card without its use eventually becoming required. That is simply how it goes with new tools for the government. See how the uses of the Social Security number have grown, wildly beyond what the government ever said it would be used for? # Privacy Journal, By Robert Ellis Smith, October 1986 issue # # Tax reform bill HR 3838 requires effective January 1988 that any taxpayer # claiming a dependent five years or older have a Social Security number. # # This is to prevent divorced parents from simultaneously claiming the # same child. # # The requirement means that, for the first time, large numbers of children # who have not reached employment age will need Social Security numbers. # # Its use has been expanding the past fifteen years by regulations under # the Bank Secrecy Act, requiring all bank account holders to be enumerated, # and by the Deficit Reduction Act of 1984 and subsequent legislation # requiring children who receive public assistance to be enumerated. # # Privacy Journal, By Robert Ellis Smith, April 1990 issue # # State legislatures are forced to enact legislation by November requiring # all parents to provide their Social Security numbers before a birth # certificate will be issued for a newborn. # # The Family Support Act of 1988 forces a state to forfeit a portion of # federal funds if it does not impose the requirement, which is intended # to lead parents to believe the government will be able to chase them # down later if they do not support their children. # # Ontario, Canada: Each newborn infant will now receive an ID number at # birth and a plastic ID card to go with it. # # Privacy Journal, By Robert Ellis Smith, September 1991 issue # # A California taxpayer has successfully filed a tax return without # providing Social Security numbers for her three children, as required # by a 1986 federal law, but the IRS is quite happy if nobody knows about # the case. # # The woman claims that the enumeration is a violation of her religious # beliefs. Like many fundamental Christians, she relies on a Biblical # passage warning that whoever worships a Satanic beast that issues a mark # OR NUMBER to all persons will incur the wrath of God. # # Initially, the IRS disallowed her claims and child care deductions. # # The woman claimed that just because she didn't provide numbers for her # children did not mean that the children did not exist. An appeals officer # agreed and overruled the auditor, saying that there was no deficiency # in the woman's tax return. ---- Here is a more detailed example of how government expands surveillance (and thus control) in a seemingly never-ending manner...consider this when talking about a National ID Card: Is it okay for the government to look at your property while walking by and if the officer spots marijuana plants growing to get a search warrant? Of course it is. * "The Right To Privacy", ISBN 0-679-74434-7, 1997 * By Attorneys Ellen Alderman and Caroline Kennedy * * ...then the Supreme Court ruled that if the yard was big enough that "An * individual may not legitimately demand privacy for activities conducted * out of doors in fields," the Court wrote, "except in the area immediately * surrounding the home." * * ...then the Supreme Court ruled that a barn sixty yards from a farmhouse * was too far away from a house to expect privacy. * * ...then the Supreme Court ruled that aerial surveillance did not constitute * a Fourth Amendment search. * * ...then the Supreme Court ruled that a "precision aerial mapping camera" * that was able to capture objects as small as one-half inch in diameter did * not constitute a Fourth Amendment search. ...then courts ruled that infrared surveillance of homes was permissible. What is this? * Subject: Re: Law Enforcement Aviation * From: * Date: 1996/12/27 * Newsgroups: rec.aviation.military * * What interests me is how new technologies will be interpreted. I recently * inquired at the local Law School about the courts views towards the use * of impulse radar, and they said "Impulse what the heck?" * * Basically it is a radar that "sees through" things (like, say, your * house). * * Their capabilities vary widely, but the feds are already using * them and I know that Hughes corp. is designing a low-cost set up * specifically for major police departments. * * They are driving towards a unit that can be mounted on a police helicopter. * * Will the police need a warrant? Who knows. Since they are allowed * to do airborne infra-red analysis of your house, why not an take an * airborne "x-ray" equivalent? * * --------------------------------------------------------------------- * Steven J Forsberg at Wizard 87-01 Scan into our homes? This should not come as much of a surprise since in the "War #1: Drugs" section I re-reported that MSNBC SHOWED a police car mounted device that scans THROUGH our clothes as they drive around. No amount of control over the population is enough for the U.S. Government. ---- And so, you would be required to carry your National ID Card at all times. And: it means the government can wildly escalate their control over us. It becomes an internal passport. You won't be able to switch jobs without it. Your job histories will be attached to it, just like your SS# tracks your credit record. Police will be able to demand it from you else arrest you. It would start out small...maybe for curfew control. # "Round up the Teenagers", The Washington Post editorial, 6/2/96 # # Once again quickly echoing his Republican opponent Senator Bob Dole, who # endorsed the idea of teenage curfews in a California speech, President # Clinton took the same line in New Orleans on Thursday. # # President Clinton recommended to state and city officials a recently # released Justice Department report on how these programs can be set up # to pass court review and work effectively. # # The risk of selective enforcement is high, and it's not hard to predict # which neighborhoods will be the focus of police attention, and which # will be ignored. Get a load of this: * "Police Applaud Ruling to Allow Restrictions on Gang Suspects" * By Tim Golden, The New York Times, February 1, 1997 * * Law enforcement officials in California today praised a State Supreme * Court decision that allows cities to prohibit SUSPECTED gang members * from standing together on street corners, climbing trees, wearing beepers * and doing any number of other things that are legal for ordinary citizens. * * The ruling was in a case for the city of San Jose to prevent 38 Hispanic * men and women suspected of membership in a street gang from frequenting * a four-block neighborhood that the police said the gang had terrorized. * * "We're thrilled," said Los Angelos County Attorney Gil Garcetti. * * State and local law enforcement officials predicted that the court ruling * would prompt a wave of similar legislation across California. * * Because the San Jose City Attorney's office brought action against the * defendants under a civil procedure, the defendants were not guaranteed * the standard protections of criminal law. * * "Liberty unrestrained is an invitation to anarchy," Justice Brown wrote. * * The defendants may not engage in any form of public association: "standing, * sitting, walking, driving, gathering or appearing anywhere in public view" * in the neighborhood, or face 6 months in jail. * * They further may not: "climb trees or fences, make loud noises, possess * wire cutters or marbles [What???], wear particular clothes, make certain * hand signs, or carry marking pens or pagers." The worst-case version of a National ID Card is a biometric-based one. Biometrics means that card is numbered with your fingerprint, or retina scan, or other unique physical characteristic. You would be enumerated. Numbered for all time. * CARROLLTON, Texas--(BUSINESS WIRE)--May 16, 1997--Sandia Imaging, a * majority-owned subsidiary of Lasertechnics, Inc. (Nasdaq: LASX) and a * leader in secure card technologies, will premiere the world's first * printer that can personalize, print and encode optical cards in a * single, on-line process, during CardTech/SecurTech '97 in Orlando, FL * from May 19 through 22. * * This new technology significantly streamlines the printing and encoding * process, making highly secure optical cards more efficient and less * costly for use as health care cards and in other industries. * * Developed jointly by Sandia Imaging and Canon USA, the VIVID 2000's * optical card encoding module incorporates Canon's Society for * Interchange of Optical Cards (SIOC) optical card technology, thus * enabling single, one-pass encoding. [it's a color card printer] Is it just a sophisticated photo-ID, or is it a Universal Biometric Card? * Sandia has combined its exclusive DataGlyphs portable database software * and secure card printing technologies with Fingerscan's three * dimensional fingerprint imaging capabilities to provide a complete * secure card solution using biometric data. * * The innovations of this technology can benefit banking and financial * institutions, national welfare, benefits and immigration programs. In * recent contracts, technology from Fingerscan has replaced traditional * password systems at the White House and at the U.S. Strategic Air Command. * * Fingerscan, an Identix company, provides biometric identification in * the form of a three dimensional scan of a fingerprint, captured when a * finger is held against a Fingerscan device, a self-contained terminal * that stores finger records, keeps a log of transactions and interacts * with other devices. * * The terminal works by mapping, recording and storing data contained in * a 3-D scan of various dimensions of the entire finger - including skin * patterns and reflections and blood flow - for subsequent comparison. Oh my gawd, a Universal Biometric Card! What losers are getting one? * Sandia and Coms21, currently engaged in an agreement to support the * People's Republic of China's driver license and national ID card * program, have partnered to create a fraud-proof solution for on-the-spot * positive identification of card bearers. * * This combination features Sandia's personalization printing and encoding * technologies that add photos and encode chips onto smart ID cards. * * Coms21's hand-held smart card readers then provide portable verification * of cardholders' personalized information by bringing smart-card stored * photos, text and graphics up on a screen. # With the Universal Biometric Card, motorists in Chinese provinces will be # required to carry the smart cards like a personal driver's license. When # being stopped for a traffic violation, the driver would have to forward # the smart card to the traffic cop who would use a card reader/writer to # access information stored in the card, issue an electronic ticket right on # the spot with the fines and other information embedded into the smart card # chip itself. When the driver goes to the bank to pay his/her fines, the # penalty will be deducted from the memory chip. Our Military contractors are making money issuing China citizens a National ID Card??? Our we thinking of what the Communists will do with it??? * "China Tells Internet Users To Register With Police" * The New York Times, 2/15/1996 * * China ordered all users of the Internet to register with the police, as * part of an effort to tighten control over information. * * The order came from the Ministry of Public Security. * * Network users have been warned not to harm national security, or to * disseminate pornography. Well, there's a new way to control Internet users: require them to identify themselves, no doubt your U.S.-created National ID Card will be required for access. That ought to stop pornography: identify each and every user. # "The Great Firewall of China", by Geremie R. Barme & Sang Ye, Wired, 6/97 # # Xia Hong, China InfoHighway's PR man: "The Internet has been an important # technical innovator, but we need to add another element, and that is # control. The new generation of information superhighway needs a traffic # control center. It needs highway patrols; USERS WILL REQUIRE DRIVER'S # LICENSES. THESE ARE THE BASIC REQUIREMENTS FOR ANY CONTROLLED ENVIRONMENT." In dissenting on the unconstitutionality of the CDA, which attempted to censor the Internet, Supreme Court Justice O'Connor, together with the Chief Justice, said CDA will be legal as soon as: "it becomes technologically check a person's [Internet] driver's license...the prospects for the eventual zoning of the Internet appear promising..." My WebTV has a slot for reading a smart card! Well, noone would ever put up with a Universal Biometric Card in the U.S.! Right? * Recent agreements announced by Sandia include contracts for the * issuance of national ID cards for the People's Republic of China over * the next five years; approximately 10 million fraud-resistant alien ID * cards for the United States Immigration and Naturalization Service over * the next three years; 5 million driving licenses for the State of * Alabama and 7.5 million for the State of New South Wales, Australia. 5 million driving licenses for the State of Alabama!!! What did the announcement look like? * November 7, 1996- SANDIA IMAGING SYSTEMS WINS CONTRACT TO PRODUCE * DRIVERS' LICENSES FOR STATE OF ALABAMA. Carrollton, TX (Business Wire). * * Sandia Imaging Systems, a majority owned subsidiary of Lasertechnics, * Inc.(NASDAQ:LASX), today announced that it will supply its digital card * printers to the State of Alabama as part of a major upgrade of the * state's drivers' license program. * * Jean-Pierre Arnaudo, president and chief executive officer of Sandia, * said, "We are pleased to help Alabama in its leadership move to a * secure, fraud-resistant motor vehicle operator card system. Sandia's * state-of-the-art printers and technology for drivers' licenses and * identification cards are proving to be the system of choice." * * Alabama expects to issue about one million new drivers' licenses during * the first year of the program, with a projected growth of 10 percent a * year, Sandia said. The process will take a four-year cycle to supply all * Alabama drivers with the new license as they renew. The Sandia system * is replacing an 11 year-old system. Alabama is switching to the new * license production system to improve the quality and timeliness of * drivers' license issuance, and to reduce counterfeit procurement and * fraudulent alteration. * * The state's system, operated by the Alabama Department of Public Safety * (DPS), will consist of more than 100 issue sites and a central * production facility housing Sandia's in-line, one-pass production * printers. The new system, scheduled to be in operation next year, is * expected to enhance the quality of support services for law enforcement * agencies. * * "In addition to providing increased driver license security, the new * license system will help insure more efficient and reliable customer * service," said Col. L.N. Hagan, DPS director. The new system offers * faster production of the license as applicants receive them within one * week, rather than three to four weeks required by the current system. * * The new system also features simplicity of operation at work stations * and enhanced on-line help for probate judge/license commissioner issuing * clerks. * * The Sandia system produces fully digitized photos and signatures of the * holder and combines them with demographic and graphic text, which is all * printed in a single pass on the front and back of a composite polyester-PVC * card. The card's front is three different colors and has a secure * holographic overlay. Digitized signatures? I've started signed 'X' for UPS, since they'll post your signature to the Internet. Well, at least there's no biometric information! Is there? * How convenient that only 7 months after Sandia scored the drivers * license contract, DPS decides it will quietly (without any vote) * implement rules requiring fingerprinting and barcoding on Alabama * drivers licenses -- which Sandia specializes in -- just like they are * doing in Communist China! * * Your papers, Comrade! (When