US Army Special Operations Field Manual Library

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31-20Doctrine for Special Forces Operations1990-Apr-208166K
31-20-5Special Reconnaissance TTP for Special Forces1993-Mar-235609K
31-21Guerrilla Warfare and Special Forces Operations1961-Sep-2912298K
31-23Special Forces Mounted Operations TTP (initial draft)3 March 19981008K
31-27Pack Animals in Support of Special Operations (initial draft)March 1998320K
33-1Psychological Operations1993-Feb-1813499K
33-1-1Psychological Operations Techniques and Procedures1994-May-55862K
41-10Civil Affairs Operations (old)1993-Jan-118148K
41-10Civil Affairs Operations (new)2000-Feb-14?K
41-10Civil Affairs TTP2003-Sep-13?K
90-6Mountain Operations1999-Jun-30?K
TC90-6-1Military Mountaineering2003-Feb-20?K
90-8Counterguerrilla Operations1985-Aug-292150K
90-10-1An Infantryman's Guide to Combat in Built-Up Areas1993-May-129280K
MCWP 3-35.3Military Operations on Urbanized Terrain1998-Apr-168430K

See also the chemical, biological, and radiological defense manual library and the Reimer digital library whence the Army freely distributes thousands of publications.