Abuses of the BATF

Executive Summary

This document provides evidence that agents of the BATF are engaged in a campaign of fear and intimidation against the citizens of the United States. This evidence consists of published accounts in newspapers and periodicals, as well as eyewitness and second-hand testimony.

Most of these cases are firearms enforcement activities. However there is one case of alcohol enforcement that deserves particular scrutiny, because expanded enforcement and intimidation by BATF agents appears to be a direct response to adverse publicity received by the BATF as a result of initial enforcement activities.

The BATF also appears to be engaged in increased enforcement activity directed at Second Amendment activists, gun show organizers, and anyone they think won't fight back.

The conclusion one reaches after viewing the evidence, is that the BATF as an organization is incompetent, arrogant, and unrepentant. Even when they are shown to be in error, the usual response is more of the same. This Bureau should be dissolved and the sworn agents thereof dismissed.


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