can we expect the police with machine * guns to examine our cards to protect us from counterfeiters?) * * The press release only mentions that Alabama gave a contract to produce a * "holographic" driver's license to Sandia Labs. * * It mentions nothing about fingerprints, computers or barcodes. Where does * anyone use a "counterfeit driver's license"? If Driver's Licenses were what * they are claimed to be (to "protect" us from unsafe drivers), instead of * for IDENTIFICATION by the government, there would be no value in having * a fake, would there? Are we being "protected" or is the government just * making sure it can fully identify and control its slaves? * * ************ V ***************** * DEATH TO THE NEW WORLD ORDER * ********************************** * Dr. Linda Thompson * Attorney at Law * Chairman, American Justice Federation * Internet: HOW INCREDIBLY CHEESEY OF OUR GOVERNMENT! "YOU GO, GIRL": * Dr. Linda Thompson, continued: * * They claim that because the Alabama legislature has required driver's * licenses, but left it up to the Department of Public Safety to * "promulgate the rules," that the Alabama Department of Public Safety is * free to write rules that require us to be fingerprinted and have our * information stored in a bar code and they are planning to REQUIRE THIS. * Public comments must be received before JULY 8th! (Phone numbers, * addresses are below) * * They assure us that fingerprinting us "won't be messy" because * fingerprints will be scanned "electronically" (no ink) and the * fingerprints will "ONLY" be stored in a master computer at police * headquarters. Gee, doesn't that make you feel warm and fuzzy all * over? It's okay for them to rape us of our rights TO BE FREE OF * UNREASONABLE SEARCHES and to BE FREE OF UNREASONABLE SEIZURES, and our * right to PRIVACY, as long as they are neat about it, eh? * * Your PRIVATE INFORMATION will be stored in the bar code on your * driver's license and in the police computer, too. * * You DO know that ANY federal agency, including the IRS, and FBI, and * ANY police agency can ALSO access that big computer database, too, don't * you? [ Charles R. Smith, SOFTWAR, Department of Motor Vehicle computer systems are required to be up and available 24 hours a day for access by the FBI's National Crime Information Center (NCIC). This is the one used by all local police in their cars when they pull you over. ] * Originally the government told us that the law requiring us to get a * driver's licenses was to "protect" us, to make sure people could drive. * * Now we know better. For example, as long as the government calls you a * "deadbeat dad," it can "revoke" your driver's license. What does this * have to do with making the roads safe? Nothing. Licensing isn't about * "protecting" us from anything, it is about CONTROLLING us. Our * "servants" have become dictators. * * In a FREE COUNTRY, the public servants do not dictate to the people. * Folks, we ARE NOT FREE. * * Remember the lie about Social Security numbers? They were supposedly * "for our good," too, just to insure that we were signed up in the social * security program for our retirement in years to come, right? The old * cards said, "Not for identification purposes." Now, you can't get a * BANK ACCOUNT without one, and your money and financial transactions are * reported to goons and thugs at the IRS who are happy to steal money from * grandmothers. In fact, the IRS can get your bank records WITHOUT YOUR * PERMISSION. [ : ftp, cd /pub/kelvin/documents, get unicard.doc For more than a decade, the United States Internal Revenue Service has allowed taxpayers with only regular wage income and the standard deduction to simply sign their return and have the IRS calculate the tax. With increased reporting of all financial transactions to the IRS by banks, stockbrokers, mutual funds, real estate title companies, etc., IRS officials have stated on several occasions over the last few years that the day when the overwhelming number of taxpayers could have their taxes calculated automatically was not very far in the future. ] * Again, telling people to get a "social security" number was * about CONTROL, not "protecting" us. Who is in control now? (Did you * know you are not REQUIRED to have or use a social security number by ANY * law?) * * Being required to pay money to the state for these licenses means * that licensing is also another form of TAX. Did YOU get to vote on * whether the police could "require" you to give up your fingerprints and * private information or put any of that on a "license" in a bar-code, or * put it in their computers? NO? Neither did the Alabama legislature. * THAT IS TAXATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION. * * If DPS gets by with this, the information on your driver's license * will be "scanned" into a computer and stored. The police can find out * anyplace you use your driver's license -- where you bank, how often, * where you shop, what you buy, where you go -- anyplace your driver's * license is used for "i.d." and is "scanned". Every store you do * business with can ALSO store all this information about you on THEIR * computers, wherever you use your driver's license. It has nothing to do * with driving or "making the roads safe." It has EVERYTHING to do with * making it easy for police and others to spy on you and control you. * * The same company making the national I.D. card for Communist China * will be providing the technology to Alabama to make this happen. Seven * months ago, the laboratory that makes the equipment for the * fingerprinting, barcoding and scanning, brazenly announced it has a * contract with the State of Alabama, and only recently, has the WHOLE * truth, about DPS's plan to require the fingerprinting, barcoding, and * scanning come out. * * They claim to be "accepting public comments" about this until July * 8th! BE PUBLIC AND COMMENT!!! This is the main way our Federal Government is rolling out the National ID Card, using a Universal Biometric Card: driver's licenses. Divide and Conquer, state by state. It is the beginning of the end. Don't think the biometric driver's licenses are the exact equivalent of a National ID Card? Check out this phrasing from an unimplemented law: # Privacy Journal, By Robert Ellis Smith, October 1983 issue # # Senator Bob Dole wants the government to conduct a three-year study to # unify federal and local requirements for personal identity. # # The bill, S1706, would amend the Federal False Id Act of 1982, to require # a comprehensive identity scheme for the U.S., either THROUGH UPDATING # EXISTING IDs TO BE MORE SECURE, UNIFYING THEM, or creating a new identity # document for all Americans. ---- People will "demand" it... Texe Marrs knows about politicians beating the Drum of War to control us... * "Project L.U.C.I.D.", by Texe Marrs, 1996, ISBN 1-884302-02-5 * * These changes are necessary, we are reminded each day by our mind control * jailers in the media, to solve the immigration crises, to institute gun * control, to counter domestic terrorism, to fight pornography [Texe Marrs * is now a Christian preacher!], to find deadbeat dads who don't pay child * support, to "Save Mother Earth", [ "The Feds Under Our Beds", By James Bovard, The New York Times, 9/6/1995 The Superfund program epitomizes the Government's contempt for fairness. E.P.A. lawyers have gone after Boy Scout troops, public schools and pizza parlors, claiming the organizations can be held responsible for multi- million-dollar cleanup costs of Superfund sites---even though they may have sent only one or two loads of HARMLESS junk to the CONTAMINATED site. The agency found an Oklahoma tuxedo rental store liable for cleanup costs of an entire site, simply because the owner had paid a trash hauler $14 to carry a load of refuse to the dump. ] * to war against drug kingpins, to stop crime in the streets, to watch and * monitor the militias, to put an end to hate crimes and bigotry, [ "The Feds Under Our Beds", By James Bovard, The New York Times, 9/6/1995 The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission went after a small metal shop that it claimed hired too many Hispanic and Polish-American workers and not enough blacks. The panel forced the company to run advertisements in Chicago newspapers inviting blacks to file claims for compensation, EVEN IF THEY NEVER APPLIED FOR A JOB WITH THE COMPANY. Several of the 451 people who filed claims had been IN PRISON at the time of the company's alleged discrimination, but the commission FORCED the company to give them WINDFALL PAYOUTS anyhow. Under the Americans with Disabilities Act, a strip club was shut down because its stage area was "not accessible to a stripper in a wheelchair." ] * to extend universal healthcare benefits, to guarantee welfare reform, to * improve public education...the list of crises and problems to be fixed * seems to be never-ending. * * Implement National ID Cards, they promise, and a bright, secure future * can be ours. [snip] * * Recently, treasonous federal courts have ripped to shreds over 200 years * of American constitutional law, ruling that, "A person's property has no * constitutional rights." So-called "anti-terrorist" legislation makes * possible the immediate arrest and imprisonment of any and all persons * *suspected* of being a "terrorist." These persons shall be deemed a risk * "to internal security." * * A persons' home, auto, bank account, and other property shall be seized. * This will be accomplished using _forfeiture laws_, originally designed * to stop drug dealers and kingpins, but now used across America by Gestapo * police to harass and bankrupt private citizens opposed to Big Brother * government's criminal activities. * * "Thought crimes" alone provide justification for the arrest of dissidents. : "Author of Book on Poppy Cultivation Cleared of Drug Charge" : By Carey Goldberg, The New York Times, May 25 1997 : : "What happened to me was designed to silence me," said Jim Hogshire, "and : to some extent it did a good job of that because for the next year or more : I was wrapped up with this case." : : Two years before his arrest he had written a book called "Opium for the : Masses" (Loompanics Unlimited, 1994) which includes how-to sections on : producing and ingesting opium. : : His writings were the sole reason [stated in this article here] for the : search warrant. : : He faced federal drug charges for possessing flowers. : : In their fresh form, the illegal poppies, known as Papaver Somniferum, : grace gardens all over the country with vibrant colors. Bouquets of the : prohibited poppies can sometimes be found in supermarkets. : : Mr. Hogshire was arrested for possession of dried poppy pods which can be : bought in most any florist's shop or craft store. : : The charges have finally been dropped. : : Prosecution is so rare his story made the cover of Harper's magazine. : : One police officer told him: : : "With what you write, weren't you expecting this?" * "Project L.U.C.I.D.", by Texe Marrs, 1996, ISBN 1-884302-02-5 * * Individuals who have been arrested and their property seized will then be * transported with other dissidents to a Federal Prison Transfer Center for * proper "categorization" and "disposition." * * Entire families are to be disposed of in this manner. Final disposition, * when deemed appropriate, will be made at a regional Processing and * Detention Center. Other countries have called these 'concentration camps' * and 'gulags'. * * At these "Centers," methods and techniques of interrogation, torture and * final disposition honed and developed by the CIA and Special Forces Green * Berets through their 'Operation Phoenix' program are to be used on * victimized citizens. * * Operation Phoenix, during the Vietnam conflict, was responsible for the * arrest, incarceration, torture and murder of over 50,000 innocent civilians. * * The CIA and U.S. Army acclaimed it a success and a model for future "human * pacification" programs. * * * Valentine, Douglas. The Phoenix Program. New York: William Morrow, 1990. * 479 pages. * * Operation Phoenix * * Along with saturation bombing of civilian populations, Operation Phoenix * has to rate as America's most atrocious chapter in the Vietnam War. * * Between 1967 to 1973 an estimated 40,000 Vietnamese were killed by CIA- * sponsored "counterterror" and "hunter-killer" teams, and hundreds of * thousands were sent to secret interrogation centers. * * William Colby's records show 20,587 dead between 1968 and 1971, though he * likes to believe that most were killed in military combat and afterwards * identified as part of the VC infrastructure. * * Other testimony suggests that Colby was a bit disingenuous in these 1971 * hearings. At one point Congressman Ogden Reid pulled out a list signed by * a CIA officer that named VC cadre rounded up in a particular action in * 1967. * * "It is of some interest that on this list, 33 of the 61 names were * women and some persons were as young as 11 and 12," noted Reid. * * Valentine spent four years researching this name-intensive book, and * managed to interview over 100 Phoenix participants. If post-Vietnam * America had ever looked into a mirror, this book might have become a * bestseller. Instead it was published just as the Gulf War allowed us to * resume business as usual, and went virtually unnoticed. # The Baltimore Sun, January 27 1997 # # Amnesty International is calling for a Congressional investigation into # a CIA torture manual they came into possession of "Counterintelligence # Interrogation." # # The comprehensive manual even includes "medical, chemical or electrical" # tips for torturers such as "If a new safe house is to be used, the # electric current should be known in advance so that transformers or # other modifying devices will be on hand if needed." : "Above the Law", by David Burnham, ISBN 0-684-80699-1, 1996 : : Without informing anyone outside the Justice Department, and only a very : few within, the U.S. Attorney General and the FBI Director agreed upon a : plan by which the president could suspend many of the key safeguards of : the Constitution. : : Under the top-secret agreement, code-named "Security Portfolio," the FBI : was authorized, in the event of an ill-defined emergency, to summarily : arrest up to 20,000 persons and place them in national security detention : camps. : : A watch list of those who should be detained---along with detailed : information about what they looked like, where they lived and their : place of employment---was developed by the FBI. : : The decision as to who was placed on the watch list was left to the : FBI and included many whose only crime was to openly criticize some : aspect of American life. : : The detention plan did not require the FBI to obtain individual arrest : warrants and it would have denied detainees the right to appeal their : arrest in federal court. The President was Harry Truman, the FBI Director was J. Edgar Hoover. The country was the United States of America. Truman was the President who created the National Security Agency. Question: Why is his seven-page NSA directive is still secret to this day? Answer: It violates the Constitution of the United States of America. At the same time Hoover was in power and developed the "Security Portfolio" and attacked civil rights movements in the United States, a Black Panther named Elmer "Geronimo" Pratt was framed for a murder he didn't commit by the FBI. : Court TV : : Judge Dickey overturned the conviction last month, ruling that : prosecutors failed to tell the defense that the key witness against : Pratt was an infiltrator and paid informant for the FBI and police. : *** This primary "witness" had claimed Pratt confessed!!! *** * "Former Black Panther Leader is Freed on Bail" * By B. Drummond Ayres, Jr., The New York Times, June 11 1997 * * After 27 years in prison, Elmer Pratt was freed on $25,000 bail. * * The prosecutor's chief witness [now deceased], testified Mr Pratt had * confessed to him that he was the killer. * * The prosecutors did not tell the jury that Julius Butler was