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The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (BATF) is widely perceived to be a rogue agency that openly ignores the constitutional rights of Americans. When this is brought to the attention of those in power, the response is usually, "Prove it!". The information in these Web pages do not 'prove' that the BATF is a rogue agency but it does present a lot of incidents. Study the information here, do some research if you wish, and then make your own decision about what kind of agency the BATF really is.

Last update: 26 Aug 1996

Changes since last update:

The BATF lies in court. (I hear the cry from all and sundry: "So what else is new?") A recent article, by a North Carolina attorney underscores a not-so-new revelation about BATF's NFA branch, and potential implications for anyone who owns Class 3, or has been prosecuted and/or harassed for owning Class 3.

All the information you find on this page and more is the basis of a fictional novel by John Ross called Unintended Consequences. My review of this book has been added as a link. This book is available by special order from Barnes&Noble, B. Dalton, and other stores. The review was published in May's Libertarian Enterprise.

In all fairness, there are a few good people populating F-Troop who try to do good -- and get slammed for it. Soldier Of Fortune magazine has a three-issue series on a husband/wife BATF team in Chicago who are paying the price for blowing the whistle. It appears in the May, June, and July issues. I have requested permission to transcribe or publish excerps on this page, no reply as yet.

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