also a rival * of Mr Pratt for power within the Black Panther organization, and was a * convicted felon who had been recruited to infiltrate the Panthers. It's 1997 now. Guess what the Government now says about this case: * "Former Black Panther Leader is Freed on Bail" * * "We have filed a motion of appeal." ---prosecutor George Palmer That's right: they still want him in jail anyway. Things are still the same as when Hoover was in charge. Don't think it isn't. The Thought Crime Terrorism Bill, in the name of "national security"... * "Project L.U.C.I.D.", by Texe Marrs, 1996, ISBN 1-884302-02-5 * * Worried citizens will be advised that the new legislation is designed to * "protect them" from savage acts by international and domestic terrorists, * such as occurred in the Oklahoma City and New York's World Trade Center * bombings. They will also try to con the public into thinking that a * National ID Card is for your own good, and that anyone who says otherwise * is either a conspiracy nut or a dangerous, anti-government protester. ---- What is 'machine vision'? Remember President Bush (who was also the head of the CIA) during his failed re-election bid against Clinton? How they played over and over his amazement at a demonstration of a supermarket out of touch it meant he was with the real-life of us little people who shop for ourselves? That is machine vision, using a laser scanner. It is quite sophisticated these days. * "BANKS WILL SOON SEE POSITIVE EYE-D", The New York Post, May 20, 1996 * * Two New York Banks are considering using retina-scanning technology * to allow customer access to their ATMs. The scanning occurs automatically * when the customer gets within three feet of the ATM. # "Eye To Eye: Contact!", Information Week magazine, June 3 1996 # # Computer passwords may be a thing of the past using a scanner that maps # over 400 identifying features of your iris. The system will be tested at # ATMs in Columbus, Ohio later this year. The company has been inundated # with calls from other industries interested in using the technology. And what about head shots of people...any 'machine vision' deals there? * "New System Lets Computer Identify Pictures and Images" * The New York Times, By John Holusha, [I failed to date the article clipping] * * New technology that may help solve one of the thorniest problems in computer * science---teaching machines to recognize pictures--- was announced yesterday * by officials of the David Sarnoff Research Center in Princeton, NJ. "We are * going to make a business out of this", said IS VP Curtis R. Carlson. "It * does things on a personal computer that used to require a supercomputer." # "FBI Setting Standards for Computer Picture File of Criminals", NYT, 11/5/95 # # A meeting called "Mug Shot and Facial Image Standards Conference" was held # to set facial image standards. The standards will take into account # emerging technologies like software that determines if two facial images # belong to the same person, even from composite sketches. Yep. Even using photographs. More on this later. ---- And what does a National ID Card with a Universal Biometric identifier mean? A number (that is: scanned fingerprint or iris) that cannot be faked. Unprecedented possibilities for control of the presumed guilty population. You will be forced to verify yourself for an endlessly ever-growing list of items. * Dr. Linda Thompson: * YOUR STATE IS NEXT AND DON'T THINK OTHERWISE. Sandia and other defense * contractors, without a war elsewhere, are OUT OF WORK, so they're * creating job security for themselves by helping fascists wage war in the * United States on us and our rights!! * * Georgia, Texas and Oregon ALREADY require fingerprints for licenses. > California is already fingerprinting drivers, and many places outside of > the US are creating identity cards with barcoded information. > > Also, AmSouth and Compass Banks will soon introduce fingerprinting of > people who cash checks and have no account with their bank. This is > now standard practice in Texas and will soon be nation-wide. * "Fingerprints Used to Cut Welfare Fraud", by Sandra Blakeslee * The New York Times, April 6 1992 * * Los Angelos is the first county in the nation to install an automatic * fingerprint-identification system for ferreting out welfare cheats. * * "We can deliver services faster too," said Eddy Tanaka, director of the * Los Angelos County Department of Public Social Services. * * "We will not share the fingerprints with the police or any other government * agency." * * Intrigued by Los Angelos County's program, the New York Legislature * authorized an identical fingerprint program. # "Proposal Links Fingerprint Plan and Albany's Medicaid Help" # By James C. McKinley Jr, The New York Times, 1994? # # Mayor Rudolph W. Giuliani and the majority leader of the State Senate # have agreed to a plan linking Medicaid with a plan to fingerprint welfare # recipients. # # Later in the day Mr. Giuliani said he would favor allowing law-enforcement # agencies access to the fingerprint records of welfare recipients. # # "You wouldn't want any criminals getting welfare." So, we'll fingerprint welfare recipients like criminals? Instead of asking for utility bills and leases in their name to prove residency? Other states are following suit...Pennsylvania, Florida... * "A Test for Welfare Fraud Is Expanded to Families" * By Esther B. Fein, The New York Times, 11/11/95 * * New York State is sharply increasing the number of people it electronically * fingerprints to detect welfare fraud past the 285,000 single adult program * to more than 453,000 recipients of Aid to Families with Dependent Children. * * Of the 220,193 people electronically fingerprinted as of Nov. 9, only 146 * were found to have registered for duplicate benefits. New York State * officials said they didn't expect to find many cases of fraud. [What???] * "We are just using a new tool to help comply with Federal regulations * prohibiting us from giving duplicate benefits." * * The program is costing the state $10 million a year. One big evil eye, done with biometrics...control FAR BEYOND anything that could be implemented with a social security number. It's for our best interests... * "Suffolk Medical Examiner Urges Fingerprinting Law" * By John T. McQuiston, The New York Times, 8/20/1996 * * Putting motorists' fingerprints on NY driver's licenses, as is done in * California, would help identify disaster victims, the Suffolk Medical * Examiner told a committee of the County Legislature about his work on * the crash of TWA Flight 800. * * "The victims from California were the fastest and easiest to identify," * the Medical Examiner, Dr. Charles V. Wetli, said, "because the fingerprint * of their right thumb was on their driver's license." * * "It was a nightmare for the other families to wait for identification." ---- Just how much does the government want to track us, by issuing tracking devices? Metrocard is a re-writeable magnetic card. It's new to us New Yorkers. They are individually serial-numbered. * "Metrocards to Replace School Transit Passes" * By John Sullivan, The New York Times, 8/26/1996 * * About 500,000 students will now have their bus and subway usage tracked by * Metrocards, in an effort to save money. Unlike current passes, which * students can use anytime between 6 A.M. and 7 P.M. on weekdays, the * Metrocard pass can be programmed to restrict the students to a set number * of trips a day. * * Ms. Gonzalez-Light, a spokeswoman for the Board of Education, said they * would work with the Transit Authority to individualize the number of * trips per student to adjust for extra-curricular activities. Then you could track each individual student? Decide if they might be truant including if they didn't use it, or went the wrong way? * "Last Clink for Token-Only Turnstiles" * By Garry Pierre-Pierre, The New York Times, May 14 1997 * * The last token-only turnstile was ripped out today. * * Officials have spent $700 million over a four-year period to automate the * system, including upgrading the electrical wiring and the computer systems * to link up the vast network. * * Tokens will be eliminated in a year or so. * * For years, transit riders and advocates have been demanding discounts like * other cities, but transit officials said they couldn't do it without an * electronic system. * * In 1995, the Transit Authority lost $300 million in city, state and Federal * subsidies, and had to reduce and eliminate some bus and subway service, * along with some cleaning. Not counting the long-promised discounts, the * city is also offering free bus-subway transfers which will cost it another * $168 million. Wow. They are hurting for money, yet spent $700 million on it to offer discounts? They aren't expecting to monitor individual users, like in Singapore, are they? Let's see...they don't print them up in advance, so they can't be stolen. But each token booth has a video camera, which, if synchronized time-wise would yield a picture to associate with each card. They wouldn't use 'machine vision' to identify people, would they? They would never take our picture from a video camera and use it for a completely different surveillance purpose, would they? * "Police Use of Yearbooks Draws Protest From the Schools" * By Lawrence Van Gelder, The New York Times, March 28 1997 * * A storm of protest burst yesterday around a Police Department memo that * orders every detective squad in New York City to collect yearbooks from * the high schools and junior high schools in its precinct as an aid in * investigations. * * For mugshots. * * Lionel Oglesby, 15, of Brooklyn, a sophomore at Washington Irving High * School in Manhatten, said, "If I haven't done anything wrong, why should * my picture be taken? Just the thought of having my picture in the Police * Department makes me uncomfortable. * * Another student [NBC TV] said "They've ruined my high school memories that * the yearbook represented. When I see my yearbook now, that's all I think * about." * * Mayor Rudolph Giuliani, a former Federal Prosecutor, said the yearbooks * had no constitutional protection. "Too bad. It's not illegal," he said * at a City Hall news conference on NY1 TV. What is this? * "E-Z Pass Living Up To Its Name", By Jane Gross, NYT, 3/25/1997 * * 570,000 people have decided to use the new E-Z Pass system for commuting * tolls. Lanes are being switched over to accept only the E-Z Pass. * * Under a five-state, 10-agency consortium agreement, E-Z Pass will work * from Buffalo to Baltimore. [NY, NJ, PA, MD, DE] * * Users receive a minutely itemized statement each month on their trips. * * The E-Z Pass is a transponder people put in their windshield. * * Concerns about privacy were met with assurances that information about * commuters' whereabouts would be released only under court subpoena. People are buying the transponders because they eliminated the regular discount tokens and moved the discount availability to E-Z Pass. Wow. It does have a kind-of Singapore feel to it...being able to track cars. Well, it's not like they're going to go nutcake and install a monitoring grid over the entire metropolis. They wouldn't do that, right? : "Above the Law", by David Burnham, ISBN 0-684-80699-1, 1996 : : In New York City, the FBI spent millions of dollars to install a permanent : "fully-functional real-time physical tracking network." : : It should come as no surprise that the FBI did not announce this addition : to its investigative bag of tricks: a citywide network of hidden sensing : devices that pick up signals from a moving vehicle and immediately project : the precise location on a large illuminated map located in the FBI's New : York command post. : : When the FBI's technology head was asked how the new tracking system was : working, he looked surprised, and didn't answer the question. "How did you : know about that?" he asked. : : The FBI denied a request for a tour of its Manhatten command post, where : the output from its instantaneous tracking system is displayed for the : brass. : : In 1993, however, the FBI allowed a reporter who was working on what the : bureau expected would be a friendly article to visit the inner sanctum. : : The command center, she later wrote, "looks not unlike the Starship : Enterprise, of 'Star Trek.' On the rear wall of the room are three giant : screens on which neighborhood maps, live field surveillance, and graphs : charting the progress of a manhunt can be projected. : : Law enforcement officials, at stations in three semicircular tiers of : desks, can watch---and direct---as criminals are caught in the act. : : Their computer mouse screen pointers are a gun icon. OH MY GAWD!!!! WHAT'S NEXT, THE WHOLE DAMN COUNTRY??? What is this? * Subject: Air Force News Service 01oct96 * From: (Veterans News & Information Service) * Date: 1996/10/01 * Newsgroups: soc.veterans * * Night vision lasers go to court * * KIRTLAND AIR FORCE BASE, N.M. (AFNS) -- More drug and * smuggling convictions may soon result from a laser optics research * agreement signed here Sept. 25 between the Air Force Phillips * Laboratory and FLIR Systems, Inc. * * "Current sensors cannot read a license plate, ship registration, or * aircraft tail number," said 1st Lieutenant Robert J. Ireland of * Phillips's Lasers and Imaging Directorate. * * "But an operator with special eyewear, using a laser spotlight having a * wavelength invisible to the unaided eye, may be able to," he said. * * ---------------------------------------------------------------------- * Air Force News Agency : DSN: 945-1281 * AFNEWS/IICT : (210) 925-1281 * 203 Norton Street : * Kelly AFB, TX 78241-6105 : * ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Read car's license plates at night? Phillips's Lasers and Imaging Directorate? What is this? * * * TraffiCam Vehicle Detection Sensor * * Rockwell is working with a variety of state and local authorities, * including several in California, for the introduction of a new, advanced * technology sensor called TraffiCam. The sensor uses machine vision * technology to detect vehicles. The capabilities of the sensor make it * useful for a variety of applications, including freeway surveillance Ugh oh, 'machine vision', I don't like the sound of that... * * * NEW TRAFFIC SENSOR TECHNOLOGY * * MIT was responsible for the concept, overall design, and testing of the * sensor. Travel time is measured by video license plate recognition or * radio transponders. Video recognition of the license plate if no transponder!!! DAMN. I hope the government doesn't have any massive deployment of this technology in mind. * SECRETARY OF TRANSPORTATION FEDERICO PENA * TRANSPORTATION RESEARCH BOARD * WASHINGTON, D.C. * January 10, 1996 * * * So, today I'm setting a national goal: To build an Intelligent * Transportation Infrastructure across the United States... * * I want 75 of our largest metropolitan areas outfitted with a complete * Intelligent Transportation Infrastructure in 10 years. And let us make a * similar commitment to upgrading technology in 450 other communities, our * rural roads, and interstates, as the need warrants... * * The vehicles of the future, whether cars, planes, or trains, will have * state-of-the-art communications systems. We must ensure that our roads * and highways and transit systems are able to keep pace with them. * * Today, I'm announcing the award of five contracts to standards development * organizations to begin fast tracking the development of those standards. * They are: AASHTO, IEEE, ITE, ASTM, and SAE. [So the standards of hardware * and information are interchangeable and global.] Yep. # Subject: ---> Big Bro and the Intelligent Transportation System <--- # From: (Extremely Right) # Date: 1997/06/03 # # If you live in a big city you will find that there is an interesting # proliferation of cameras pointed at the freeway. Do you know what they # are, what they can do, and what is their potential for abuse? # # The System is called the Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) and you # may find it everywhere on the net. The cameras are linked to a city # control room, who are supposed to use them to improve traffic flow. The # cameras are "uplinked" to the net, to satellites, and I suppose to the # United States Transportation Command at Scott AFB or some other # centralized information storage base. Software is being harmonized so that # on the net you may find many countries adopting a GLOBAL ITS. The toys # being developed by the various planners including MIT will be able to # track your travel, monitor your vehicle emissions, determine if you have # been drinking, and even issue you speeding tickets by mail! "Smart" cards # may be used to automatically track individual people and deduct tolls or # bus fares. * REMARKS PREPARED FOR DELIVERY * Technology and Privacy in Intelligent Transportation Systems * Phil Agre * * Conference on Computers, Freedom, and Privacy San Francisco, March 1995 * * Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) are being developed in most of * the industrialized countries. Promoters of such systems envision * information technology being applied to transportation systems in a * variety of ways, primarily on public highways. Applications extend from * wireless provision of traffic information to drivers to automatic * toll-collection to law enforcement to totally automated vehicles. * * ITS may entail the collection of large amounts of information on the * travels of particular people, for example through the automatic * collection of tolls through road-side radio beacons that interact * with transponders attached to individual cars. * * This information obviously invites a wide range of secondary uses, from * law enforcement to targeted marketing to political repression. The rules * governing the collection, dissemination, and protection of this * information have not yet been settled, although the decision-making * process is already fairly far along. * * If ITS lives up to the expectations of its developers then it will have * implications for virtually everybody. Yet public awareness of ITS is very * low, and awareness of the privacy issues in ITS is low even in the * community of privacy advocates. Could things possibly be on a worse track than they are now? What is the government saying this is for? In case the State of New York wants to drive to the State of California, and be able to warn them that there is a traffic jam in the State of Georgia? ---- Time to get back to the Universal Biometrics / National ID Card. Texe Marrs was a career Air Force officer who commanded a number of the NSA's communications centers around the world. The General in charge of the NSA is Air Force. As with Canadian spy Mike Frost, Texe has second thoughts about it all. He found out about a proposal called 'L.U.C.I.D.', which he refers to as Lucifer's Identification system...a design to enumerate every human, to pin them down with a Universal Biometrics Card. It is a proposal to "finish off" connecting all of the NSA's systems together with all cooperating governments systems and international police systems. It was set forth in 'The Narc Officer' September/October 1995. This publication is: "Official Publication of the International Narcotics Enforcement Officers Association, Inc." It proposes tying together all of NSA's disparate systems: NCIC: National Crime Information Center 2000 IAFIS: Integrated Automated Fingerprint Identification System NICB: National Instant Criminal Background NRO: National Reconnaissance Office National Law Enforcement Telecommunications System Projects Agency FEMA: Federal Emergency Management Agency OSI: Office of Special Investigations NCB: Triple I National Central Bureau FINCEN: Financial Crimes Enforcement Network CTC: Counter-Terrorist Center DIA: Defense Intelligence Agency LESS: Law Enforcement Satellite System CDIS: Combined DNA Identification System INTERPOL: International Criminal Police Organization ...and a slew of other systems, using a biometric number from all of us. And: that everyone at birth should be issued a biometric identity card. Biometric identification of everyone at birth. As Texe says, that must be to get all them terrorist babies. As I say, we all are viewed as presumed potentially guilty. That's why police hold guns to the heads of four-year-olds. The universal number assigned by the biometrics becomes your worldwide identification number. This was a serious proposal. The authors are associated with Interpol (one is a staff member) and the U.N. INTERPOL is essentially dependent on the NSA. Consider it an NSA proposal to issue everyone a Universal Biometrics Card. Everyone in the world. # By John Walker --, Revision 8 -- February 28th, 1994 # # Operationally, the Universal Biometrics Card serves as the cardholder's # identification for all forms of transactions and # interactions. It can potentially replace all the # following forms of identification and credentials: # # Passport and visas # House and car keys # Driver's license and automobile registration(s) # Employee ID card # Bank credit, debit, and automatic teller cards # Health insurance card # Medical history/blood type/organ donor cards # Automobile insurance card # Telephone credit card(s) # Membership card for clubs, museums, etc. # Frequent flyer club card(s) and flight coupons # Car rental discount card(s) # Train, bus, airplane, toll road and bridge tickets # Airline flight boarding pass # Train and bus pass and subscription card # WHO immunisation certificate # Personal telephone directory # Personal telephone number # Passwords for access to computers, data services, and networks # Software subscription access keys # Cable and satellite TV subscriptions # Cellular phone and personal digital assistant personal ID # Encryption keys for secure electronic mail, phone, and FAX # Electronic signature key # # Cash # # Of course, use of the Universal Biometrics # Card will start out as voluntary... They'll say hey, you've already surrendered your biometric number during fingerprinting for driver's licenses. It will be too late. The high-tech American Leviathan will be in place. * "Project L.U.C.I.D.", by Texe Marrs, 1996, ISBN 1-884302-02-5 * * The L.U.C.I.D. project "will interface multilingual messages * from all sources into a common communications network." * * The L.U.C.I.D. article gives numerous examples of non-criminal * information the system will register against everyones Universal * Biometrics will control the entire gamut of human activity, * from jobs and licenses of all kinds to court hearings and indictments, * custody of children, and permits to own and/or carry a firearm. Massive * quantities of information will be acquired and made available on demand. * * The L.U.C.I.D. authors state it will "support, search, and update data * ...from the networks of federal, state and local government agencies; * public and private organizations;" and so on. What's left to monitor? Nothing. Not a damn thing. Cybernetic control of society. Some people have taken a stand. They are fighting back. * "Police in California Fight Citizen Complaints" * By Tim Golden, The New York Times, 8/15/1996 * * With a quiet but forceful lobbying campaign, officers' unions and their * supporters are pressing for new state laws that would remove unsubstant- * iated complaints from police personnel files and limit the time in which * a citizen's complaint must be investigated. * * Only 4% of complaints are upheld by review boards, and 70% are ruled * inconclusive. Over time, some officers build up quite a bulk of complaints * in their personnel file. Police chiefs oppose the legislations because it * could undermine early warning systems for spotting bad officers. * * In some states, police unions have begun filing libel suits against those * who file police complaints. * * The police officers assert that paper trails on complaints can ruin * law-enforcement careers. Police are the same bunch of law enforcement personnel who keep extensive non-criminal notes and allegations on citizenry. In fact, NYC Police have TWICE been caught using a form marked "for unofficial notes, not to be kept with the normal records". In other words, when the defendant tries to use discovery to get details of the police case against them, so they can analyze what happened, these "offline" notes are how the police withhold the information. You know, like Geronimo Pratt's primary prosecution witness was a paid government informer. And the FBI won't delete the file of the kid who aspires to be in our Foreign Service, but made the mistake of writing to foreign embassies in grade school. Poor schmuck. The FBI wants to keep "suspect" information on anyone in its NCIC 2000 system. ---- Some people feel the smart card will quickly give away to implantable biometric transponders. Once everyone is fingerprinted, you may as well! Guess what? They exist, and aren't that big: * * * Martin Anderson, former senior member of Ronald Reagan's Economic Policy * Advisory Board fears that the advancing technology may soon end with, * "all of us tagged like so many fish." Writing in the October 11th, 1993 * Washington Times he confirmed the drift toward human applications of the * chip: * * You see there is an identification system made by * the Hughes Aircraft Company that you can't lose. * * It's the syringe implantable transponder. * * According to promotional literature it is an * "ingenious, safe, inexpensive, foolproof and * permanent method of identification using radio * waves. A tiny microchip, the size of a grain of * rice, is simply placed under the skin. It is so * designed as to be injected simultaneously with a * vaccination or alone." * * * When government technocrats want Americans to accept the unacceptable, * they move slowly. In the case of reaching the ultimate goal of a universal * system of personal identification, this introduction is likely to begin * with the smartcard, and progress to non-implantable, bio-chips attached to * the clothing or worn in bracelets. * * In Europe, this system has already been used at track and field events * where the competitors wear the device attached to their jersey. This * provides their coordinates during each event and can be used for the * timing of races. * * Widespread use among sports figures could go a long * way toward popularizing the chip among the young. * * According to microchip researcher Terry Cook, U.S. military recruits are * also being introduced to the bracelet, just as Marine recruits at Parris * Island helped test the military's Smartcard prototype. * * Eagle Eye Technologies of Herndon, Virginia is marketing a microchip * embedded in a sportswatch to be worn by Alzheimer patients who have a * tendency to wander. When the patient strays from home, Eagle Eye calls up * an orbiting satellite, which "interrogates" the patient's microchip to * determine the patient's position to within the length of a football field. * * Sounds protective? Relevance recognizes the bonafide use of this * technology but we continue to harbor reservations about its potential for * abuse. * * Notably, Eagle Eye Technologies received its initial funding from the * U.S. government through the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency * (DARPA), headed for many years by current Secretary of Defense, William * Perry. In fact, much of the surveillance technology being introduced in * the private sector was fostered, funded and even directed by government * agencies. * * Once the utility of tracking Alzheimer's patients was demonstrated, it was * inevitable that someone would consider applications in children. As * kidnappings and murders of children gain a higher media profile, we are * likely to hear calls for the use of child tracking devices. The proposed * panacea could someday be the implantable microchip. * * Incredibly, someone was working on just such a system back in 1989. * According to the Arizona Republic of July 20th, 1989, inventor Jack * Dunlap was working on a product known as KIDSCAN, designed to help * locate children who have been kidnapped or murdered. * * The article states: "Each child whose parents signed up for * KIDSCAN would get a computer chip planted under the skin and an * identification number. The chip would transmit a signal that would bounce * off a satellite and be picked up by police on a computer-screen map." * * The syringe implantable biochip * * Which brings us to what is undoubtedly the most fearsome potential threat * in the surveillance arsenal -- one that should raise the hairs on the neck * of even the most trusting techno-child of the nineties. It is the * implantable biochip transponder. * * When implanted under the skin of the subject, the biochip will emit low * frequency FM radio waves that can travel great distances e.g., some miles * up into space to an orbiting satellite. The transmission would provide * information on the exact location of the "chipee": his latitude, longitude * and elevation to within a few feet anywhere on the planet. * * The April 2nd, 1989 Marin Independent Journal discussed the theory of * biochip implants in humans. Tim Willard, the then- executive officer of * the World Future Society and managing editor of its monthly magazine. * * The Futurist, noted that with a little refinement, the microchip could be * used in a number of human applications. He stated: "Conceivably, a number * could be assigned at birth and go with a person throughout life." * * The article continued: "Most likely, he added, it woud be implanted on * the back of the right or left hand for convenience, `so that it would * be easy to scan....It could be used as a universal identification card * that would replace credit cards, passports, that sort of thing. At the * checkout stand at a supermarket, you would simply pass your hand over * a scanner and your bank account would automatically be debited." There it is again: people talking about assigning everyone a biometric identifying number at birth. ---- # Privacy Journal, By Robert Ellis Smith, June 1994 issue # # The Hughes Aircraft Company is selling a tiny transponder for injection # under the skin of laboratory animals. Hughes has also moved into "the # human market." # # Effective this year, the federal Food and Drug Administration requires # every breast implant carry a transponder chip with a unique identifying # number. A hand-held scanner can read the number much like a supermarket # scanner. # # The reason the government gave for the transponder was that both the doctor # and patient might lose track of what kind of breast implant was installed, # and so if a certain model had a recall, they could tell what was installed. # # # The American Textile Partnership, a research consortium linked to the U.S. # Department of Energy, is sponsoring a research called "Embedded Electronic # Fingerprint" to develop a transponder the size of a grain of wheat that # could be attached to a garment until the owner threw it out. # # Heretofor, this application has been considered only for security purposes. # # The definition of "security", according to the textile industry magazine # 'Bobbin', has been expanded to include "anti-counterfeit" tracking after # purchase. [What???] # # Could a machine-readable tag on a person's clothing serve many of the same # tracking purposes an one embedded in the body? ---- Sure, government can give debate reasons for requiring fingerprinting for driver's licenses... But it is still a violation of the minimization requirement of the Privacy Act of 1974. Biometric data on citizens is FAR BEYOND any reason government can give. Notice how no citizens in any state ever got to vote on such an important escalation of personal data collection by the government. Indeed, it seems to be accomplished in the quietest way possible, giving citizens the least amount of opportunity to choose their fate. Odd, since tax-payer paid-for government services is what gives them the power. But elected representatives will do, you say? Did you hear any of them mention it during campaigning? Did Alabama elected officials even mention it with their press release of a new driver's license, despite that being the plan? No. What does that tell you? We need a cabinet-level Privacy Commission, with the power to intervene nationwide. Power to protect us little people from fanatical personal data collection. We are losing it piece by piece. Who would have thought the United States would collect fingerprints from all citizens? Collect biometric information from everyone... law enforcement's Evil Holy Grail. * "U.S. Has Plan to Broaden Availability tests of DNA Testing" * By Fox Butterfield, The New York Times, undated but 1996 implied. * * In a little known provision of the Clinton Administration's 1994 Crime * Control Act was a call for the establishment of a nationwide DNA data * bank like the current national system for fingerprints, run by the FBI. * * In the two years since then, 42 states have passed laws requiring prison * inmates give blood or saliva samples for a "DNA fingerprint." * * In a report today, the Justice Department said it is stepping up efforts * to make such DNA biometric capture "as common as fingerprinting" and that * they expect the test in five years to go from $700 each to a mere $10 and * take only hours or minutes to accomplish. ---- Something odd is going on; apparently the government is building L.U.C.I.D. # "Computer Enlisted in Drug War", By Sam Meddis, USA Today, 1/15/1990 # # A new FBI computer will monitor the activities of suspected drug people # and open a new era of cooperation between U.S. agencies. It will draw # it's information from many different sources. It can respond to spoken # commands and display SATELLITE SURVEILLANCE PHOTOS. [What??? NRO!!!] # # The system lists suspect's names and stores data on their cars, travel, # businesses, phones, FAMILY RELATIONS, meetings, assets and places they # frequent. The system WILL TRY TO PREDICT THEIR NEXT MOVE. * "Project L.U.C.I.D.", by Texe Marrs, 1996, ISBN 1-884302-02-5 * * Congressman Neal Smith (Iowa), in his local constituent newsletter, * discussing the subject of handgun control, boasted: * * The Subcommittee on Appropriations which I chair had been actively * pursuing an effective solution to this problem...but the program we * are implementing will take time [i.e. rolling out fingerprinting to * all citizens receiving government benefits, like driver's licenses, * Medicaid, Welfare]. The solution to screening to have * a National [Identification] Center computerized so that local law * enforcement offices can instantly access information from all states. * * In other words, all states would supply information to the National * [Identification] Center, and the Center will have a positive * identification system which will identify any applicant... * * That Congressman Neal Smith's unconstitutional "final solution" to gun * control and other "crime" issues---a National Identification Center--- * is not just a proposal, but a looming reality, was proven by this startling * admission: * * We have invested $392 million so far in such a Center, about a four * hour drive from Washington, D.C., and we hope to have it completed * and equipped in about two years... We hope all states will be in the * system by 1998 and will supply information on a continuing basis... * * Meanwhile, we will continue to establish the National Identification * Center for this AND OTHER LAW ENFORCEMENT PURPOSES. * * It should be noted that, since my revelations in 1994, Congressman Neal * Smith and his office refuse to answer inquiries about the National * Identification Center. * * However, in a recent article in Federal Computer Week, a Washington, D.C. * magazine for federal employees, basically admitted the existence of this * Center and its activities. * * In his article, "Federal Agencies Link, Share Databases," John Monroe said: * * Law enforcement agencies across the federal government have poured * money into information technology programs. According to the Government * Market Services Division, federal agencies will spend 5.5 billion * dollars on law enforcement technology between 1995 and 1999... * * The common link between in these programs is to build an information * substructure: A WEB OF CONNECTED DATABASES AND HIGH SPEED NETWORKS * THAT WILL MAKE DATA INSTANTLY AVAILABLE TO FEDERAL, STATE, AND LOCAL * LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICIALS. * * The federal government's goal is to BRING RANDOM PIECES OF DATA * TOGETHER TO GET A MORE COMPLETE PICTURE---WHAT SOME CALL INTELLIGENCE. Wow. All federal agencies will be linked together in a vast intelligence network. Handheld fingerprint devices will be deployed. Obviously. They are working around the limitations Congress wanted on NCIC 2000. And how much hardware is a handheld fingerprint device? * "Lucent in New Identification Joint Venture" * The New York Times, 5/22/97 * * Lucent Technologies [Bell Labs is their research and development arm] and * U.S. Venture Partners said today that they had formed a company that would * make products to help people prove their identities through electronic * fingerprinting technology. * * The first product of the company, Veridicom Inc., will be a postage-size * fingerprint sensor used to retrieve information, authorize purchases or * allow entry into restricted areas. * * The postage-size sensor will measure the ridges and valleys on the skin * when a finger is pressed against a silicon chip, and then check the * measurements against the user's profile. Not big at all, is it? # "Faster, More Accurate Fingerprint Matching" # By Andrea Adelson, The New York Times, October 11 1992 # # "We think there will be a revolution in fingerprinting," said David F. # Nemecek, a deputy for the FBI's Information Service Division. # # The next step is for manufacturers to make a single-finger mobile scanner # for use in patrol cars. Some FBI cars are expected to get them next year. $ "The Body As Password", By Ann Davis, Wired Magazine, July 1997 $ $ In October 1995, the Federal Highway Administration awarded a $400,000 $ contract to San Jose State University's College of Engineering to develop $ standards for a "biometric identifier" on commercial driver's licenses and $ for use in a centralized national database. A centralized national database of biometric information for cross-state driver's licenses, and all individual state driver's license fingerprints available via the FBI's NCIC. Once most people are fingerprinted, a cheap (say $50) fingerprint scanner that attaches a timestamp and government digital signature will be sold for allowing Internet access to "adult" locations---chat rooms, USENET, WWW sites---and it will be mandatory. The Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court said as soon as the "Internet driver's license" is technically feasible, CDA becomes legal. "Such technology requires Internet users to enter information about themselves--perhaps an adult identification number or a credit card number--before they can access certain areas of cyberspace, 929 F. Supp. 824, 845 (ED Pa. 1996), much like a bouncer checks a person's driver's license before admitting him to a nightclub." * "Project L.U.C.I.D.", by Texe Marrs, 1996, ISBN 1-884302-02-5 * * News reports indicate that, like California, practically all of the 50 * states are in the process of installing news systems for drivers licenses, * often incorporating biometric measurements such as digitization of finger- * prints. That these systems are linked together gives us an indication of * the powerful grip our hidden controllers have on this nation. * * All federal agencies are being integrated into this data net. These Police * State agencies constitute a clear and present danger, not only to the * privacy and constitutional rights of Americans but to our very lives! * * A Hitler, a Pol Pot, or a Stalin would have loved to have had the * microchips, surveillance cameras, lasers, computers, satellites, weapons, * wiretap circuits and communications gadgetry of today's Dick Tracy Police * State. * * Perhaps FBI Director Louis Freeh said it best shortly after his * appointment to the Federal Bureau of Investigation in 1993. Referring * to the incredible array of computerized control and battle gadgetry * available to federal law enforcement, Freeh, stressing cooperation * between his own FBI and the other alphabet police agencies, sardonically * remarked, "LET'S SHARE OUR TOYS." * * Dick Tracy, of course, was a good guy. But Dick Tracy would have * recognized as unconstitutional the worldwide comprehensive Orwellian * system that has been installed, and reject it as a menace to true law * and order. ! "Welfare Recipients Lose Benefits Through Glitches in Computers" ! By Joe Sexton, The New York Times, 5/16/96 ! ! The fingerprint-imaging system that is a central element of the Giuliani ! administration's effort to crack down on welfare fraud has resulted in ! hundreds of recipients cases being closed. ! ! The public advocate's office has been inundated with complaints from ! improper case closings. ! ! The failure seems to stem from the local offices not transmitting the ! fingerprints to Albany's central computer. This resulted in AUTOMATICALLY ! TERMINATING BENEFITS OF PEOPLE THE COMPUTER THOUGHT WERE NOT FINGERPRINTED. ---- Prior to the fingerprint "final solution" of control over us, there were other attempts---which would have required a vote---which tried to roll out a National ID Card. * "Project L.U.C.I.D.", by Texe Marrs, 1996, ISBN 1-884302-02-5 * * Since total and absolute control can be obtained only by a Police State * bureaucracy, efforts have escalated in recent years to require a National * ID Card. * * Upon Bill Clinton's election as President, Secretary of Health and Human * Services Donna Shalala and Massachusetts Senator Edward Kennedy jointly * developed a $100 million plan to require all children and babies to have * a dossier established in a national computer registry to insure "universal * mandatory vaccinations." * * When patriotic Americans rose up to protest, the U.S. Senate quietly * shelved the deceptive Shalala-Kennedy proposal. * * The Clinton administration next surfaced with its mandatory health care * plan. A key component of this plot to socialize medical care was the * requirement of a computer I.D. card for every American, linked to a master * computer network. * * Martin Anderson, writing in The Washington Times: * * President Clinton held the pretty red, white and blue "smart card" in * his hand when he addressed the nation, proudly waving it like a small * American flag. * * Only it wasn't a flag; it was a "health security card"---his slick * name for a national identity card. Under his plan a new National * Health Board would establish "national, unique identifier numbers" * for every single one of us. * * Fortunately, President Bill Clinton's healthcare scam never made it * into law. Sadly, few of the complainers were upset about the potential * for abuse by Big Brother. * * Shortly after being elected, one Clinton advisor promoting the biochip * 'mark' is Dr. Mary Jane England, a member of Hillary Clinton's ill-fated * socialized, national healthcare initiative. Addressing a conference * sponsored by computer giant IBM [IBM's Lotus division takes hand biometrics * of employees who use their childcare facilities] in Palm Springs, * California, in 1994, England not only endorsed the proposed mandatory * national I.D. smart card, but went one scary step further: * * The smart card is a wonderful idea, but even better would be the * capacity to not have a card, and I call it "a chip in your ear," * that would actually access your medical records, so that no matter * where you were, even if you came into an emergency room unconscious, * we would have some capacity to access that medical record. * * We need to go beyond the narrow conceptualization of the smart card * and really use some of the technology that's out there. * * California Governor Pete Wilson has actively stumped for a National I.D. * Card system, using the straw man of California's pervasive immigration * problem. California Senators Diane Feinstein and Barbara Boxer support * it too. The latest proposal is to mandate I.D. cards for all school * children under the Goals 2000 national education program. Another plan * by the U.S. Labor Department would have required it for all users of a * National Job Training and Employment database. * * George Orwell, in 1984, his classic novel of Big Brother and a coming * totalitarian state, observed that very few people are awake and alert * to the machinations and manipulations of the controllers. Thus, the * people, as a whole, fall victim to a colossal conspiracy out of ignorance * and because of apathy and denial of reality: * * The people could be made to accept the most flagrant violations of * reality, because they never fully grasped the enormity of what was * demanded of them, and were not sufficiently interested in public * events to notice what was happening. [ By Walter Cronkite: "Orwell's '1984'---Nearing?", NYT, June 5 1983 In our world, where a Vietnam village can be destroyed so it can be saved; where the President names the latest thing in nuclear missiles "Peacekeeper"---in such a world, can the Orwellian vision be very far away? Big Brother's ears have plugs in them right now (or they are, by law, supposed to), at least on the domestic telephone and cable traffic. But the National Security Agency's ability to monitor microwave transmissions, to scoop out of the air VAST numbers of communications, including telephone conversations, store them in computers, play them back later, has a truly frightening potential for abuse. George Orwell issued a warning. He told us that freedom is too much taken for granted, that it needs to be carefully watched and protected. His last word on the subject was a plea to his readers: "Don't let it happen. It depends on you." ] * * The National Security Agency's Project L.U.C.I.D., with all its * technological wizardry, is a future, planetary dictator's dream---and a * Christian and national patriot's nightmare. Someday, the Holy Bible * prophesies, that planetary dictator will emerge on the scene, lusting * for blood... * * There can be no doubt about it. * * The REAL Chief Executive Officer of the NSA is not a human being. * * The CEO MUST be Lucifer himself. Amen. ---- It is technology driving the capabilities, it is our government using them ruthlessly: without letting us vote on it. Never before could someone walk up to you and number you by scanning your fingerprints. A number that is yours and yours alone. You have been numbered for all time. No ID card needed once portable fingerprint scanners are deployed all over! If the government suddenly ordered all citizens to be numbered with an indelible invisible ink on their arms so they were permanently numbered; so law enforcement could scan them at will: there would be a revolt. Yet that is what is happening. Fingerprints, scanned into a computer, are a number. The number is inescapably yours. Modern technology means they don't have to put the number on you, they can read it off of you by minutely examining your body. And: it is the NSA driving the fingerprint-rollout of the national ID card. # "The Body As Password", By Ann Davis, Wired Magazine, July 1997 # # Currently housed at the National Security Agency, a working group of # federal bureaucrats founded the Biometric Consortium in the early 1990s. # Its 1995 charter promises to "promote the science and performance of # biometrics for the government." # # Consortium mumbers include state welfare agencies, driver's license # bureaus, the Immigration and Naturalization Service, the Social Security # Administration, and the Internal Revenue Service. If my attempts to show how bad a thing this is have been too rambling, too abstract, here is a simple and accurate analogy: * "Project L.U.C.I.D.", by Texe Marrs, 1996, ISBN 1-884302-02-5 * * It was Martin Anderson who, in his book, Revolution, revealed that during * the Reagan administration during the 1980s, several top cabinet officials * were urging President Ronald Reagan to implement a computerized National * I.D. Card. * * The rationale for the proposal was that such a system would help put a lid * on illegal immigration. [Reagan had been Governor of California] * * But Anderson, who at the time was a domestic advisor to the President and * sat in on this particular cabinet meeting, spoke up and gave the group * something to think about. * * "I would like to suggest another way that I think is a lot better," he * told them, serious in demeanor but clearly being facetious. "It's a lot * cheaper, it can't be counterfeited. It's very lightweight, and it's * impossible to lose. It's even waterproof." * * "All we have to do," Anderson continued, "is tattoo an identification * number on the inside of everybody's arm." * * His reference was to the tattooing of numbers on victims in Nazi * concentration camps. Survivors still bear the dreaded tattoo markings * to this day. * * Mr. Anderson described the stunned reaction of those present, "There were * several gasps around the table. A couple cabinet members looked as if they * had been slapped. No one said anything for a long time." * * Ronald Reagan, a consummately wise politician who professed a belief in * Bible prophecy, caught the implication [about The Mark of the Devil]. * * He then hushed the cabinet and efficiently dismissed the National ID Card * proposal by sardonically remarking, "Maybe we should just brand all babies." "Those that give up essential liberty for a little security, deserve neither liberty nor security." - Ben Franklin "When ID's are mandatory, it is time to leave the planet." - Robert Heinlein * "Project L.U.C.I.D.", by Texe Marrs, 1996, ISBN 1-884302-02-5 * * In the November 1994 publication of the FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin, * the FBI advocated BIOMETRIC CAPTURE FOR ALL NEWBORN BABIES AND * SIMULTANEOUSLY THEIR MOTHERS. ****************************************************************************** Worldwide Banking and Phone Monitoring --------- ------- --- ----- ---------- Newspeak: "It's never been abused, and we are doing this to protect you." * Dorothy "DoubleThink" Denning, "Encryption and Law Enforcement", 2/21/1994 * * Although there is no evidence of widespread abuse of wiretaps by law * enforcement officials, Key Escrow will effectively thwart any * potential abuse, thereby providing greater protection from illegal * government wiretaps than currently exists. It is astonishing the extent the U.S. government feels its citizens and the world's population must by spied upon. The U.S. Government wants all communication systems in the world to be designed so they can spy on it. The U.S. Government wants to know every banking transaction in the world in real-time. What does it look like to you? * "Project L.U.C.I.D.", by Texe Marrs, 1996, ISBN 1-884302-02-5 * * [The joint Australian/NSA building contains:] * A small, but highly significant, part of the building is, in fact, * occupied by Telecom. This is the part that contains the networking * junctions for the optical-fiber lines leased by the banks for their * "Electronic Funds Transfer System" (EFTS). ALL financial transactions * for the banks pass through there via subsidiary company, "Funds * Transfers Services Pty Ltd." (FTS) * * All Australian EFT transactions are on record at Fort Meade. * "The End of Ordinary Money, Part I", by J. Orlin Grabbe * * * The most important communications network for international financial * market transactions is the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial * Telecommunication (SWIFT), a not-for-profit cooperative. * * This system for transferring foreign exchange deposits and loans began * actual operation in May 1977 and by 1990 had 1,812 members, and connected * 3,049 banks and securities industry participants in eight-four countries. * * In 1993 SWIFT began asking users of its messaging system to include a * purpose of payment in all messages, as well as payers, payees, and * intermediaries. This type of arrangement would allow NSA computers * to use keyword monitoring to scan for any names in which they were * interested. ! FBI Director Louis J. Freeh, Senate Judiciary Committee, June 4, 1997 ! ! NOT THAT LONG AGO, NO ONE PERCEIVED THAT TELEPHONE SYSTEMS COULD BECOME ! UNTAPPABLE, THE NECESSITY FOR STRONG PARTNERSHIPS BETWEEN LOCAL, STATE, ! FEDERAL AND INTERNATIONAL LAW ENFORCEMENT IS MORE URGENT. * Electronic Privacy Information Center, * * "As a means of espionage, writs of assistance and general warrants * are but puny instruments of tyranny and oppression when compared * with wiretapping." ---Mr. Justice Brandeis, 277 U.S. 438 (6/4/1928) * * * European Union and FBI launch a global surveillance system * -------- ----- --- --- ------ - ------ ------------ ------ * * The EU, in cooperation of the FBI of the USA, is launching a system of * global surveillance of communications to combat "serious crime" and to * protect "national security". * * But to do this they are creating a system which can monitor everyone * and everything. * * At the first meeting of the new Council of Justice and Home Affairs * Ministers in Brussels on 29-30 November 1993 they adopted the following * Resolution on "the interception of telecommunications" which speaks for * itself and reproduced here in full: * # CONFIDENTIAL MEMO # # "COUNCIL RESOLUTION ON THE INTERCEPTION OF TELECOMMUNICATIONS" # # The Council: # # 1) calls upon the expert group to compare the requirements of the Member # States of the Union with those of the FBI; # # 2) agrees that the requirements of the Member States of the Union will be # conveyed to the third countries which attended the FBI meeting in # Quantico and were mentioned in the memorandum approved by the Ministers # at their meeting in Copenhagen (Sweden, Norway, Finland [countries # applying for accession to the European Communities], the USA and # Canada), in order to avoid a discussion based solely on the # requirements of the FBI; # # 3) approves for practical reasons the extension to Hong Kong, Australia # and New Zealand (which attended the FBI seminar) of the decision on # co-operation with third countries which was taken at the Ministerial # meeting in Copenhagen' [ The whole world, not just EU...Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong... ] # 4) hereby decides that informal talks with the above-named countries may # be envisaged: to that end the Presidency and the expert group might, # for example, organize a meeting with those third countries to exchange # information. * * * Further memorandums state: * * There is a need to introduce international interception standards * and "norms" for the telecommunications industry for carrying out * interception orders in order to fight organized crime and for the * protection of national security. * * Interception of telecommunications should reach all the way down * to the design stage of the equipment. * * The next generation of satellite-based telecommunications systems * should be able to "tag" each individual subscriber in view of a * possibly necessary surveillance activity. All the new systems have * to have the capability to place all individuals under surveillance. * HA Unfortunately, initial contacts with various consortia...has met with HA the most diverse reactions, ranging from great willingness to HA cooperate on the one hand, to an almost total refusal even to discuss HA the question. * * It is very urgent for governments and/or legislative institutions to * make the new consortia aware of their duties. The government will * also have to create new regulations for international cooperation * so that the necessary surveillance will be able to operate. # "Made in America?", Wired Magazine, June 1997 # # Japan's Justice Ministry is rallying support for an anticrime bill that # would give police extensive wiretap powers---a major departure given the # country's constitutional guarantees for "secrecy of any means of communi- # cations." According to activist Toshimaru Ogura, Japanese cops are # modeling their proposals on US wiretap law, specifically the 1994 # Communications Assistance for Law Enforcement Act (CALEA). The NSA helped # sculpt CALEA's language, which begs the question: Is Japan's wiretap bill # another one of the NSA's covert operations? * "The End of Ordinary Money, Part I", by J. Orlin Grabbe * * * The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) is the government * corporation that insures deposits at U.S. member banks. The FDIC * improvement act of 1991 required the FDIC to study the costs and * feasibility of tracking every bank deposit in the U.S. * * The notion was it was necessary to compute bank deposit insurance * requirements in real time. * * Not everyone thought this was a good idea. The American Bankers' * Association noted it was inconceivable that such data would "be * used only by the FDIC in deposit insurance coverage functions." * * Even though the FDIC argued against it, FinCEN then proposed in * its draft report to Congress in June 1993 a "Deposit Tracking * System" (DTS) that would also track deposits to, or withdrawals * from, U.S. bank accounts in real time. FinCen is the Financial * Crimes Enforcement Network agency. # Privacy Journal, By Robert Ellis Smith, January 1989 issue # # Al Bayse, Assistant Director of the FBI, said the FBI has developed an # artificial intelligence system, called Big Floyd, that can analyze # thousands of disparate financial transactions and establish links # between seemingly unconnected suspects. # # The same artificial intelligence methodology will be used to establish # links in terrorism, white-collar crime, intelligence breaches, and violent # crimes with common clues or techniques. Cybernetic control of society. Everything on-line and monitored in real-time. : From: "EPIC-News" <> : Date: 05 Jun 1997 19:01:58 -0400 : Subject: EPIC: Clinton Endorses Privacy Rights : : In a commencement address at Morgan State University on May 18, : President Clinton called privacy "one of our most cherished freedoms" : and said that technology should not "break down the wall of privacy and : autonomy free citizens are guaranteed in a free society." Is President Clinton being honest? He supports Clipper III and ECHELON's legal domestic extension CALEA. The Washington Post, July 7, 1996: the Clinton Administration has sharply increased use of Federal telephone wiretaps and other electronic surveillance and officials estimate it will continue to grow. What do you think? Whitfield Diffie, Distinguished Engineer---Security at Sun Microsystems: "An essential element of freedom is the right to privacy, a right that cannot be expected to stand against an unremitting technological attack." One cannot come up with a more 'unremitting technological attack' than what is happening now. That's worth saying again: A more 'unremitting technological attack' could not be described! ****************************************************************************** Cybernetic control of society ---------- ------- -- ------- You are about to encounter the true use of the 'cyber' prefix. Cybernetics is a cross-disciplinary science. The name was coined by Norbert Wiener [pron. whiner], who was a professor of mathematics at MIT, and did radar and firing-feedback mechanisms for the U.S. in World War II. Cybernetics describes the complex of sciences dealing with communication and control in the living organism AND in the machine. Its application is sometimes called operations research. I personally rank Norbert Wiener above Albert Einstein. Operations research is a difficult discipline --- I certainly don't understand it --- but when it was desperately needed during World War II, the U.S. Dept. of War went for it gung-ho, rightfully. Signals intelligence (SIGINT) is the first step...the NSA grew out of these wartime operations research efforts. To seek out information from noise, then act on the information. Target accuracy for precision high altitude bombing requires a complex feedback mechanism to control deployment (pre-GPS WW II). * My dad: * * Norden bombsights revolutionized aerial bombing. * * They were so accurate we stopped putting explosives * in the bombs and just aimed for people. Communications, Command and Control. The above wasn't really the best example of OR, but I did get to quote my dad again. ;-) * "The Future of War - Power, Technology, and American World Dominance in * the 21st Century", by George & Meredith Friedman, 1996, ISBN 0-517-70403-X * * A discipline named operations research had begun to develop prior to World * War II that aspired to use quantitative methodologies to develop a science * of management. [snip] * * For the physicists and mathematicians of the Rand Corporation, the * intuitions of common sense were utterly insufficient as a guide to * management. Mathematical precision was necessary, and operations * research promised to supply that precision. [snip] * * It had not jumped from the management of particular, limited areas of * warfare to the structuring of entire campaigns and wars. Operations * research had not penetrated to the very marrow of conventional warfare, * that is, not until an attempt was made in 1961 to revolutionize the idea * of war. This was done by an industrialist named Robert McNamara, who had * been president at Ford Motor Company. Stafford Beer is a British cybernetician, and a 'research philosopher'. In 1970, a Dr. Salvador Allende became president of Chile. He was a democratically elected Marxist, with 37% of the vote. Allende immediately embarked on a massive nationalization of the banks and major companies/industries in Chile. In 1971, Stafford Beer began a project for Allende to put the Chilean economy under cybernetic control. As far as I know, this is the only documented instance of someone attempting this; deploying cybernetic controls nationwide. * "Brain of the Firm", Stafford Beer, 1986, ISBN 0 471 27687 1 * * All of this involved a massive and continuing exercise in (what I should * call, in the original World War II sense) operational research. That is * exactly what it was: research by highly qualified interdisciplinary teams, * into operations, namely production companies, with the prospect of * discovering models and sets of measures. * * We needed a group who understood the operational research techniques of * data capture that were needed for project Cybersyn. As a Briton I knew * whom I wanted --- they were a group of consultants within the London * branch of the international firm of Arthur Anderson and Co. * * Project Cybercyn objective: To install a preliminary system of information * and regulation for the industrial economy that will demonstrate the main * features of cybernetic management and begin to help in the task of actual * decision-making by March 1st 1972. Under the circumstances of a nationalized economy, it was a positive thing. It was a massive application of cybernetic feedback to help each industry and each factory keep track of itself through a central location. All communications flowed through the central location. This is what Stafford Beer refers to as 'Brain of the Firm'. It was located in Santiago, Chile. For NSA, it is Fort Meade in Maryland, USA. * "Brain of the Firm", Stafford Beer, 1986, ISBN 0 471 27687 1 * * Project Cybercyn consisted of four major tools: * * Cybernet, a national network of industrial communications to a centre * in Santiago, through which anyone could consult anyone else. * * Cyberstride, the suite of computer programs needed to provide * statistical filtration for all homeostatic loops at all levels * of recursion, and provide alerts via an 'arousal filter'. * * Checo, the model of the Chilean economy, with simulation capacity. * * Opsroom, a new environment for decision, and dependent for its * existence on the existence of the other three. * * Cybernet was a system whereby every single factory in the country, * contained within the nationalized social economy, could be in * communication with a computer. * * The intention of Cybernet was to make computer power available to the * workers' committees in every factory. * * How could this be done? * * The basic idea was that crucial indices of performance in every plant * should be transmitted daily to the computers, where they would be * processed and examined for any kind of important signal that they * contained. If there was any sort of warning implied by these data, * then an alerting signal would be sent back to the managers of the * plant concerned. What are 'arousal filter' and 'homeostatic loops'? The scope of Cybernetics is, in a word, awesome. A cyberneticist can talk from atoms to cells to nervous systems, to management of a company, country, world, solar system. Whether an organism is mechanical, biological or social, it requires a feedback mechanism to survive. Your nervous system does some amazing things to fight off infections. It creates custom anti-bodies to attack foreign microbes. Custom living cells created through a system of feedback to spot that there was a problem, analysis of the problem, action on the problem. This is a life-sustaining feedback 'homeostatic' loop. [bracket comments are mine] When Stafford Beer says Cyberstride needed to filter 'homeostatic loops': * "The Human Use of Human Beings - Cybernetics and Society" * by Norbert Wiener, 1954, pre-ISBN * * The process [such as that employed by our nervous system] by which we * living beings resist the general stream of corruption and decay is * known as homeostasis. Stayin' alive, stayin' alive... So, "statistical filtration for all homeostatic loops" means one is checking on the health of the monitored system. The cybernetician uses the same language for feedback of weapons systems (picking out a submarine from the background noise of the ocean) as they do for describing human life, as they do for the political organization of a country. Like I said, an awesome scope. Norbert Wiener even came up with a physics-based description of how life is formed by information. Check it out. Hang in there too, it's worth it. * "Platform for Change", by Stafford Beer, 1978, ISBN 0 471 06189 1 * * The term 'entropy' began life as a subtle measure of energy flow. * * When something hotter is systemically bound to something cooler, the * greater energy of the hotter stuff migrates---inexorably migrates--- * into the cooler stuff. This is one manifestation of the Second Law of * Thermodynamics, which everyone of education has encountered. * * This is sometimes referred to as 'the universe is running down'. Okay, 'entropy', yeah I remember that kinda. Keep going: Our solar system is a lot of matter that is NOT sitting in a situation of entropy: the sun is radiating heat at the planets. Instead of just matter smoothing out to a common low-energy state, a burning fireball is at work. Cybernetics states that under conditions like this, matter does something special. * "Platform for Change", by Stafford Beer, 1978, ISBN 0 471 06189 1 * * If we have a universe, which is improbable though it exists, it is * because the Second Law of Thermodynamics has two forms. One is concerned * with the pressure to even out energy; that is the form which belongs to * our stereotyped conception of the universe. It betokens death. * * The other form is about information content, which leads to greater * organization and increasing complexity. That form betokens life. What would be a specific example of energy causing matter to be formatted by information, becoming "more complex"? * "The Human Use of Human Beings", by Norbert Wiener * * A light quantum is a very small thing, but it turns out the energy * transfer which is necessary for an effective information coupling * is quite small. * * Thus, for the leaf of a tree, photosynthesis uses radiation from the * sun to form starch and other complicated chemicals necessary for life, * out of the simpler atoms of water and the carbon dioxide of the air. * * An enormous local decrease in entropy may be associated with quite a * moderate energy transfer. Sunshine on a photosynthesising leaf. The Sun as direct life-giver. Causing matter to become more complex: simple atoms transformed to more complex molecules. On purpose, to sustain life. Ground zero, a soup-of-life mixture zapped with energy: Scientists have absolutely no problem creating amino acids - the building blocks of all life - from constituent chemicals. It takes a Darwinian amount of time to get higher-evolved life forms, but it eventually happens. This property of matter to spontaneously become more complex is called negentropy (negative entropy), and it means 'matter formatted by information'. * "Platform for Change", by Stafford Beer, 1978, ISBN 0 471 06189 1 * * We human beings mean more than the few-pence-worth of our chemical * constituents, because information *informs* those component chemicals * by means of a genetic blueprint. * * Life itself is a negentropy pump. The universe means more than a * collapsed energetic equation of 'x-heat = x-cold = nothing', because * information structures the balance. The result is the sun, moon and * stars... We have a lot of different kinds of cells in our bodies; hair, bone, eye, brain, toenail, teeth, lung, skin... And they all started from ONE CELL. And they all knew where to go and which type to become. And how to operate together in a large complex system. A single cell, in its DNA strands, holds a MASSIVE AMOUNT OF INFORMATION. Every cell in our body is structured by information, the DNA helix. This information structuring is why we don't just splash to the ground in a muddy puddle of our constituent chemicals. We are matter structured by information. "We are starshine" ---Woodstock ---- Whew! Cybernetics is VERY heavy-duty stuff. It can yield the ULTIMATE in control. It can be applied to controlling people in a society. Cybernetic control of society. The 'arousal filter' Stafford Beer and his cyberneticians set up was effectively keyword monitoring of traffic. When you use keywords to either select or exclude traffic, each step is a 'filter' step. If you make it past all the filters, a human then reviews the results to see if it calls for action. "arousal filter" Mr. Beer was trying to help the economy by massive real-time monitoring of factories and companies and banks, and thus help the people of Chile. * "Brain of the Firm", Stafford Beer, 1986, ISBN 0 471 27687 1 * * Twenty-four hours a day, messages were flowing in non-stop. This instantly * posed an enormous problem in handling the inundation of information. * * Two of the senior cyberneticians organized a filtration system. The feedback was not simply machine throughput rates, but also---via the central computer---a system 'through which anyone could consult anyone else'. I used keyword monitoring to filter "information" from "noise" in Salomon's HUGE email traffic. What I did, of course, was small potatoes; what Stafford Beer did was a serious cybernetic attempt to control an entire nation's economy. In order for him to do that, he needed to set up a (cybernetic) monitoring infrastructure. The nation's banks, factories and industrial companies. It would have given Allende maximum control over the nations industrial infrastructure, real-time monitoring of everything. Everything had a computer monitoring it. * "The Future of War - Power, Technology, and American World Dominance in * the 21st Century", by George & Meredith Friedman, 1996, ISBN 0-517-70403-X * * McNamara's revolution built on an idea that was central to operations * research and propounded by many nuclear strategists, that war was not * methodologically distinguishable from economics. The process whereby you * analyzed, managed, and controlled an economy was not essentially different * from the way you managed a war, except that one was an economy of produc- * tion and the other was an economy of force. The principal underlying both * was the doctrine of efficiency: maximizing the benefits received from the * efforts and expenditures---a cost benefit analysis. Cyberneticians hope to use their capabilities for the betterment of the human race, of which they are a part. They are not naive when it comes to the government and politics, either. * "The Rise of the Computer State", David Burnham, 1984 * * Norbert Wiener, the MIT professor who is generally credited with being * one of the principal minds behind the development of the computer, * refused to take research money from the Pentagon because he was * convinced it would corrupt his research and undermine his independence. When Stafford Beer monitored factories and banks to give the government the necessary tools to govern the economy effectively, he chose to monitor national infrastructure of the industrial variety. However, even he knows what can happen with cybernetic control in the wrong hands: * "Brain of the Firm", Stafford Beer, 1986, ISBN 0 471 27687 1 * * If Project Cybersyn were altered, and the tools used are not the * tools we made, they could become instruments of oppression. Unlike Stafford Beer, the NSA and FBI have been moving to monitor not only our bank transactions, but also telephone, fax, Internet, telex communications of all people and businesses and with CALEA want that capability given to them at the design stage. Cybernetic-level monitoring of our electronic systems. What are they trying to control? What are they trying to exert MAXIMUM CYBERNETIC CONTROL over? It is INSANE to design our systems for government monitoring. It is a MASSIVE cybernetic operation, astounding in its scope. They (obviously) are attempting to do this world-wide too. It is a true cybernetic Beast, out of control and about to devour the world. In '1984', the ubiquitous 'telescreen' monitored everyone in their homes. As I have demonstrated --- as if you needed me to tell you --- our phone conversations are too private, too personal to be monitored in a dragnet fashion. You find out everything about someone: who their friends are, what their opinion is on a wide range of matters, whether and who they are having sex with, the full range of somone's activities and emotions. The telescreen in everyone's home: the telephone. * Main Justice, by Jim McGee and Brian Duffy, 1996, ISBN 0-684-81135-9 * * The FBI had been spying on members of the civil rights movement. * There had been burglaries and illegal wiretapping on a grand scale. * * The FBI obtained recordings of Martin Luther King in embarrassing * conversations. Agents assembled the most graphic of these recordings * on a single tape that was circulated to senior government officials * and newspaper editors. # "The Emperor Wears No Clothes", by Jack Herer, 1992, ISBN 1-878125-00-1 # # FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover monitored Martin Luther King's sex life # for five years and, in the MOST SICK situation, deliberately drove # actress Jean Seburg to suicide with terrible ongoing federal letters # and information fed to tabloids exposing her pregnancies and private # dates with Negroes. That's an overt use. Worse than that: They can insidiously enter your life: Qubilah Shabazz was seduced. Like Bill Murray elaborately seducing Andie MacDowell in 'Groundhog Day' they can enter your life in an almost unconscious manner. Informants manage to connect to criminals by running into them in the right place, saying the right things. It's the 1990s now: Only, as we have seen, informants connecting to criminals means the FBI targeting Randy Weaver WHO HAD NO CRIMINAL RECORD for blackmail. Anyone can be made a criminal in the monitoring net. Or seduced into a "crime", like Qubilah Shabazz. Without you realizing it, the person you met was taking advantage of knowing all your most passionate likes and dislikes. It is INSANE to design our systems for government monitoring. CONGRESS WAKE UP NOW FOR CHRIS'SAKES!!! * "Dispute Arises Over Proposal for Wiretaps" * By John Markoff, The New York Times, February 15 1997 * * The telephone companies, after meeting with the FBI, said they wanted to * be able to monitor tens of thousands of conversations simultaneously in * metropolitan areas, much more than their stated intention of simply * trying to transfer its current surveillance capabilities into the * digital era. * * And the Cellular Telephone Industry Association said the FBI wanted to * monitor 103,190 cellular calls simultaneously nationwide. * * Lawyers for AT&T Wireless Services said, "The numbers alone are astounding." * * "This is kind of scary," said Tom Wheeler, CTIA president. "What does * the FBI know about our future that we don't?" ---- You cannot assign people one-to-one to control everyone in a society. But you can control society in a HIGHLY effective way using cybernetics, and do so COST EFFECTIVELY. That's one of the things CALEA is about, cost effectiveness of maintaining the spying infrastructure when there are so many companies, new technologies, so many different data formats. I wrote 6502 assembler code for an SMDR unit (Station Message Detail Recording), which is a computer that monitors phone call logs and attaches to a PBX within a company and can generate long-distance expense reports by department, person, etc. We had to write a different program interface for every damn PBX manufacturer. The data format was different for each. NSA's spying operations are so massive and all encompassing, and the maintenance burden for interfacing to all the latest equipment now so high, that they have had to come out in the open and lie lie lie to get CALEA. We need CALEA to prevent crime and catch terrorists like a hole in the head. ---- At the same time Stafford Beer was trying to get a grip on the Chilean economy, the U.S. was trying to destroy it. * * * Uribe, Armando. The Black Book of American Intervention in Chile. Boston: * Beacon Press, 1975. 163 pages. Translated from Spanish by Jonathan Casart. * * Chile is a well-documented example of covert destabilization by the U.S., * and NameBase includes several books on the subject. The CIA had been * passing out money since 1964 to influence elections in Chile, but Salvador * Allende won the presidency in 1970 anyway. * * Under orders from Nixon and Kissinger, a broad economic blockade was then * launched in conjunction with U.S. multinationals (ITT, Kennecott, Anaconda) * and banks (Inter-American Development Bank, World Bank). * * According to notes taken by CIA director Richard Helms at a 1970 meeting * in the Oval Office, his orders were to * * "make the economy scream." * * Street demonstrations and various dirty tricks were paid for by the CIA * over the next three years to increase pressure. The cybernetic project died when Allende was assassinated in late 1973. ****************************************************************************** Conclusions ----------- We have been subject to an imperfect feedback loop form of government for several decades now. Politicians constantly beating the drums of war ('1984': The Song of Hate), causing the erroneous public perception crime is out of control. Anyone remember the scare ads that got crooked Nixon elected over Humphrey? This constant 1984 state of war has caused massive damage to our country. Picture what life would be like without the constant hysteria. If you can. It's been so long. You are sitting back on your porch, sipping a cold one, smoking a warm one, whatever. Relaxed, calm, at peace. You home was still your castle. Peace. Then, during one single day in Congress: o All Americans must allow companies to withdraw fluids from their bodies to check for drugs. Nevermind that that would be a dire last resort and that dignified non-invasive techniques are available for safety-related jobs. o Libraries are checked to see if you are looking at the wrong kind of books. Read the wrong book and the government will call you a 'potential terrorist' in court. o Studies on the feasibility of monitoring all bank transactions in real-time are ordered. ("So we can compute FDIC insurance requirements in real-time") Recommendation to proceed is given by law enforcement. o Loss of rights if you are receiving government benefits: - public housing ordered searched without warrants by the president [A DIRECT VIOLATION OF OUR CONSTITUTION!] - suspicionless searches of cars (NJ, for example) - no California driver's license without fingerprinting, eventually all U.S. citizens are fingerprinted - no welfare benefits (NY for example) without fingerprinting - illegal immigrant kids denied medical care without being reported, meaning they can't go for care. It was quite a Song of Hate California Governor Pete Wilson sung for that cruelty. He had waited until CA schools were in dire shape before coming up with this final solution. o No restrictions or court authorization necessary for the police to put a position tracking monitor on your car. o All your international calls now have a buddy listening in. o most domestic calls are monitored; millions and millions... o The police begin deploying Military technology to scan you as they drive by in their police cars. Military tanks used by the FBI. Military aircraft purchased by the BATF. o Billions and billions and billions of dollars are diverted from children and needy people to pay for it all. o CALEA: all national infrastructure equipment must be designed from the ground-up to be spied on by the government. o Forfeiture laws mean: - Federal and state officials now have the power to seize your business, home, bank account, records and personal property, all without indictment, hearing, or trial. - Everything you have can be taken away at the whim of one or two federal or state officials operating in secret - The loss of basic American constitutional guarantees: due process, the presumption of innocence, and the right to own and enjoy private property Imagine all that happened on one day. What do you think would have happened next? Civil war would have broken out. We no longer live in the home of the brave, land of the free. We are controlled by the hand of the Freeh, beating the Drum of Fear. It happened slowly over decades, a steady drum-beat of destruction of the American Way. Solely for the benefit of those in power. Not for the people. It's supposed to be 'government *for* the people, by the people'. We have slowly reached a state of McCarthyism against any elected official who shows ANY "SIGNS OF SOFTNESS" in the War against Crime. The constant state of War against imaginary enemies must end. By imaginary, I mean crime was going down the whole War time. All we are saying, is give peace a chance. ---- I repeat: Civil war would have broken out. ---- Dire suspension of Constitutional protections happens during War: Abraham Lincoln ordered thousands of people detained without hearings, and opposition newspapers shut down during the Civil War. During World War II: the president orders Japanese and such to be held in internment camps. So why do we have all these loss of freedoms during peacetime? Answer: Because the Military has never stopped fighting World War II. # "Spy Agencies Faulted for War Focus" # By Tim Wiener, The New York Times, June 28, 1996 # # American intelligence agencies devote too much time and money to supporting # the Military, and FAR too little to understanding the problems of peace, a # new and authoritative critique concludes. # # The report is one of FOUR MAJOR STUDIES to cite the "alarming imbalance" # of spending more than $26 billion a year on machines, and less than $3 # billion on people, and those people spend their time analyzing the # information the machines collect. # # The Foreign Service has been crippled by budget cuts, sapped by the # Militarization of intelligence. Diplomats, not spies, should be doing # analysis of events in peaceful places. # # The report, by 19 people from the worlds of espionage, diplomacy, the # Military, academia and business, says American intelligence "still has # not yet come in from the cold" and is "ill-prepared for the 21st Century." The Cold War meant that not only were the government's SIGINT operations to continue via the NSA, they were to grow and grow and grow. The threat of Nuclear War is what spurred many decades of Cold War and SIGINT. * "Time Details Eisenhower Plan for U.S. Under Atomic Attack" * Reuters, The New York Times, August 3, 1992 * * A "Doomsday Plan" devised to rescue United States leaders from nuclear * catastrophe included underground bunkers, secret rescue teams, and a * vault full of cash. But by the time the Soviet Union collapsed, and we began giving Communist China "Most Favored Nation" trading status, NSA's huge SIGINT operation had an unstoppable momentum of its own. A worldwide network of intercept stations was in place. The NSA is at least six times larger than the FBI, and uses its people for ECHELON monitoring of the entire world. NSA cannot by itself bring itself to disengage from this massive information feed: it would be like undergoing drug withdrawal. They will never admit their budget could be halved like our nuclear weapons have been since the end of the Cold War. We MUST let go of World War II and the Cold War. We MUST dismantle domestic ECHELON, and embrace unimpaired encryption. We MUST cancel CALEA. Forcefully disown it so it is never brought up again. * "Data Show Federal Agents Seldom Employ Surveillance Authority Against * Terrorists", By Stephen Labaton, The New York Times, 5/1/95 * * An item in President Clinton's five-year, $1.5 billion plan to combat * terrorist acts: * * o It would ease restrictions on the use in American courts of * information from surveillance conducted by foreign governments. # "Moynihan Says U.S. Killed His Anti-Spy Measure" # By Irvin Molotsky, The New York Times, September 11, 1985 # # Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan charged that the CIA and State Department # had killed a measure he had introduced aimed at protecting American # citizens from having their telephone conversations intercepted by foreign # agents in this country. # # The Senator's bill would have made telephone call interception by foreign # agents illegal and would have provided for their expulsion. # # The Chairman of the Select Committee on Intelligence opposed the measure # as unnecessary and could lead to disclosing "sensitive intelligence # sources." British wiretappers at the helm of the NSA's domestic spy-fest. ****************************************************************************** ****************************************************************************** ****************************************************************************** And so it is up to all of you. To arm yourselves. With writing implements. COMPLAIN LIKE HELL! Write to all your Congressional representatives. Send them a copy of any/all of this manifesto with a cover letter stating the specific questions you demand be answered. Write to your local papers, radio stations, state supreme courts (make them aware of fingerprinting drivers is a violation of the 1974 Privacy Act). Write to all your state representatives. Take copies of this manifesto and go to your neighbors and ask they consider doing the same. Contact all your friends. : The New York Times, 2/10/87 : "Is This America?", by Anthony Lewis : : "When we speak out", she said, "that's our protection." : : She still believes in America. Network. "Creep" back at the bastards who are destroying America! Be persistent. It is almost too late. It must always be remembered that crime statistics are highly inflammatory---an explosive fuel that powers the nation's debate over a large number of important social issues---and that FBI Director Louis Freeh today is the leading official shoveling the fuel into the blazing firebox. ---David Burnham Indeed, the Scary Man has been whispering Nightmare Stories in the ear of President Clinton to control him... * "Threat to Disneyland, Mentioned by Clinton, Is Termed a Hoax." * By Stephen Labaton, The New York Times, April 23, 1995 * * Responding to a question about whether Washington should review its * readiness to combat domestic terrorism [the first arrest in the OKC * bombing had just been made], the President sought to reassure the * public that the Government was already making great efforts to do so. * * Groping for a specific illustration, he appeared to think twice about * describing the incident, but then went ahead. * * There's been a lot of activity that the public does not see, most of * which I should not comment on, but let me give you one specific example," * he said. * * "There was one incident with which I was INTIMATELY FAMILIAR, which * involved a quick and secret deployment of a major United States effort * of F.B.I.," and emergency, health and Army forces. * * "Because we had A TIP OF A POSSIBLE TERRORIST INCIDENT which, thank * goodness, did not materialize," the President added. * * However, the F.B.I. later stated it was investigating it as a hoax threat. * A Justice Department spokesman said it was "completely inaccurate" to * describe the incident as anything other than a hoax. And how did the President, who said he was 'intimately familiar' with the incident, come to believe that it was an [informer] tip about a possible threat, and not an anonymous hoax threat? The American people are not the only ones the NSA/FBI lie to... Notice how secrecy keeps playing a major part in all this...June 28, 1996, NYT, "Lawmaker Tells of High Cost of Keeping Secret Data Secret", the House intelligence committee said, not even including the CIA, the U.S. spends FIVE POINT SIX BILLION DOLLARS A YEAR (twice the annual combined budgets of the FBI and DEA) on "a document classification system stuck on autopilot, indiscriminately stamping 'Top Secret' on thousands of documents every year." ECHELON generates 90% of those documents. Machines. 5/24/1992 The Washington Post Parade Magazine: The Pentagon even labelled as not only SECRET but NOFORN---which means they cannot even be shared with our allies---anti-American cartoons that ran in IRAQI newspapers, even more than a year later [when or if they ever declassified them I don't know]. One typically ludicrous cartoon depicts drunken GIs lounging in the Saudi sand with shapely U.S. servicewomen dressed in unusual military attire: bras, shorts and high heels. NOFORN level security for IRAQI cartoons. Clueless autopilot secrecy. The ultimate in bureaucratic capture: # "Failures of Leadership on Land Mines", NYT editorial, 6/21/97 # # Land mines are responsible for killing 10,000 people worldwide each year, # most of them innocent civilians, including children. # # Never before has the momentum to ban all land mines been so strong. A high # percentage of battlefield casualties among American troops are by mines. # # Yet President Clinton and Vice President Gore are meekly yielding to the # wrongheaded opposition of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, even though they # claim to support the ban themselves. # # Even General Norman Schwarzkopf and pro-military Republican Senators like # John McCain, Alfonse D'Amato and Chuck Hagel have all endorsed the ban. # # America's proud tradition of CIVILIAN CONTROL [a distant memory!] of the # military gives the President responsibility for making the final decision. # # Mr. Clinton is shirking his responsibility. The Military are in control of ALL KEY POLITICIANS. They do so via Secrecy and Scary Stories and ECHELON. # "Covering Up Crimes", By Anthony Lewis, NYT, 5/5/97 # # A Government official becomes aware that secret information shows # corruption and criminality in a Federal agency. # # He wants to inform Congress, but he is forbidden to do so unless he first # gets the approval of the very agency involved. # # And Congress has no power to change to change those rules so it can get # the facts. # # That is the legal position---the extraordinary position---taken by the # Clinton Administration. It is as far-reaching an assertion of executive # power to keep secrets from Congress as any president has ever made: the # power to cover up crimes of the state. # # The Administration's position was set out last Nov. 26 in a legal # memorandum, from the Justice Department to the CIA saying anyone # disclosing classified information to a member of Congress would # be violating the Constitution. # # James Madison must be rolling in his grave at that claim. # # The principal of separation of powers, which he wrote into the # Constitution, was designed to let each of the three branches of # Government check abuse by the others. # # Congress does not like to tangle with the executive on claims of # national security. # # But will it lie down before this claim of exclusive, imperial power? The New York Times, June 20, 1997 President Threatens Veto of Senate Bill for CIA By TIM WEINER WASHINGTON -- The Senate on Thursday passed a secret spending bill for U.S. intelligence, but the White House threatened to veto it over a provision that would protect whistleblowers. The Senate bill would let employees of the Central Intelligence Agency and other branches of the government tell members of Congress classified information that would expose a crime, reveal lying to Congress, uncover fraud or stop abuses. They could do so without approval from their superiors and without fear of reprisal. They could only pass on information to appropriate members -- for example, CIA information would have to go to the Intelligence Committee. But the White House said it would veto the entire bill over that provision. In a written statement, it said the whistle-blower measure would usurp "the president's constitutional authority to protect national security and other privileged information." National security means keeping Congress dumbed-down: * "Secret Pentagon Intelligence Unit is Disclosed" * By Raymond Bonner, The New York Times, May 11, 1983 * * Because the Pentagon was dissatisfied with the intelligence it was getting * from the CIA, the new unit 'Army Intelligence Support Activity' was set up. * * It is suspected that the secret group was used to get around Congressional * limits of 55 military advisors in El Salvador. * * The Congressional intelligence committees "stumbled on" the unit's * existence after it was reported in an article in The Boston Globe. The National Security Agency will even attack freedom of the press: never forget that they were the lead agency trying to suppress "The Pentagon Papers". Finally finishing....... Parting shot #1... * The Puzzle Palace, Author James Bamford, 1983 revision * * Infested by moles and potential defectors for more than twelve of its * first fifteen years, NSA managed the distinction of not only becoming * the most secretive and most hidden member of America's growing * intelligence consortium, but also the most thoroughly penetrated. * * * * The NSA began a McCarthy-type purge, and dozens of NSA employees * suspected of homosexuality were forced to resign or were fired. * * Since then, any hint of homosexual behaviour resulted in either * the person's not being hired or, if the fact is revealed later, * being forced to resign. * * Any man exhibiting the slightest effeminacy became an instant suspect. * The Office of Security was on full alert for limp wrists and telltale * lisps. * * During his security clearance polygraph test, Mitchell told his * interrogator about certain "sexual experimentation" with dogs * and chickens he had done when he was between the ages of thirteen * and nineteen. * * The Agency's Office of Security thought about it for a week, then issued * him his security clearance to work at the National Security Agency. Parting shot #2 !!! Congressional testimony of FBI informer Frank Varelli: !!! !!! "I was told that the Bureau wanted to get an apartment. !!! !!! So I could seduce the head of the CISPES group. !!! !!! Her name is Linda Hay and is one of the most outspoken !!! persons that I've known. !!! !!! FBI Agent Dan Flannigan wanted her filmed in a very !!! compromising position, or as he put it, `Once we do it, !!! we have her in our hand.'" !!! !!! Q: They wanted you to seduce a nun? !!! ----------------------------------- !!! !!! "Yes. Yeah. The Bureau was going to provide an apartment !!! with cameras and you know...With sound equipment and !!! everything. So we could film the nun while I seduced her." Done done.